How to Warm Up With 7 Exercises | tutorial ice skating | Crossovers | Eagle | Cross rolls

How to Warm Up With 7 Exercises | tutorial ice skating | Crossovers | Eagle | Cross rolls

Hi Guys,
So we are not gonna post a vlog this week, because we are quit busy. Yes. And during the week-end we gonna come back
by car to itlay. Yeah, For make it short it’s like this,
We come back italy we are now in Poland
and we come back in italy this weekend so we said maybe it’s good if we show how
we warm up and maybe if you as a skater
you want to warm up also, you can do the same. So let’s show you right now! Ok so we start with Justyna,
she wants to show the crossover (and push) inside. So on this crossovers inside
we would like to really feel the ice and have a good flexion of the ankle
And feel really the edge so this exercise is really for go in the edge
Yeah ! We can do the same as well backward
like this crossover inside,
so on the cross over we try to reallly go and change the body weight
Exactly Good
So also I would like.. Me I always do this because I really like
to change the edge in inside and outside Try to really bent on the ankle
and accelerate You can use a little bit the free leg
but you try to really go in the ice OK?! So for the 4th exercise
we would like to do some crossroll Where we are looking for, to go forward
really with the steps (more with the hips) Forward Forward Forward
And try to keep the same bounce, I mean… For the men (to lift), and also the women
(for choreography) it’s important to warm up (stretch as well)
the eagle You can do like this
at the begining try to go really down And after you can do it by changing the edges
inside-outside This is really good also for feel the leaning
on the edge And just before to work,
we like to do backward crossovers But, you can do it alone,
or I do it with my beautiful partner. So that’s it for the warm up
now we can start to work on our programs There is many other exercises which you can
do it’s just like, some of them (right now)
it’s just what we like to do, because we need to warm up fast so… We do also some stuff on the floor (BEFORE)
…And… That’s it !
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6 thoughts on “How to Warm Up With 7 Exercises | tutorial ice skating | Crossovers | Eagle | Cross rolls

  1. I love the way you film with a camera on a stick, it really draws the viewer in, and highlights your movements.

  2. Really nice warm up exercise, love it. But i think the voice is not good enough. And camera is not stable. Wish it will be better.

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