How to use the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer

How to use the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer

Hi, I’m Casey, I work in Marketing, and today
I’m reviewing two of my favorite helmet products – the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and the
Charles Owen Helmet Deodorizer. I could not be more happy that I found these
two products last summer. I’ll admit, sometimes my helmet gets a little bit ripe. And I have
actually had friends who have thrown helmets away and bought new ones, because they didn’t
know how to get their helmet clean and smelling better. So these two products together are absolutely
unbelievable. The first thing I would start with is the helmet cleaner. I’m telling you,
no matter how bad you think your helmet is, this product is totally up to the job. It
can get rid of sweat and grime and a whole summer’s worth of ick, and then what I do
is I use the deodorizer in between rides, too, and that way it just constantly stays
smelling nice. Using the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner is super
easy. All you do is, obviously, take the cap off, give it a little shake, and then you’ll
get ready to actually spray it inside your helmet. When you’re spraying, you just want to make
sure you get all around the inside of your helmet. As you can see, it really is just like a foam. Now that it’s been about two minutes, you
just want to take a cloth or if you have a paper towel, I’ve used that and it works fine.
And just wipe out the extra foam that’s in the helmet… …and that is it. It’s ready to go. So, once you’ve gone in and wiped out your
helmet, it will be a little bit damp obviously because of the foam, so just wait a couple
of hours. I usually do this after I ride and then put my helmet away and it’s dry by the
next morning that I need to use it again. So, the Helmet Deodorizer again, is super
easy. All you wanna do is just spray it five or six inches away from your helmet. I do
it in between rides and it just keeps my helmet smelling great. So, I’m going to tell you guys – this is a
different SmartPaker’s helmet, and I would not have done this before I cleaned it. That’s pretty good. I’m Casey, and the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner
and the Charles Owen Helmet Deodorizer should absolutely be in everybody’s tack trunk.

3 thoughts on “How to use the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer

  1. please help! I had a really bad fall and I got the top part of my Charles Owen dirty! I don't want to wipe it off with water because I'm afraid that it will get worse…

  2. Hi @Juliette Manuele – We’re sorry to hear you had a bad fall! We’re so glad to hear you were wearing your helmet, and hopefully you were not injured. Since you did take a nasty fall with your helmet, we strongly suggest you get your helmet replaced. Charles Owen offers a helmet replacement program if you take a fall within 3 years of your helmet’s purchase date, and if your helmet is older than 5 years old, we would suggest getting a new one simply because they wear out and don’t fit as securely over time. So, while we feel replacing your helmet is the very best thing for you to do, if you still need to clean it you can allow the dirt or debris to dry, and gently brush it with a clean, stiff brush or a towel to get the worst of it off. Then, you can use a damp cloth to gently wipe the area clean. Have a great ride! – SmartPak Lyn

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