HowTo Freeline Skates / Step1 Bigin the Freeline!

HowTo Freeline Skates / Step1 Bigin the Freeline!

YouTube can automatically translate of caption. This video is many language support. If the automatic translation is not correct, If you please make and send a subtitle file. “language.sub” Forwarding address email: [email protected] Please wear a protector and a helmet for safety. Step1 Begin the Freeline! Hi, My name is Masanof from Japan Team BUSHI. Presenting our “How-to Freeline Skate” video for improving the skills of Freeline riders around the world. Freeline that seems to be difficult, We will explain it so everybody can understand easily. Trick, tips, and techniques will be explained in this video. For your enjoyment. Step1 : for first timers of Freeline, First steps. Check out the Freeline Skate. Two wheels and decks. It is very simple. There is a left and a right skate. One foot on each skate going sideways only. Next, how to put your feet on the skates. Check the “R” and “L” first before riding. Left foot on left skate right foot on right skate. After checking right and left, Line up the wheels in a row going sideways. When putting your foot on the skate, Put your foot in the center. Same with the right foot. For safety, beginners need to use a handrail or wall. The forward direction is sideways Wether you ride regular or goofy. If you ride regular foot, go to left. If you ride goofy foot, go to right. Push along, try not to do the splits, and just go straight. Next is the actual video. Try Start like this. Close-up. Back foot on first, toe down so you don’t roll away. Different angle. Push off and try to go a meter or two. Slow playback. Best to push off someone or something, in this case, use your back toe and push off and go a little further. Go again and try to beat your record, MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT IS TO TURN YOUR FOOT TO STEER RATHER THAN LEANING. It is easier to learn on a slope than on the flats, same concept, push off, turn your foot to steer. A mellow slope is the best for beginning. Better to not look down so much, just remember to turn your foot to steer, and follow with your back foot. It is the same as a bicycle, balance comes with motion, so look up. If you can keep your balance for a long time, You are ready for the next step! Once you can go straight and turn your foot whichever way you start falling instead of leaning, you are ready for the next step. Pumping! swing your body, turn your feet in and out. Self-propelling using the Freeline Skates. Waiting for your response video!

34 thoughts on “HowTo Freeline Skates / Step1 Bigin the Freeline!

  1. what is the point of this??? just get a skateboard or inlines then you won't look like a nerd…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to community Freeline Skates !!!
    Go look the French Team WalkIsOut.

    On Google : "Freeline WalkIsOut"

    Vidéo, forum, picture, buy Freeline online ; )

    Ride & Ride Everytime !!

  3. @thisusernameistaken2 Its not nerdy… why arent you open to new things? its good to ride and skate, theyre good for your balance

  4. Thank you very much FLSBushi for making such a briliant tutorial, I'm 43 and about to attempt to learn freeline skating, this vid has been most helpfull

  5. If you're into gnarly af downhill, steezy freeriding and all around good skating on both freelines and boards check out the vids on our channel. You wont be disappointed!

  6. you guys are awesome, your tutorials are the best i found on youtube, for me they've been extremely helpful. Despite the fact 8 years have passed since the last publication, i hope to see new video coming soon. Greetings from Italy

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