I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**

I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**

i don’t think I’m ready for this man. I don’t think you guys are ready as well because as you can see by the title. We are filling my swimming pool with the giant snakes, so yeah. I figured it was time for another one of those super crazy Faze Rug videos. Something never done before I think I tried searching this up and I don’t think anyone’s ever done this. OOOOHHHH my god guys, just to let you know I have a huge fear of snakes. I think snakes are my biggest fear! Anyways, what is up guys!!! How’s everybody doing today? Welcome back to a brand new video I hope you are all having a fantastic day as always and if you are new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button Because you never know what’s gonna pop up in your sub box. Maybe I might fill my full-up with snakes alligators didn’t think anything was gonna top the alligators, but I think this video right here will so as you can see right now. We are draining some of the water from our pool. I think we’re gonna get it to like the halfway mark. So the snakes don’t like slither out of course and we are gonna make this happen. You guys want to know the crazy thing about this my boy Jay the reptile man as you guys may know him he always comes and does these like cool cool reptile videos with me and he’s the one that brought the alligators and I asked him what kind of snakes he’s bringing and he said he’s bringing 12 snakes and I’m like Oh cool 12 small snakes swimming around in the pool. Two of those snakes are anacondas. Now if you guys don’t know what anacondas are I think they’re one of the world’s biggest snakes ever. Anacondas in my pool There’s gonna be two anacondas in my pool, man. I cannot believe that guys I want to see how many likes we could break on this video. Like I said, I didn’t think we could ever top the alligator video. But this might actually do it so I know the RUGRATS are strong. Let’s see if we could smash 200,000 likes and real quick before the snakes get here. (Hey another rugrat here so lets get 500,000 likes 🙂 ) I just want to let you guys know that the snakes that he’s bringing have been in the same vicinity. They are not gonna attack each other. We actually had this plan for like three weeks now. We just had to wait for the right time such as weather conditions. The weather is beautiful here, finally it’s been way too hot to bring the snakes cuz I’ve been wanting to do this. Like I said like three weeks ago. We have to wait for the chlorine to get out of the pool. It’s been about two weeks since we put chlorine which is why the water looks a little dirty. But there can be chlorine in the pool with the snakes. So, of course no matter how much I’m scared of snakes we obviously care for their safety. So that comes first I still can’t believe it. I still cannot believe I’m doing this but oh my god, I’ve been talking for so long. I know the reason why I clicked on this video was for the snakes. So we are gonna wait for the snakes to get here. I hope you guys enjoy guys Look who just pulled up to my house is my boy Jay and he got a trunkful. Oh Tahoe Full of the rim! laughter I’m scared. I love snakes and all but I’m actually scared. How much do you weigh. How much do you weigh. 115 okay. Well we have we have one of those double him. Oh my god, is it literally weight TC of all this is gonna be epic So we broke the internet with the alligators in the pool bugs. We’re gonna bust it better than this one Yeah, for sure. This one is gonna break the internet even Maureen likes do we get last night Oh like 207. Okay, guys, you got a beat that last yeah You guys have to be Do it guys If you don’t know who Jay is he is my main man for reptiles if you want to explain what you do on your channel because I watch a bunch of your Videos and they’re super entertaining so Rugrats. You already know what to do. Yep We appreciate all you Rugrats by the way So basically what we do is we got we we pull snake eggs from mothers that are striking at us we hatched All kinds of world’s first. It’s all I have a reptile zoo. Yep So if you guys want to go to his channel and hit that subscribe button Show him how strong the Rugrats are and his videos are really entertaining. It’s like Animal Planet but like live Animals you already know what to do. So now it’s time to unload the snake We’re gonna go hang it make this happen Okay guys, so my mom just took a peek inside of that thing right there Are you okay? Are you okay? Wait, can I see them real quick? Okay. I’ll take a quick peek Um, not really if my mom is freaking out like that. I don’t know this I stepped it up for you guys He always goes above and beyond I swear Man exactly Yeah, I love when people say how faithful the Rugrats are like everyone knows how strong my fan base I think I love you guys there call a rat pack for a reason exactly. Okay guys I have a special guest here who actually offered that she would swim in the mouth with the snake So I’m like Molly come through like, thank you Like you’re gonna hold the GoPro and stuff and get the like underwater biggest lawyer ever. I never said that, okay Wait, hold on. Do you want a peek at like the big snakes real quick? Like they’re secured but like you want to Yeah, okay it so basically when I was a really really little girl I almost got bit by rattlesnake and it was really rattlesnake Okay. See those are venomous what he has our known venom Okay, but like I have this phobia of snakes like for you – no – just Molly you’re scared of snakes Like ireally