How To Wallie with Magnus Granér On Skis

How To Wallie with Magnus Granér On Skis

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey. SkiManGuy, Ski Addiction back at it. Okay guys, hello, hello guys and girls and ladies and boys and gentlemen and female-e-o-nio’s! Today we are going to do a Wallie, so
that means you are just smashing into something with your noses and catching
air. It’s like just you just like go up a wall almost. You just smash and fly so I
will show you how to do the Wallie today and yah! Find the easiest feature
in the park to start doing the Wallie. Boom, in my case it was this tube. Make sure to get good contact with it too, you don’t want to just jump off the kicker. If you’re trying to go into a Wallie when your skis are like this, you’re gonna have a bad time! you want to be just like this. Really tense muscles, boom and just smash! Your muscles need to be really hard because you need the skis to be tight and not slip to the side. Because then you might land on your
balls or the jaws. A lot of times in the park there are these rails where the
front of the rail is dug into the ground and you can Wallie on to the
rail. A lot of it is like trusting your noses. It’s really scary to just slam
your noses into something but usually your skis have a really good nose,
so you can actually smash your ski into it and get a little bounce out of it. If
you start working on it slowly, you’re gonna realize that your noses are your
friends and they can slam into things and that’s great. Here’s a good example
where you really have to trust the noses. Don’t lift the noses, just make you body
position ready for the wall but let the nose is your ski into the object and
whoops they’re gonna go up there and you can pop out See how my body makes a little pop
and just follows the Wallie up. Still you gotta slam those noses into
the wall but be light on the feet and follow the Wallie. So in the beginning you
just want to like be ready for the Wallie to come, tense muscles but still ready
for the the pop and follow the pop around. It’s like hitting a kicker
pretty much, and then once you like figure it out you can actually pop with
it too, see actually when you hit the wallie you can get pretty high up in the air

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  1. When you used hold legs with ski together? So when may ski together was I sew there ski of left bottom and right top. Should may have using work into rail?

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