How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Put the Bridle on a Horse

How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Put the Bridle on a Horse

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today I would be talking about how to tack up a horse. Putting the bridle on. To begin
with we are going to put the reins over his head and we do this because as we take the
curb strap off, it is important that we still have a way to hang on to him. The next thing
we are going to do is take the halter off. As you do this, you want to make sure your
right hand comes around and holds his head. So your hand is almost acting as the halter.
Next to get the bridle into my right hand still holding his head, with my left hand
I’m going to bring the bit up just between his lips. Then if you need to help him open
his mouth, your finger goes right in the back where he does not have teeth and that just
makes him open his mouth. Next we are going to put the bridle over one ear at a time.
His ears don’t have bones in them. He can flex so don’t be afraid to bend it. You just
want to make sure that you take any hair out of the way so that the bridle does sit smoothly
on the top of his head.

65 thoughts on “How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Put the Bridle on a Horse

  1. wow not too many horses are that calm when it comes to bridling and alot of the ones i ride throw there heads up and i have to like wait for him to put his head back down…

  2. this is really informative. thanks so much. have a skills test today and the only thing i have trouble with is this. i feel much more confident now. 🙂

  3. If you have a halter with a nose buckle (hard to find, but they ARE out there) you can undo the nose buckle and the halter falls back so you can put the bridle on, but the ties are still attached. Nice for horses that would walk off.

  4. I tack up this way too, and it's a good video for those who have well mannered horses, but for those of us who have horses who toss their heads up out of reach when you try to put the bit in…it's frustrating. They should make a vid with tips on not so easy to tack up horses.

    Great video though. 🙂

  5. emily mu pony does that too! what i do is… i wrap the lead rope around his nose tight and this like hypnotises them it hits some kind of nerve! its really amazing try it! my pony dosnt move while i put his bridle on now and i dont have to use a stable just keep a leadrope around his nose! trust me its THAT easy!

  6. if only this worked where i work, if you have a horse that throws its head do all of this but when you take off the halter put ur hand over the horses head between its ears it helps alot

  7. ok i usually tack up like this! but i recently got a new horse and he was hit in the head alot by his old owner and now is head shy and refuses the bridle! I NEED HELP!! please if anyone knows anyway to help please message me or comment back!

  8. EXCELLENT! Thank you so much. Where I ride, so many people fight with the harness and bridle when trying to put one or the other on the horse. Beautiful job on your video. Thank you!

  9. That's wierd, I usually leave one cross tie on, and put the halter around my horses neck, then put the reins over his head, then reach my right arm over his head, holding the top of the bridle and put the bit in his mouth with my left. Then I do it up, and remove the halter/cross ties.

  10. i'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but what if the horse just starts walking off? i mean, it's never happened to me before, but let's just say it happens? because i usually leave the halter on my horse's neck, but if he were to start walking off, do I just grab his halter or what? wouldn't that hurt his neck? haha, dumb question i know, i'm just worried it might happen someday.

  11. @miIkandcookies Well, I do the method that the video shows, and sometimes my horse tries to move. I slide the reins to the top of his neck and pull him back over until I can get him to halt again. Then I slide the reins back down and continue putting the bridle on. 🙂

  12. An easy way to do that with a western bridle is to quickly take the halter off and put it around his head so that you don't have to worry about him walking away or backing up! but it may be different with an english bridle, im guessing not though

  13. @lkwhostalkinggx3 some people get horses when they are v. young and conmplete beginnners, before i got my pony i couldnt tack up coz they didnt do pony care at my riding stables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @xxBlackVeilBridexx OMG seriously? you can judge how good a rider I am through what i say?? wow you must be like the best rider in the world to be able to read that… wow im impressed…. NOT!! example of a bad rider? how does saying that make me a bad rider???? for all you know I may of never been near a horse in my whole life so dont judge!!

  15. @MalteaserMilly
    nope, but i can judge your horsemanship because your getting a horse and still don't know how to bridle one

  16. @gettogansta4ever trust me, this is not gonna help u. if uv never ridden b4 and all ur watching r these, er well have a good time getting ur face smashed cuz ur bit is pulling, ur saddles slipping and u dont have a clue whts wrong

  17. @MissHeatherAnn1 idk wht u mean by tht but i own 4 horses, and if i had listened 2 this lady when i started riding, js i would have deff been killed, my horses dont except wht hurts em… just saying but i guess ill b more considerate and let people get hurt =D

  18. Thanks, this video helped alot actually.
    I've been taking lessons for a few months now, but i was never properly taught how to put on the bridle and i struggle with it a bit every time,
    hopefully i can try this technique my next lesson 🙂

  19. I'm a beginner rider and I know hot to put a bit in but I always get scared that when I put the bit in my horses mouth he will end up biting me. He's super sweet and isn't known for biting unless I give him a treat lol can someone help my odd phobia?

