How to use Performance Enhancing Boots

How to use Performance Enhancing Boots

Performance Enhancing Boots can be used to
improve the technique, carefulness, and strength of jumping horses. When used correctly and in the right circumstances,
they can be a useful training tool for different kinds of horses. There are two main categories of Performance
Enhancing Boots: Weighted boots and Pressure boots. Weighted boots can be a great tool for when
you need to improve the horse’s hind end. They are slightly heavier than normal jumping
boots, causing the horse to work harder to clear the fence and becoming more aware of
their hind limbs. After you remove the weights, the horse’s
hind legs feel lighter. This results in a higher and cleaner jump,
as well as improved jump stride. Please note that the weights in the boots
are not legal for competition. We stock weighted front and hind boots, with
the back boots containing removable weighted plates, and the front boots being mouldable
to the horse’s legs. Pressure boots are similarly designed to improve
horse carefulness and technique, encouraging the horse to ‘kick out’ more when jumping. Our range of pressure boots include Tall,
Medium and Short ‘Pinch’ boots, that exert a slight pressure over the fence to encourage
the horse to finish its jump better. And don’t worry, they don’t actually pinch
your horse! As the horse becomes more aware of their back
legs, they can also become more aware of the front end and thus improve overall technique. We also have a range of more stylish pressure
boots that match the ‘Roma’ set of front boots. These include the Roma Pinch Boots, as well
as the Roma ‘Flicker’ boots. The Flicker boots differ slightly in that
they act in more of a mechanical way, with a slight pressure over the horse’s fetlock
area when the joint is flexed mid-air. This helps to discourage ‘clenching’ of
the hind legs over a jump. Please note that all Performance Enhancing
Boots should be used only by experienced horse people or under the guidance of a professional. Discontinue use if your horse shows any signs
of distress.

2 thoughts on “How to use Performance Enhancing Boots

  1. Good video👍 Love that you said only experienced horse people (or under the direction of a professional) should use them👍👍 I've see too many novice or even beginner riders using pinch or weighted boots!!! And the horses were clearly uncomfortable:(

  2. Honestly don’t know why you would use these. If you have trained your horse correctly you shouldn’t need this, to help performance as they will want to jump for you.Just like sticking some on the Tennessee walking horses hooves 🙄

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