How to Trot Your Horse : How to Turn a Horse While Jogging

How to Trot Your Horse : How to Turn a Horse While Jogging

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when I’m trotting and jogging my
horse. Now I’m going to show you some tips and techniques of how you can effectively,
you can turn your horse at the jog. So let me move her up here into a jog. So when you
are steering at the jog you are going to be neck reining. So you are going to be laying
your rein on the neck, opposite side of the neck at the direction where you want your
horse to turn in. So I’m wanting her to turn to the right, I’m wearing the left rein on
the side of her neck. I’m wanting her to turn to the left, I’m laying the right rein on
the side of her neck. So when you are riding one handed in western you are steering more
off of your outside rein then you are off of your inside rein. You just going to pick
up, lay your rein, look where you want to go, apply a little bit of outside leg pressure.
Keep your shoulders square you don’t want to lean one way or the other putting your
horse off balance. As you can see it is really nice and smooth. Once your horse is accustomed
to neck reining, you should be ready to pick up really lightly, lay the rein, apply a little
bit of neck pressure and your horse should be very easily steered in any direction you
want it to go. You may find when you are training, you may have to pull a little bit harder in
the beginning until they get use to what they want them to do. Once your horse is properly
trained to neck rein, all you have to do is lay that rein on the side of their neck and
they would move on the direction you want them to go. So that is how you want to steer
your horse at the jog riding one handed.

11 thoughts on “How to Trot Your Horse : How to Turn a Horse While Jogging

  1. NO NO NO!!! you are actually supposed to use more leg than hand, espically if your reins are that loose. also the horse should be listening better and she needs to get it off its shoulders. you are also supposed to use any leg at all, shes barely touching the horse! ahh.

  2. seriously — these "expert" videos should learn to at least differentiate western and english riding terms. i ride english, but i respect both. but they're different! and you're right razrblade. you have to use your weight, your seat and your eyes. (i know that sounds funny, but any rider will know what i mean). some of the other videos featuring "kelly" are awful. hope some beginner doesn't accidentally hurt himself / herself / the horse following the instructions!

  3. feel like reporting this section on horseriding from expert village its misleading and awful. the woman was pounding down on that mares back it made me feel sad 🙁 cant see no expert advice here

  4. this video needs to be removed infact who would buy A HORSE THEN LEARN TO RIDE FROM A SHOCKIN "expert village" jeez quite worrying

  5. I see an igorant prick bouncing on a horses back trying to be a know-it-all. do I need glasses? Thumbs down: YES! Thumbs up: NO!

  6. i'm a beginner an i don't know about all that western and english stuff and i tried controling a horse like this while riding english and i tottally embaressed myself 🙁 still feel so humiliated

  7. It's a great video. Obviously the people commented poorly about this video have no clue what they are talking about. That is western training and yes it's correct! She's not wearing a helmet because it was her choice and in western the stirrups can be either on the ball of your foot or like what she is doing.

  8. All horses are trained differently too, I tried to use these 'tips' today at my riding lesson, they don't work at all (I ride English too)

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