  20. @horseanddoglover777 Dont be scared! Horses know when your nervous around them. Have the bit on your hand and make sure your hand is flat. And with your thumb put it into the very corner of there mouth (Don't worry they don't have any teeth there) The horse should open it's mouth and all you have to do is pull the bridle back 😉

  21. i get my horses to put there heads down and stay there so its so much easier i am going to make a video like this doing my way because if u got a horse that tosses its head it will be so much easier if they put there head down.

  22. I gotta totally agree on the well mannered horse comment. The 33 year old arabian I enjoy is so stubborn about wanting to do what SHE wants to. Getting a bit in her mouth is a trial 'cause she just raises her head sky high so I can't reach. I made the mistake ONE time of standing in front of her trying to get the bit in and she jerked her head up. I'd LOVE to know how to keep her head down where I can reach!

  23. Thanks!
    I look so stupid trying to get the bridle on this pony…
    She loves to snap her head up once i get the bit in her mouth.
    I'll try your tips next time i ride. 🙂

  24. @alinabestfriendsafia
    Since your most likely to be on the left of the horse, start with the left ear, so your not accidentally going to hurt her. so pretty much "Start with the ear closest to you"

  25. That was ALL wrong…that horse had his ears pinned the whole time you were there, and you put yourself in harms way everytime your touched the horse. Why don't you bridle 15 colts in one day that have never been bridled, then you would learn how to bridle. Its sad that 60K people watched this and some thought they actually learned something.

  26. The horse's ears could have been back for a multitude of reasons. Doesn't necessarily mean she was in any danger. The horse maybe just doesn't like being tacked. My horses don't like girths, when they know its coming their ears go back.

  27. lol…the horse's ears are not back for a 'multitude' of reasons. His ears are back because he doesn't like you and he doesn't like you messing with him. He hasn't been properly trained, you have him cross tied because you don't know how to handle him and you definately should not be making instructional 'how to' vids cause you know trash. Learn to get a horse's respect…than again..I guess you have to be a horse person to figure that out.

  28. Same here when i tack up my horse patrick. His ears go back and he scrapes the dirts with his foot. So yes i totally agree with you batchagaloop!

  29. They weren't pinned they were in a relaxed position. A horse showing aggression or discomfort would have his ears right back against his head but since you are such an expert you knew that right?

  30. He's not gonna pull away cause he's cross tied, if his ears were pinned flat back, than you are two late…he's saying, "get away, leave me alone, don't make instructional videos with me, I'm not an actor, you're not an instructor," Listen dueche, a horse doesn't have to be stepping all over the place to be communicating, they make a multitude of signals, poor guy has been cross tied so long he's just taking it. Haltering, bridle, and such, should take place under your off hand arm.

  31. You know you clipped your horse to the side? Well I'm getting a horse on Tuesday and we are getting a field shelter and we will be using that to groom and tack up and I usually just put a halter on the horse and tie him up. If your horse is in a stall with a closed door, do you still have to hold his head and make sure he doesnt run away?

  32. It all depends-I find it hard, because I still get creeped out that I'll injure the horse. Just because I find it easy to ride a bike doesn't mean that it's easy for everyone…

  33. I have so much trouble getting the bit in my horses mouth. Cant find a good enough to video to give me tips on achieving this, he always tosses his head around. Any good videos that can help me? 

  34. Thank you for this video because I am a beginner and I have been struggling with putting on the bridal. This was really helpful!

  35. hey, I recently got my horse and putting a bridle on is a REAL struggle! he spins in circles, flips his head up it… takes me 10-15 minutes to do it , he is on the younger side and was badly treated in past is their any thing you could suggest to help ( I have come up with a few ideas I'm going to try to calm his nerves but a second opinion never hurts when horses are involved!)

  36. I am SICK of all these nasty mean comments! Some horses are different god! I have a chest nut Arabian and when I watched this and did it with her she was a charm! Maybe not with your horses but all humans are different so that means all horses are different too! And only the true loving owners know a horses acts and what those acts mean so why don't you all shut up for God sake you have only seen a video of this horse! You all act like you own this horse and know what it's feeling! You all are freaking dumb! So shut the freak up!

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