How To Turn Left Riding A Horse

How To Turn Left Riding A Horse

Now we’re going to look at how to turn a horse
gently and smoothly left. What we’re going to do is ask Jennifer to walk Chester on (in
the same way as we did earlier, with a nudge) and when she gets to the turn, she’s going
to bring her inside rein, which is her left arm, back and out slightly. At the same time
she’s going to be kicking with her outside leg, which is her right leg. So, her opposite leg and hand ask the horse
to turn the direction you want to go. Now she’s going to bring her hand back and out
slightly, excellent, and then she’s going to at the same time be kicking with the leg
we can’t see. This will encourage the horse to turn left smoothly. No jerking movements, no sudden pulling of
the reins, the horse turns without interrupting the rhythm. .

14 thoughts on “How To Turn Left Riding A Horse

  1. Everything in this video is wrong. You DO NOT pull back on the reins when you're riding and you DO NOT kick ever. The turn isn't made by pulling on the inside rein, this just jack knifes the head and neck. It's a shame that incorrect information like this is being taught 🙁

  2. If you kick a horse, you make him board up his ribcage, and if he cannot swing the ribcage, he cannot step under with his hindlegs. Therefore riders resort to even harder kicks and then blows with the whip. Kicking has NO place in riding.

  3. Not the official riding style. they teach wrong things, althought everything has the appearance of being professional! impulses cant be seen when done correctly. no "outside, no "kickcing". all weron…

  4. "no 'outside'…"
    What are you talking about? yes, you do use your outside leg while turning to keep the horse's hindquarters from swinging out, mareike…
    Also I believe you spelled "wrong" wrong

  5. You do have to use both legs, though. It's not as simple as "kick the horse on the right and it will turn left."
    Inside rein to direct, outside rein to support, inside leg at the girth to bend the horse around the pressure, outside leg behind the girth to keep the horse's hindquarters from swinging out to create bend throughout the whole body, not just through the neck. And pressure with the calf is better than kicking.

  6. hi! i have lessons on two different barns. to turn my horse i use this technique but in the other barn we turn from the saddle meaning closing your legs and moving the saddle to the direction you want to go.
    which technique is better/ used more?
    i ride english and do jumping sometimes dressage.

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