I caught a cloud on my paraglider … and took it home!

I caught a cloud on my paraglider … and took it home!

Have you ever wondered what’s up in that
cloud? What does it feel like? What does it look
like? Can we catch it? Let’s give it a try. I’m going to use my paraglider here, there’s
no engine, it’s just a harness and a paraglider wing.
And this little thing, called a vario. When it beeps, we’re going up. When it goes baaah
[down]. I’m going to try and circle and get up to
the cloud, and then we’re going to catch it.
Check this out. I got us a bag, I should be able to stick this out the side of my harness,
catch some cloud, and bring it back down, and we can see what happens.
Come with me, let’s check it out. Let’s go fly! What I’m trying to do while I’m cruising
around here is watch out for birds, I can see a bird there, and he’s gone through
some lifting air, because he didn’t flap and he went up, so I know there’s something
just ahead of me here, so if I fly out here … there we go, that’s something I can
use and I can turn in that. Thank you birdie! Round we go. If I’m lucky I can do a full
360 in this, and climb all the way around. It’s a long way to the clouds.
Oooh, we’re going down, quick find something! Oooh, that’s terrible. Sinking sinking sinking.
There must be lift somewhere here… Searching searching searching Aaah, that’s a nice feeling! Yeeehoo, that’ll
do! Woohoo, a bit sporty there. I’m about halfway
up to the cloud now, and I’m just trying to hold onto this thermal, I’m trying to
guess where it is really. I’m getting that beeping, I’m getting
that beeping, hmm m! OK, we’re almost up in the clouds, I’ve
been climbing here, I’ve just lost the climb I’m going to have to find it again, but
we’ve almost got it! That’s Brighton over there, and there’s
our little cloud. Come on cloud! I’m going to catch you!
Whoo, check at this view, look at this view! Come on, little cloud. I’m so close now I can almost touch the
cloud. I just can’t get that last little bit. I
need to get up to grab hold of it, I just can’t .. ughh, I just can’t get it now I’ve got up to the cloud, just on the edge of it Let’s see if we can catch some of it in
our bag. Whoo, it’s a bit rough here.
So I’ve got my bag, and I’m staying just on the edge of the cloud here so I can still
see where I’m going. Whoohoo, OK let’s catch a bit of this cloud
here. Go through this bit here. Whoohoo! I’ve got it in the bag! Let’s take it
back down. One cloud from Brighton.
My hands are freezing. I’ve been up quite a while trying to get up to the cloud. It
just wouldn’t let me get up the last little bit. But now I’ve got it! Ahaha, that was
so much fun! We’ve got it firmly attached, now I’ve
got to fly back, back to the car. My own little cloud in the bag.
I think it’s warmed up already, so the cloud has disappeared, because that’s what happens
when air warms up, the moisture evaporates and turns into water vapour, so the cloud’s
still in there, it’s just not cold enough. We’re going to take it home and put it in
the fridge, and see if we get our cloud back. It’s hiding in there.
Back down to earth … I’m gliding down now, it’s a beautiful afternoon, really
smooth air, the sun’s going down and man, what a view. So that’s the cloud where we came from. All the way over there, and we’re going
to land down here. So all we have to do now is go down and land. Touchdown! So I’ve still got my cloud here, it’s deflated a bit, but I think that’s
because the air pressure is higher down here, and up there there’s less air pressure,
so when I filled it up with air up there, if I bring that air down here, there’s more
pressure on it, and the balloon looks like it’s deflated.
So let’s take this home, and see if we can get our cloud back in the fridge.
What did I catch in here? Air. Where was I? Up there. I caught a cloud in there! No, you’re
joking. I caught a cloud in there! I knew it would have to be something silly. Greg! Job done, we have a seal. Hi honey, I’m home! I’ve got it back. I got it back! That’s the cloud from Brighton. What should we do
with the cloud? I think I’m going to set it free… Rain from Brighton. Doh!

100 thoughts on “I caught a cloud on my paraglider … and took it home!

  1. How did you film that? At first I thought it was a chase cam, but now I'm starting to think it was a camera on the end of an invisible stick. I would love to see a behind-the-scenes, how-it-was-made video!

  2. O.K. I'm about a minute in and he is about to answer a question my Dad couldn't answer when I was 4 years old. I'm hooked on this video.

  3. Are you using a 360 degree camera? I can't understand how the camera is flying along and viewing you from so many angles so close to you yet so far above the ground.

  4. HAHA!! This was my safety course instructor back in about 2002 for my paraglider licence upgrade!! UK and Flybubble so lucky to have him!! Nice Greg!! Jou mal hoender 🙂

  5. This captures the spirit of paragliding for me. I've never been the "race type" for any sports I do. It's more about curiosity and exploration for me.

  6. How high up were you? Trying to figure if a paraglider or the powered option would be better. AWESOME camera work as well.

    Really fun to watch during lunch at work..takes your mind off the mundane

  7. Hi there 😀 very good & well carried out. My wife has been asking me to get her a cloud so thanks to you I now know how to do it, thank you very much

  8. Very cool video. It actually encouraged me ones more to turn my skydiving passion (or at least a part of it) into a paragliding passion.

  9. Lots of love for you, for bringing the cloud to home 🙂 Now I can go to sleep peacefully 🙂 .. See you tomorrow friend.. 🙂

  10. I rarely comment on videos however, I just wanted to say you definitely should create more videos like that. Great work.

  11. No really..I looked again like 5 times and I can't see where his cameras are mounted..😕 Especially the one from behind and the one up above him..? I need answers..!!

  12. No one will believe me but I went inside a cloud when I went on a trip to North Carolina I was on a mountain and a cloud was not as high as the others were so I was able to go in it I’m on a trip to North Carolina right now and I’ll try to catch a cloud

  13. Greg, you're a spinner. 🙂

    Thank you so much for a quirky, fun-filled, well-filmed piece of inanity. Aside from the general playfulness, some of the wide-angle photography is outstanding. I really enjoyed this! If I ever make it to your part of the world, I'll buy you a beer.

    "I met a piece of sky dancing" – a child's description of encountering a butterfly.

  14. Hola! me encantaría que grabareis un video con el comportamiento SIV del OMEGA Xalps 3… espero vuestro video con muchas ganas. felices vuelos

  15. Probably the most creative Paraglider video i saw in a while. Thumbs up for the idea !

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