How to Trot Your Horse : How to Sit on a Horse Before Trotting or Jogging

How to Trot Your Horse : How to Sit on a Horse Before Trotting or Jogging

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when I’m trotting and jogging my
horse. So once you are on your horse there is a certain way that you want to sit that
is going to balance you most effectively on the horse and enable for you to ride the most
effectively. So when you are sitting on your horse you don’t want to be sitting too far
forward or too far back. If you end up sitting too far forward, this is the cue that your
want your horse to go forward so your horse may end up taking off on you or picking up
some speed. If you end up sitting too far back, this is going to cause the horse to
either slow down or get hollow on its back which would cause it to be out of balance
and not keep cadent. So you want to sit directly on your sit bones nice and relaxed. You want
to sit square on the horse. You don’t want to be leaning off to one side or off to the
other cause that would throw your horse off balance as well. So we are going to be sitting
straight with our head, shoulder, hip and heel all in line. We want our heel down, we
don’t want it up because that could cause our foot to get too far in steer up and if
we where thrown, that could get our foot stuck in our steer up and we can end up getting
dragged which could be pretty dangerous. So we are going to keep our head, shoulder, and
heel on in a line. We want our chin parallel with the ground, we don’t want to be looking
at our the sky and we don’t want to be looking down in at our horse either. We want to be
looking straight ahead at the horse ears. We are going to be holding our reins nice
and loosely right in front of the pommel of your saddle. The horn here and a few inches
about 4 inches above the horse shoulder. We also want our shoulder bent and on the side.
We want them nice and relaxed, we don’t want to be really ridged or you know we don’t want
to be really loose or really sloppy. So we are going to keep our shoulders back, keep
your shoulder blades touching together. That would cause your back to have a nice perfect
arch. You don’t want to arch back too far, you also don’t want to get slumped in your
shoulders. That would throw your horse off balance as well. So we are going to keep a
nice loose grip on the reins. Keep our chin up, keep our shoulder, hip and heel all in
a line. Keep our heels down, we are going to look where we want to go and then you would
be balanced effectively so you can ride your horse the best way. So that is how you want
to sit and keep your posture when you are riding your horse.

63 thoughts on “How to Trot Your Horse : How to Sit on a Horse Before Trotting or Jogging

  1. NNOOOOOOO do nt listen to her if u want a horse to respect u ride it properly and go to a proper riding school that have teachers who r qualifes for teaching and actually know wat they r doing and how to help u improve

  2. ur yeah rubbish tips u seen some of the ones of her luging? looks like the horse is lame and they should get decent people in if they call them selves "expertvillage"

  3. don't listen to these people they suck!! They don't know what there talking about (i mean you only get into a two~point when your about to jump!! (And also don't take adive from her cantering video because her horse is on the wrong lead and uncomfterble i'm only 11 and i knwo this crapp

  4. i bet they didnt show her getting on the horse because she needs about three or four men to help her! xD

    but seriously, she looks like shes been riding for 5 minutes or something.

  5. why is she wearing spurs? from the videos ive seen of her lunging her horse etc it looks like she really doesnt need them…

  6. Yeah, maverick65, I took note of your comment. Kelly i doing a good job. I am still in the process of learning to trot, often overbalance which is worse for the horse!

  7. @wickey4k Not allowed?! What rubbish, I always ride in jeans, some people just find it uncomfortable, its only not allowed when competing

  8. @AngelDani23 Spurs do not hurt horses.. as long as you know how to use them. I use spurs when I ride. They help your horse to respond better.

  9. @Feiredencer actually the "pizza cutters" are not as cruel, because if you poke your horse with those the spur rolls over the skin, if you have a nub or ball its dragging the skin along…but its a personal thing, both kinds are ok if in careful and experienced hands ( or on those feets..:D)

  10. Spurs aren't cruel, they don't hurt the horse unless you want them too, spurs are used to easily tell the horse what you want it to do instead of having to kick really hard on a stubborn horse.

  11. Wow, what's with all of this fuss about? I hate how the human race will always want to prove itself smarter than others. -.-'

    I think that this was a good short lesson. (: This is what my horse instructor was telling me when I took my first riding lesson today. I hope that there's a video about how to tighten your reins because I'm having the most trouble with that.

  12. @abwick.Sorry. You never keep your heels up — in dressage or otherwise.
    If your heels are up, you will lose balance in the stirrups.
    And if you unfortunately fall or get dragged, you foot might get caught.
    Same for Western or English.

  13. @theMcrWayOfLife maybe u want to READ befor u say something next time.Unless u didnt notice she put PERSONALLY its her own opinion you cant mess with that other wise you are invading her privacy ( pse)

  14. @roper82240 apology accepted.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and im sorry because you probably are very talented. I just want to say that my initial comment was 2 years ago and i have learnt a bit since then.. i only said that because in england spurs are very rarely used when riding casually.. they are used in competitions, of course, for difficult horses, but its just that you should give the horse a chance before needing to use spurs and her horse look lovely so…
    well im sorry anyway.

  15. @AngelDani23 spurs don't actually hurt the horse stupid, they just make your actions much more bold

  16. @shoyru13000 stupid?! u dont even know me. and i think idiot you dnt know how to read .. look down baca..

  17. @dluvpups2010

    I think There is no such ''SMoother riding'' Do it as you want or your coach says. But in My opinion galloping is smoother.

  18. Guys go and get a grip? She's right about most things, shes got her opinion and you've got yours. The horse doesn't seem to have a problem doesn't even have it's ears back.
    So thanks for making this woman feel insecure about herself and on a horse.

  19. @AngelDani23 Spurs don't really hurt the horse at all i believe they only give it a slight tickle ๐Ÿ˜› if i'm right they have thick skin

  20. You're trying to show people how to ride properley, yet you don't have a hat on yourself ommm. Bad example!

  21. ok. every trainer is different. the all have different opinions and styles. and in western , you dont have to ride with one hand. two hands have more control in my opinion and are great for a moment of training. you dont need a hat . some ride with and some without. all of the negitive people must really not know how to ride differently . 2 hands are fine , you dont need a hat, and she is a nice looking trainer! so quit being jerks!!!

  22. Just puting this out there, I ride with two and one hand all the time. Whatever my hands are comfortable with at the time. I ride western either way, I really don't think it makes a difference if you're doing one-handed or two…

  23. horses are EXTREMELY sensitive. they can feel it when a fly lands on their back. of course they feel it when you use spurs, and usually it causes pain too

  24. what a GIANT bit. that's just ridiculous. I can live with people using a snaffle bit because it doesn't use any leverage, but this is just crazy. if you are secure and know how to ride a horse you don't need a giant bit like that. p

  25. 1. Take that bit out.!!!
    2. Put a fucking helmet on!!!
    3. Take you sunglasses of cause they can smash and stab you in the eye!!!

  26. Youโ€™ve to hold the reigns do that theyโ€™re in a straight line from the horses mouth to your hands, that way you have more control. Also that bit is too big. Sorry if Iโ€™m wrong but Iโ€™m twelve and this is how we ride at the riding center
    I go to

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