I almost got bit by one when I was a really little girl I can’t well there’s the coolness Sometimes people actually don’t freak out about the big ones as much you might the beginning who I’m ready. Don’t scream don’t scream Molly Okay, I’m ready. It’s a pretty good. Wait. What if they like snap at you? Okay. Whoa, no No, you’re lying Wait, you’re actually lying No, no, no because it’s moving it’s moving No way guys one of the snakes like pop the top open what Yeah the rug resident Okay snakes Lots of snack. That’s pretty cool Molly Hey, don’t freak out. Are you freaked out the snakes? Okay, I think it’s time To unload them in the pool Oh, yeah, I forgot. You told me that these ones that you showed us We’re not even be anacondas and I think I got my facts wrong I said in the beginning anacondas are the world’s largest, but I don’t The anacondas I thought don’t get us big they’re yellow anacondas green anacondas are known to be one of the largest whole guy Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world hands down. Okay, so we brought both two of them. I’m just scared Okay, like I said, I have a dentist appointment right now So like I don’t know like I think we might have to reschedule this for another time. So I’ll see you guys Thank you for everything. I appreciate it Molly. You had a hair appointment you said? Yeah, okay. Oh That’s considered not the big one Guys, this is the little ones that he brought. Oh my goodness Look at it. Oh My god Explore Wait, what if it cools? No, I’m sure could Oh my God, look at that one, it’s darker. These are like the small ones. He said I Don’t know I don’t know I’m scared. Oh my god, is it coming out? Stop are you actually serious? Wait, I’m kind of scared it screws it around Oh my gosh, wait, wait, they will wait that long ago it crawled out. You have to go get it. No No guys I Cannot believe this I can’t believe those guys think about your biggest fear right in front of your eyes, and there’s so many of them Look at that like I’m at a loose count of how many are gonna be in the pool I just keep watching my legs. This is insane guys once all the snakes are in the pool We’re gonna get that GoPro point of view from underwater Oh, they’re peeking their heads out. If my mom saw this. She’s gonna cry wait, JJ these need alligators crocodiles. You’re lying you’re lying These are literally live in the water, oh my God, look at how it slithers in there guys look This is really creepy guys, look at this guy right here. All right guys, it is time for the grand finale. Oh no Holding one of these bad boys About that like I said dentist appointment very soon This is insane why this video you guys have pound the white key just so you can see the next ring Yes, and guys once this one is in the pool. We’re gonna get the GoPro point of view from underwater. Okay? Here we go. Oh My god, no, please don’t get out of the water. Oh my gosh Oh my god, guys Let’s take the big cross. Oh, he’s literally in the water right now. This is something I cannot do. Oh my god Holy cow Whoo, that’s insane. Oh my god Wow Guys listen to them hissing That’s insane Oh Jay full-on outfit in the deep end. Whoa guys. This is insane. Oh Hey guys, sorry for interrupting the video Bye do have to give you guys a quick little warning the next clip contains a snake pooping and I had no idea that their poop looked like this and I just want to warn you guys because it is one of The most disgusting things I have ever seen. We got it up close and personal So if you’re eating right now, I suggest you stop eating or skip this part so I’m about to show it in three two one Guys I’m absolutely terrified. This is actually crazy Guys look who decided to show up the guy with the actual biggest fear of snakes I’m kind of used to them by now Like look I’ll get I won’t pet one but I’ll get closer than I did throughout the whole entire video Pop a rug is about to get in the water with all the snakes. I cannot believe that Actually can’t believe this no no Dad let’s go you got this Dad that’s an anaconda behind you by the way behind you Since I didn’t do it guys you stopped to give this video a thumbs up dad That’s actually crazy That you’re insane guys you have to smash that like button for Jake just getting in the water and doing what he did man 250,000 likes you think I could do it. I know you’re gonna do exactly Okay, Jay. Let’s end the video right now guys. I hope you all did enjoy snakes in a pool I think there was like 12 I underestimated how big each one was gonna be Yeah, I’ve got a plans for baby a bigger when we hit that big guy. Hey 250,000 likes we have something planned we’ve been talking about but don’t tell them exactly exactly guys I’m gonna need you all to go and check out Jay Z Tube channel Hit that subscribe button. Show them how powerful the Rugrats are you think I think TV style baby link in the description. This wouldn’t have been possible for was it for him? Yeah Honestly, thank you so much thank you for cooperating and Yeah. All right, great. Hope you guys all the grades today. Listen, that’s been a rug Jay prehistoric pitch TV guys. Peace out. Oh, yeah, by the way shout out for the help one Thank you so much for the help man. You’re awesome. I appreciate it. Yeah, guys. Peace out

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  5. Sick bastards abusing animals – you need to be jailed, preferably in a cell filled with pythons or rattlenskes. Thumbs down – as far down as possible. Jay, the reptile guy is the sickest of all of you. He should be offed by his own snakes!

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