Hunter Equitation – Equitation Tips More than Putting Your Heels Down

Hunter Equitation – Equitation Tips More than Putting Your Heels Down

Hi there everybody and welcome to another video. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to improve your equitation and that’s more than just Keeping your heels down, so let’s get started If this is your first time here, and you like horses And you want to improve your equitation
and win more ribbons at your next horse show then subscribe to this channel just hit the subscribe button and the bell icon So you don’t miss anything. The purpose of this video is to explain to you that when you’re riding in the horse show it’s more than just your position that is being that comes across when you’re riding and to get More than just your position, more than just your head, eyes up, weight down in your heels, thumbs up knuckles to the outside to get that feeling you have to be Consistent with your riding so number one is you have to be consistent with your riding And that’s more than your heels are down. It means getting out there every day building a relationship with your horse and being Consistently to ride your horse, and it means that if you’re riding once we great high five for you with that But if you’re going up twice a week even better, three times a week, four times a week, That’s when the magic happens to ride consistently, and it doesn’t really help yourself Or your horse, if you ride once a week this week, and then next week You ride five times a week, and then the week after that you’re going away So you don’t ride at all and then the following week you ride once a week And then the next week you write three times a week I think you get the idea. You have to be consistent with your riding riding three days a week Regularly is better than riding five days a week this week And then missing a week and then riding two days a week and then six days a week the following week after Riding three days a week each and every week is better than doing it inconsistently So if you’re serious about your riding Make time put time in your schedule so that you can ride on a consistent basis now Tell me how many times how many days a week? Do you ride? Do you ride once a week great? Do you ride more than once a week great? Do you ride five days a week six days a week how many times a week? Do you ride put it down in the comments below? I’d love to hear how many days a week you ride Along with being consistent you have to have a plan. Having a plan when you’re riding is really important You have to know where you’re starting from and where are you going and how are you gonna get there? It’s kind of like driving and having a map to follow or the navigation system in your vehicle having a navigation system Having a road map helps you get to where you want to go without any hiccups also If you have a plan you know where you’re going wrong or you can take a side trip for example if I want to go Here to the next town. I know exactly where I’m going, but if I’m going somewhere new and I don’t know where it is I’m gonna need a map or somebody help me get there because I may want to veer off and go You know what? I’m gonna. Go see that Museum over there, or gee. There’s some nice horses over there I want to go see those too. I can go off get back on my way again Correctly and not lose my place So it’s important to have a plan and a route to follow now if you don’t have your own plan go in the description I’ve got a link so that you can download your own plan and your own Training plan so that you can you don’t get lost. The second thing is when you’re riding to be consistent So consistency is number one having a plan the consistency is also number two this means that when you’re riding to Be consistent within your riding and training program So as a very basic thing it means that if you get on your horse today And it moves and steps off a couple of steps while you’re mounting and you accept it Okay, but if the next time you go in to mount your horse, and you demand that you stand still That’s not being consistent. One time you said okay. It’s okay If you move away, and the next time you come in and you say well, it’s not cool if you move away So stand still. It’s far better that you be consistent with each and every time you ride your horse when I get on you’re gonna stand still you’re gonna stand still until I ask you to move on and Same thing when you’re riding. I’m gonna go into that corner I’m gonna ride into that corner, and you’re gonna ride into that corner consistently every time you ride Not just the times when your instructor says go into that corner You’ll have to do it every time even when your instructor or coach isn’t there. Be disciplined and consistent with your own riding be consistent with your horse so that they understand what it is that you want you’ll progress faster and be consistent with yourself so that you progress and achieve your results faster. The third thing is to be consistent in getting consistent help, and it may be as easy as getting a few pictures and sending them in to me so that you can get regular position correction review or Having somebody a friend come and help you out. Now I’d like to know Do you have a regular coach that comes in once a week twice a week? To give you riding lessons do you have a friend that you ride with put it down in the comments below I’d love to hear how many times a week you get right regular coaching regular riding lessons failing that if you have a couple photos hanging around send them in to me send them here the Emails down in the description And I’ll give you a position review kind of like the position reviews saying wrong side position Reviews just to click on that card And you can see the position reviews that we’ve done so there you have it three things besides keeping your heels down To make yourself a better rider one is Consistent riding two is being consistent within your riding and training and three getting consistent help if you have any questions about what we did or how to improve yourself or if you would like to send me some photos Please send them to me. I’d love to hear from you Thanks now

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  2. Being consistent is important, and a goal I am working on. πŸ™‚Two days a week I ride my horse Ethan, and then 1 day a week on a school horse for my lesson. Once the time changes, and the weather gets better, I will ride my horse at home 3 times a week, and lesson horse still one time a week. Thank you for your tips Laura, they are very helpful! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  3. I lesson 5-6 times a week! πŸ™‚ Just started the full lease and I'm loving the extra saddle time!

  4. I am starting to get into hunter now, I used to do eventing. My horse is a paint his name is Petey and I really need some help on my hunter position 😬 please and thank you

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