How to tie a stock tie

How to tie a stock tie

SARAH: Hey, SmartPak fans! Today we’re going to talk about how to tie
a stock tie. For starters, we’re going to go the quick
route and say buy a pre-tied stock tie. All you have to do is, undo the Velcro, position it in the right spot around your
neck, fix the ends, and pin as you like. And then you’re done. If you prefer to go old school and
use a traditional stock tie, you’re going to want to start by looping it
over the back of your neck, and then taking the long end
and feeding it through the slit on the other side. Pull that through gently making sure that
it doesn’t get twisted. Keep it lying flat, and then you want to position the slit in
the stock tie towards the back of your neck. As you pull that around, secure it comfortably
and make sure it’s covering your shirt correctly. Once you have that, you can let the ends lie
flat, and you’re ready to get started on your knot. The first part of your knot, you’re going
to take the right end of the stock tie, cross it over
the left end just in a normal end-over-end knot and pull it through right in front of your
face. This is where the pro-tip of not having your
lipstick on first comes in handy. You’re then going to take the right end, place
it over your right shoulder, and take the left end, lying flat, fold it
and place it over your left shoulder. Then bring the right side straight down and through the fold that you’ve created on
the left side, bringing the knot through and square and tight. You want to keep that knot as nice looking
as you can as you secure it. Bring both ends down, lying flat, cross them over, secure them with your pin, and you’re good to go. You want to secure the ends with your pin
high enough so that it still shows when you have your show coat on. And then you’re ready to ride! Now if you’re like most riders, even though
we just showed you how to tie a stock tie on yourself, the thought of doing that makes
you a little bit want to throw up your food truck bagel, so we don’t want you to do that. We’re going to show you how to tie a stock
tie on your friend. So find a friend, grab your stock tie, and
get started. So you’re going to start the same way. You’re going to loop over the back of the
neck, and you’re going to free any hair. You’ll pull the slit to the side and feed it through, letting it lie flat as you go, making sure that it doesn’t twist. You want to bring that part of the stock tie
around to the center of the back and make sure that you have roughly even portions. As we go through, make sure it covers the
shirt and is lying flat on the back of the neck. You then want to bring your ends down, and you’re going to be bringing a simple knot
again right side over the left side, feeding up
through, and being very careful not to mess up your
friend’s very nicely done show day makeup. Once you have your first knot secure, you can take the right side out of the way and fold the left side over the shoulder to create a nice loop. You’re then going to bring the right side
over the top of the left and come through that loop you just made, holding the left side and pulling the right
side to create your final knot. You want that knot to lay nice and flat and as square as you can get it, because that’s going to be the part that shows. You then let your ends lie flat, cross one
over the other, and secure it with your pin, high enough so
that it shows when she has her coat on. As you guys have probably guessed, the stock
tie has kind of traditional roots and actually started in the hunt field where it was worn
by the rider in case they needed an emergency bandage for a horse or a sling for the rider’s
arm, which we know a few SmartPakers who that might have come in handy for. MANDY: It happens to the best of us. SARAH: It does. It does. Thank you guys so much for watching. Be
sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss helpful videos in the future. And have a great ride!

9 thoughts on “How to tie a stock tie

  1. Thanks Sarah! Very informative. Of course being the lazy person I am, I usually go for the pre-tied stock tie. As a matter of fact, I have that same stock tie an pin in the first clip. Purchased by Smartpak of course! 😀

  2. Love this video. Takes me back to the old days when we didn't have pretied stock ties.
    Love Smartpaker Sarah! I've done a lot of comedic acting and she's great! Did she ever do any acting? She's great!

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