How to Trot Your Horse : How to Do a Posting Trot on a Horse

How to Trot Your Horse : How to Do a Posting Trot on a Horse

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when I’m trotting and jogging my
horse. So I’m going to move right to a posting trot. I would explain to you a little bit
what that is before I go into it. So basically when your horse is outside, leg goes forward
you are going to want to be coming up and sitting down with the horses motion. This
is called the diagonal. If you are posting when the horse inside leg with forward, that
would be on the wrong diagonal. So when this leg goes forward, we are going to come up
and when it goes back we are going to sit down. So let me move her to a trot here so
you can see it in motion. So we are going to move her a little bit more forward. When
her outside leg goes forward we are coming up out of the saddle. We are looking where
we want to go, we are keeping our posture nice and straight, keeping our hands nice
and supple. We are rolling our knee in and using our calf. We don’t want to have our
legs out here posting off the steer up. So we are using our leg. You see that her outside
leg is going forward so that is when I’m coming out of the saddle. Now when you want to change
diagonal, you are going to want to sit for 2 beats, go the other way, trot to the opposite
direction. So we want to be posting when her outside leg is coming forward. Change direction, sit for 2 beats, come up
when her outside leg is going forward. It takes a little bit of practice to get use
to the motion of the horse to be able to feel when your horse is, when you are at the right
diagonal. It also come with practice.
But again you are coming out of the saddle when the horse is going forward. So that is
a posting trot.

100 thoughts on “How to Trot Your Horse : How to Do a Posting Trot on a Horse

  1. no she isn't she is an average weight. stop being a jerk. being a bully about someone's size isnt the answer. i had people telling me i was too skinny and i became self conscious about my weight when i was perfectly fine and a normal size. dont say stuff about body image on social networking. its bullying and if this person saw this she might have ended up like me. what im saying is mind your own god damn business she is fine

  2. I am reading through all of these comments and you all need to quit your whining.
    1. With western spurs you roll the against the horses belly they arent cruel at all.
    3. the horse is not lame at all and clearly he/ she was bred as a western pleasure horse thats the longest his trot can get
    4. SHE IS NOT FAT . I commented earlier and if you really want to know what i think about this find my comment
    5. It is her choice to wear a helmet

  3. 6. Whether you like english or western. WE ALL CLEARLY LOVE HORSES. Dont say you hate western or you hate english, That creates tension between the styles. cant we all just get along, Western may not be your favorite. but dont say you hate it. At least learn to appreciate it.


  4. Im sorry but you were taught incorrectly. i just hope you realize you are wrong and stop being stubborn and change your ways.

  5. in western or English pleasure with a stock horse ( AQHA APHA Aphc ) the horses head is suppose to be down. I suggest you look up Some AQHA hunter undersaddle vids and Western Pleasure vids AQHA APHA or Appie vids It will help you understand what people are looking for. and Appreciate it while you watch you may not like it but try to understand. thanks

  6. you can post in an western saddle. and i aree with the AQHAs going hunt seat. my horse doesnt have a western bone in her body lol

  7. She should not direct rein on that kind of bit. The curb is made for neck reining. She could really ruin the horses mouth if she keeps this up

  8. how do you know they are sharp did you sit there and put your hand against them. You just can not tell trough a video. Until you find Kelly and say he can i feel your spurs you shouldn't jump to conclusions .

  9. ill seen bigger riders then her as im the same size .. if you have nothing nice to say then zip-it

  10. What if one is riding on a straight road does it matter which direction you post to? Is there still an out side leg?

  11. i have a prob , while trotting i move here nd there , smtimes moving to right then left but nt in the still position .. plzz help me out wid dis

  12. When I am trotting I can't steer at the same time they tell me to put my hands in the horses hair on his neck but I can't steer

  13. put your inside hand down and grab the mane (if you are going to the right then it would be your right hand) and then with the outside hand steer the horse to stay on the rail. Make sure that your outside hand doesn't pull on the horse's head. 😀

  14. Once you get good at this then try not holding the mane. Practice makes perfect!! (Keep your hands low so that you don't tell the horse to stop by accident)

  15. Thank you very much for the info! I am always having trouble posting trot… 😉 you have a beautiful horse!

  16. thank you soooo much….. i'v been having a hard time posting but from this video i finally know wht im doing wrong

  17. 1. she horrible at posting.
    2. that horses neck curl is so ugly
    3. you arent suposto post in a western saddle.

  18. i have been riding for 7 years. it can be done in a western saddle, but it is not proper western riding. i never called the horse ugly. i just said the neck curl is to much. its unnatural.

  19. you guys just leave her alone why the fuck did you guys even watch this then hu…….to learn how to post you biches gosh

  20. Look at her feet D: her feet are floating in those stirrups and her spurs are jabbing… Her balance is so shit! Argh this woman infuriates me lol that poor horse is probably contemplating suicide. I know i would be, every video is painful to watch with this woman and its not like she is a self confessed beginner that wants to get better she is trying to teach everyone else her bad habits! No woman just no.

  21. Ugly, Ugly, terrible! Embarasing! Loose some weight before you ride that poor horse and then take some lessons with a good instructor before you ride again!

  22. I don't get it.. Its a "how to ride" video, yet almost every one of the comments is about how shes doing it wrong. If you know so much then why are any of you watching "how to ride" videos?

  23. Why do I throw up in my mouth when I see this lady grind on her saddle? On another note, all you scared little clowns complaining about helmets need to grow a pair and stop being afraid to live. I don't know anyone who wears a helmet. I've been in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan where fighting actually took place and at times didn't wear a helmet. If its your time and fate you will meet it and nothing will stop that.

