How To Turn Right Riding A Horse

How To Turn Right Riding A Horse

We’re now going to have a look at how to turn
the horse right as smoothly and as gently as possible, without interrupting the horse’s
natural rhythm. First of all, Jennifer is going to ask Chester
to move forward off the leg. She is then going to prepare by looking in the direction she
wants to go and turning her own body. She’s then going to use her outside leg to
ask the horse to move across. At the same time, she is going to bring her inside rein,
which is her right rein, out and back slightly to encourage the horse to bend in the direction
she’s going. At the same time as well, using the left leg slightly back a little bit and
giving some nudges to encourage him to move around the turn. So when you’re ready Jennifer, if you can
walk him forwards.So, she is going forwards, she is going to prepare him, look, think about
where she wants to go, using the outside leg, bringing the inside hand back and round slightly
and guiding him. As you can see, she is not interrupting his rhythm, there are no jerky
hand movements and she is doing it as smoothly as possible, making sure she causes no discomfort
to the horses mouth.

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