How to: Tie Your Child’s Skates | Source For Sports

How to: Tie Your Child’s Skates | Source For Sports

If you’re a new hockey parent sometimes looking at a new skate can be a little bit intimidating, thinking you’re going to have to try and lace this onto your child’s foot. We’re going to try and make it real easy for ya with a simple step-by-step video. The first thing your gonna wanna make sure is you’re gonna wanna prepare the skate before your child’s even ready for it. What I mean by that is, your gonna wanna make sure that all the laces are very loose and that you’ve got that cranked wide open, so that you can slide their foot really easily in there. We want to make sure that, their heel sits really easily into the heel pocket, without stretching it out. So when we have a skate that’s wide open like this, we can easily slide it onto their foot. Were just gonna seat that tongue, all the rest of the lacing is gonna be done in a really systematic fashion. We’re gonna start down here at the bottom laces and we’re gonna work our way towards the top. You’re gonna wanna snug these laces, we just need to take up some slack until when you get to the top now we’re gonna have enough lace, that we’re gonna be able to go thru the the last two holes at the top once you have them laced through the
last two holes at the top we’re just gonna slightly loosen the laces coming down so that now we can start again from the
bottom doing our final tightening. Once we have that in position, we’re just going to be pulling outwardly on the laces. That’s gonna allow that boot to wrap around their foot, and when it wraps around their foot it’s gonna be a lot more comfortable, and we’re going to work our way snugging, putting our thumb on the side of the skate for leverage and pulling outwardly , and that’s gonna tighten that skate throughout the process. Once we get to the last four eyelets, we want to make sure that we get these ones a little bit snugger so we want to make sure we’re pulling a little bit harder on these ones as that’s where it’s most important for
heel lock. If we lock that child’s heel into that
skate they’re gonna to have a lot better time skating on the ice they’re gonna be more comfortable and they’re going to skate better as well. Once we have that snug all the way to the last eyelet, now we all have to do is tie it in a bow. The bow is very similar to what you’re gonna tie on a regular shoe but it just has one slight variance.
We’re gonna do a leftover right and a loop under, just how you would in a shoe, but we’re gonna do an additional loop under. What that’s going to do, that gonna make a lot tighter and is gonna keep it a lot
tighter as you produced the rest of the bow. We realize that being a new hockey parent, your gonna have a lot of questions and at Source for Sports we’re always there to help. No matter where you bought your skates if you have any questions about lacing
them, if you have questions about helmets come on and talk to any of our sales staff.

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  1. can u plz help me? I am a hockey player and sometimes i just cant get my skates tighted enough to the point where i feel comfy with it can u plz help me with that? I followed every step to ur vid but i just cant seem to get it right? please help me!

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