  24. I totally agree with you. One of many of my friends would be dead right now had they not been wearing helmets. Never even SIT on a horse TIED UP without a helmet!!! Set it as a personal rule, even if you don't like them, or you think they're ugly, GET OVER IT! They SAVE LIVES!!!

  25. I've only ridden English for a month, and didn't like it so I went back to western (the lady was a total b*tch!), but I'd always ridden gaited horses because my friends who own TWH's are the people I've learned from for about 6 years. I've gone to my best friend's barn and started riding more trotting horses and I'm starting to understand, but I'm REALLY bad at posting lol. I wanna work off a lease for this awesome horse there, but I need to PRACTICE!!! He's EXTREMELY bumpy at the trot…

  26. You don't post gaited horses such as the "Tennessee Walker". That's the breed I've learned to ride on, but the kind of horse I want is a trotter, so I need to get some practice posting 🙂

  27. Actually @franciscoMenezes horse riding is complicated because you have to also take the horse in consideration not just your self because if you trot and don't post you will bang on the horses back and give him/her back problems so think about someone other than yourself!

  28. I think you need to soften your landing when coming back into the saddle, you look like you have good rhythm, but when you land you should be straight back into rising, as soon as you touch the saddle you should be up. Landing too hard on the horses back puts pressure on it, so try to soften it a little. This is only the way I've been taught so it may be different to others, so this is my opinion.

  29. @ OneryBoy
    She's doing western. You can see by the saddle horn, low cantle, and stirrups. It is obviously a western saddle.

  30. I ride English, but I still think that you should shorten your reins just in case if your horse spooks… Then you'll have more control of the bit…

  31. Boy is this terrible. The spurs imply a need for them, which means she has not learned how to control a horse safely without being unfair to the poor thing, and same with the terrble leverage bit. Her posting is timed okay, but is not correct. she is almost in a half-seat, and is landing too hard. she also is keeping too much contact on the bit.

    Why is she called an "expert"? she could pass for someone who has been riding for only a year or two…

  32. What kind of rise is that , you dont sit up and down its like a rocking motion lean forward slightly , that looked like the horse was feeling every bump

  33. I love this ladies videos! After reading the comments, you know exactly what not to do! I learn better at watching people fail. Sometimes.

  34. Would if you are actually going somewhere when you trot then what leg would be the outside leg? (When you trot in a straight line)

  35. This is a western horse sped up. It's called hunter under saddle. It's not like jumping or dressage. And the horse great. Don't right rude comments try to help not let her down.

  36. At the dude ranch we were just at we were told to stand in the saddle (western) because most people don't know how to post properly. My stirrups were shortened as much as they could be and I still had trouble standing in the saddle. Kept my heels down . When trotting at times my heels would straighten and I would go forward a bit. I used to ride all the time and I don't remember having this much trouble! Cantering I could always do and I've also galloped. Any suggestions about the trotting? Thank you.

  37. This video makes me cringe. I have started lessons in English riding and need to work on my posting, so I clicked on this. It's sad that me, a beginner, can tell from this two minute clip that she's doing this wrong. She's sitting down too hard, and the need for spurs show that she cannot properly make her horse trot. Wear Spurs if you want too, but don't be completely dependent on them. I wonder how many people looked at this video and thought, " this is how your supposed to post". The fact that she's overweight makes it worse, the poor horse looks miserable. Who taught this thing?

  38. I don't ride western too often, but your horse's head is WAY too low.. It should be level with it's topline, not below the topline…

  39. What I have learned about Expert Village is the name pretty much cancels out the intention – kind of what the History Channel is to anyone interested in real History. Look elsewhere …

  40. my 7 yr old daughter is learning to post…and her instructor has her coming up way more than this daughter's bum is not touching saddle. then comes down. she somewhat mastered this first lesson 🙂 just curious if its the way its suppose to be or preference??

  41. I ride every summer at my aunts farm and I ride western when I trot I stand up all the way my butt doesn't touch the saddle and come down softer than she does. I'm 13 years old but when I was 10 my aunt took me to her trainer and had her ride with me she told me I was doing great and post very well because I keep my back straight and butt all the way off the saddle and down soft I ride a stubborn horse when I go and don't need Spurs and this horse has tried to decapitate me! Just shows you her level of ability in this video

  42. Most people when they post they almost go into a stand, not like that. Some teachers tell us to do this, so people are getting confused.

  43. Um.. anyone notice that when she said the you go up according to the outside diagonal she’s doing the exact opposite?

    Edit: Until she finally noticed she was doing it wrong she corrected herself

  44. Why are you using a western saddle you can tell it’s a full on western horse and I ride westerns and NOT ONE person posts and you did a hoarbell job doing it and you don’t need spurs!!!!

  45. If your horse has a rough trot I don't see much you can do, ride a tougher horse so the first one seems soft, easy to sit through in comparison? Sitting in trot with a western saddle may be fine if your horse has a soft trot, but if he doesn't that can't be good for your back (looking for some insight on this so answers welcome)… For people saying she doesn't need stirrups, well we don't know the horse, she seemed pretty obedient so probably not, but what did we see, 2 minutes…

  46. Terrible. Somebody should use those spurs on that woman belly so she can feel how great it is….If you need that kind of instrument you should think twice how good you are with your horse.

  47. Can you people quit judging her? People ride different and ALL horses are DIFFERENT! Stop this mess telling her how to ride HER horse! Geez!

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