28 thoughts on “How to Understand the Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System

  1. because it depends on the amount of moves, difficulty of them, and how well they preform. Aside from that they still have timing.

  2. not exactly. remember that only an increment of 3 can be added or deducted from all moves and falls automatically lose one at most.

  3. @PeaceBear0: Yeah good luck with fitting it all into a routine of a short duration, and try not fall on your arse cause that'll cost ya.

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  5. you should make this for gymnastics scoring too because alot of people find it very confusing and different from the 'perfect ten'

  6. @elleroxsox Mostly because there is no such thing as a perfect skate. 🙂 You can always do it better.. Just like marathon or downhill skiing, etc, you can always do it faster.

  7. This is ridiculous.The new scoring system support the mediocraty . Anonymous judges can do anything. i want to change it!

  8. WHAAAA i thought they lowered falling to half a point
    or is that only in synchronized skating???

  9. I agree with everything except for the last point. The goe's are then averaged or stuff with the computer, and only with the computer. there is no human calculation. then the scores are calculated using the SoV scale of values published by the isu every year, this year is is isu communications 1790. The points are added from all the elements and the program components are also averaged between judges, rounded by the hundreths digit, then added together. Deductions and bonuses are also +/-.

  10. Goe's can make more then 3 points being subtracted or added to a element,s base value. Deductions include time, costume, time violation, falls, and interruptions. Bonuses are rare and the most used one is highlight for distribution base value X1.1. This is given if the element is performed more then half way in a program in the free program only. This is because skaters get really tired after the half way point.

  11. A computer does not randomize the scores, the computer trims or cuts the GOE's of 5 judges, depending on the competition the rules may vary. Also the software has the option to SHOW THE JUDGES MARKS OR RAMDOMIZE THEM SO THE PUBLIC WOULD NIT KNOW. It can say J1 gave 1, -2 ect. The judges list must be published, so the skaters know. This is for lower level competitions. While in international competitions it would be more like JUDGES SCORE (in random order) 3,-2,2,0,-3,-3 ect.

  12. at 2:10 it says the lowest and highest scores are thrown out but then 19 and 25 disappear, shouldnt it be 19 and 48 that disappear?

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