How to Trot Your Horse : How to Hold a Horse’s Reins for Trotting or Jogging

How to Trot Your Horse : How to Hold a Horse’s Reins for Trotting or Jogging

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when I’m trotting and jogging my
horse. So there is 2 ways that you can hold your reins when your ride. Whether you are
riding English or your riding western horse it is going to snap a little bit. Some of
your younger western horse we would ride and a snaffle bit verses the shank bit which Covey
has in his mouth. You can see that it has the longer shanks on each side that the bit
is attached to. So what we are going to do we want to ride 2 handed. First of all you
want to make sure your reins are nice and even. You are going to hold your rein between
your pinkie and you are going to have your thumb on top. So your grip is going to look
somewhat like this. It is kind of a fist with the rein in between the pinkie and the thumb
is pointing upward. So when you hold your reins, your hand is going to be upward like
that. Your thumb is going to be pointing up and make sure you are holding your reins evenly.
You don’t want to be holding them kind of loosely in your hand. You don’t want to be
gripping on them, holding on for dear life cause that it just transcends down to the
bit. It is going to make your horse really ridged. So you just want to have a nice double
grip on the reins. Not to loose where your fingers are open but you want to hold them
just nice and soft and nice and simple. If you want to hold your reins one handed which
is more western style, which is more appropriate for the type of bit that we have in her mouth.
What you want to do first of all you want to make sure that you are starting with the
reins that are even to begin with, the same length. So what we are going to do is pull
the reins this way and make sure we have them even both sides. We are going to run our hand
down and we are going to hold them one handed. Whether you ride right or left handed, it
is really up to you whatever hand you are more comfortable with. Obviously if your a
left handed person, you are probably going to be more comfortable riding with your left
hand. So we are going to hold our reins together like that, we are going to hold them in our
fingers like this and we are going to have our thumb on top. So instead of having up
like this, we are going to have our thumb pointing more downwards. Now for steering
to try to take control, we may pick up a little bit more so we have a little bit more contact
on the horses mouth. But if we are just holding them loosely, we are going to have our thumb
pointed and downward motion. So that is how you would want to hold your reins one handed
and 2 handed.

30 thoughts on “How to Trot Your Horse : How to Hold a Horse’s Reins for Trotting or Jogging

  1. You're not supposed to ride two handed with a shank bit. They are made to be used with one hand and a loose rein. Using two hands and direct contact makes the bit very, very hard on your horses mouth. That's why I can't stand these videos, she's always riding with two hands and way too much contact. Poor horse!!!

  2. The bridel looks stupid what kinda is it,… for some reason this lady looks weird on this horse! it drives me nuts

  3. @benniespal1 No, people who use tack improperly is one of the main reasons that behavior problems develop. Its not the bit, its how you use it.

  4. Are you drunk or something? For God's sakes! That is NOT how you ride a horse! I ride Western and Bareback, and I'm not perfect but I'm damn better than you! How much is your horse? I'll buy her! She deserves better than you!! At least I know how to ride! you dont have a clue how to ride! get off youtube… one wants to make the mistakes you're making!

  5. animalwisperer:

    you are 100% correct! Western riding involves the horse's head down…..this means they are relaxed. You know how to ride. This chick knows nothing. I feel sorry for the horse! 🙁

  6. i ride the old vaquero type of riding and my horse i ride with a spade bit and the way i ride is through feel…i dont care if i ride 1 handed or 2 handed at some points…obviously the end game is that my bridle horse rides between my reins and legs so that i dont at all need my reins if im out roping or just trail riding through brush…ridng horses you dont need ur hands if all of you learned to ride with ur legs and seat then maybe youd figure out something to do with ur hands

  7. your only hold the reins with 1 hand only trust me I know I come from El salvador and there you ride horses pure western style

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