26 thoughts on “How to Turn with In-Line Skates | Rollerblading

  1. I totaly unlearned? can itell it like that? yeah i guess so how to Inline skate T_T it makes me so sad, i dont know how it could happen but i dont know anymore how to inline skate xD but i can spin stop funny xD

  2. The actual 'information' in these videos are pretty crap. Saying 'learning to turn is important' is NOT helpful…I KNOW its important!! You mention the cross-over method…EXPLAIN IT. Don't just say its useful, that does not help me.

  3. I grew up in Arlington, I used to rollerblade all the time as a kid. I don't recall an skateparks though.

  4. Started skating last week and I start to understand is that in order to turn, you need to put your right leg forward and you will begin to turn to the left. Almost no one said that when watching the tutorials here on YT, shift your weight, bend your ankles, etc etc, wrong, put one leg forward and you start to turn naturally.

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