I GOT A GIMBAL!!! Zhiyun Rider-M – First Ride – Set up & Impressions | Jordan Boostmaster

I GOT A GIMBAL!!! Zhiyun Rider-M – First Ride – Set up & Impressions | Jordan Boostmaster

So you guys I finally got myself a gimbal So this is from Zhiyun-Tech it’s called the Zhiyun Rider-M Zhiyun-Tech was kind enough to send me their Rider-M gimbal I know I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never I guess. I can definitely understand the importance of having nice stable footage But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the importance of getting a proper feel of the trail Let’s just say there’s a reason why I was so late to get a gimbal So I asked them to send me the hero 5 version It’s just a different mount really just so I can fit the hero 5 on it because I really wanted to use the hero 5 camera for the footage and I want to use my Sennheiser Mic with the hero 4 so that’s why I really want to use me hero 5 with the gimbal Now most people use this gimbal with the hero 4 because it does tend to balance better The Hero 5 is definitely a heavier camera so as you can see I put some coins there $2 New zealand coin and a 10-cent Canadian dime and I feel like that actually works quite Well for balancing it, so that doesn’t cause issues when you do jumps and do big impacts like that Now one of the problems that people have encountered with the hero 5 is that the hero 5 is a heavier camera, and the motors on the gimbal can’t handle the extra weight when there’s Impacts like say landing a jump and stuff So I’ve heard of a number of people who just could not use the gimbal at all with the Hero 5, they either returned the Gimbal or just went to using it with the hero 4 instead But I was determined to find a way of making it work, basically It’s about 12 grams worth of weight And you can see that it balances a lot better and of course while using in the real world on Mountain bike trails and landing Jumps and drops, it actually works perfectly almost, so I’m very happy with that method ouch So there weren’t exactly instructions for how to best mount the gimbal for Mountain biking Basically there seems to be about two simple ways of mounting it to your chest cam You could have the gimbal more upright or you could have it a bit lower down But the lower down option doesn’t work for pretty obvious reasons So I have to set it upright like this Now there are three modes when using this gimbal. There’s the pan following mode the locking mode and the following mode The following mode locks the tilt axis, but enables the pan and the roll axis So you can look up and down in side to side. I was kind of hoping to be able to use this for the mountain biking because I want the camera to follow me as I go up and down the terrain but unfortunately that just doesn’t really work because you’d kind of need to have your gimbal to be set on a Horizontal level while you’re in your riding position. Which is not really possible The locking mode just fixes the camera in One direction now in the context of Mountain biking There’s not really any use of this at all.
And then there’s Pan-Following mode and this is the mode that everyone uses when they do their mountain bike footage Now with all that figured out, let’s go on my first mountain bike ride with the gimbal. Let’s do this Not too familiar with how much to angle the camera down so I don’t know I guess we’ll just try this Whoa, okay trying not to hit my hero 4 on the Helmet here So I’m switching a little bit between my helmet-cam and the chest, hopefully you can see a bit of a difference between What no stabilization looks like on my helmet, along with the gimbal stabilization Whoa, my rear brakes are weird. Oh frick Dry berms, I’m quite happy with how the camera follows me through all these berms and through all the turns I think it keeps up with me very well And I’m very happy with that. That was a bit of a worry of mine when I got this gimbal There’s a lot of times when I’d watch other people’s footage And I would notice that the camera was kind of delayed When doing corners and so that’s something that I was kind of worried about with my own footage, but thankfully it actually works quite well I really hope this gopro angle is good Now I really love the battery life of this gimbal It lasts so long like all day long, like you do not run out of batteries plus They even gave you an extra pair of batteries One thing that I’m not too thrilled about is the little Piece that connects the gimbal itself to your chest cam mount it just has a very small screw It doesn’t go in very deep into the gimbal so it just doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as it could be It hasn’t really produced any problems, but it just would give me a little bit more confidence if I had a bit of a longer screw Now one thing I always did with all my other gopro mounts including my chest cam is I would make markings on the Plastic of the Gopro housing as well as on the J-mount hook so that I would always know what angle to put the camera To but with the gimbal when you turn it on it, always goes to perfectly horizontal And then you have to always manually set it to a downward angle that will be appropriate for your riding but I don’t always know what is the appropriate angle and How can I recreate that same angle? Well if you’re like me, and you’re a total perfectionist, And you also love to hack your way into creating the best results possible Here’s what I did So I did one long marking across the top and then I did another Marking 90 degrees down and then what I wanted to do is put about ten markings in between each of those lines The main point behind this is really just so that you can get a frame of reference for how much to angle the camera Adjust my camera to either the second line third Line fourth line And just always remember that those are the lines that I always will move it to After some practice of using the camera I can figure out what kind of angle I’ll always use and I’ll always be able to recreate that same angle Gimbals are tools for filmmakers to better achieve what we want to capture. Now one thing I really appreciate about the Rider-M is the settings that are available through the app. Actually one of the first things I did when I got the gimbal was to open up the app and then set the following speeds to the Fastest possible setting and I adjusted the other settings like smoothness accordingly I want my camera to follow me through the turns as fast as possible with minimal delay I really appreciate how the app has all these different settings allowing you to adjust the following rate for the pitch, roll, and pan axis and as well as the degree of smoothness. You can even adjust the sensitivity where it won’t even start to stabilize anything until you move it a certain amount You can adjust it from zero So it’s always active 100% of the time or even Up to 30 degrees where it won’t even activate any stability until you move it 30 degrees. As a filmmaker, I absolutely love those options they are the best thing ever, it gives me control over what I create and that’s what I need as a filmmaker and So that means there always has to be options, options, options, and so I very much appreciate the Options that Zhiyun-Tech has put into this and I really do hope that there can be even more options in the future with even faster following rates I would love it to be even more active and precise where it can just follow you so quickly Because the whole point behind a gimbal is just simply to stabilize your footage, that’s it. I watched a lot of reviews about Gimbal’s all the different kinds of gimbal’s and just trying to figure out as much as I could about these gimbals and how they worked but I’ve never actually seen a review where they actually addressed all the settings that you could actually control in the App, or even the fact that you could even control any settings! That’s something that I really Really wish I knew about. If I had known that I had all these options in the settings I honestly would have been looking into gimbals a lot sooner, but nobody seemed to talk about it Which is very strange to me. so I do think that gimbal technology is still quite new and I think that there’s a lot of improving to do actually but I Do have to say I’m actually quite happy. I’m excited to show you guys all my new footage I look forward to your feedback I’d love to hear what you guys think. Next week’s video will be at the opening day of the big white Bike park They just finally made a Bike Park it just opened earlier in august as well as all my whistler videos I just when the Crankworx Just came back from Crankworx and have a lot’s of gopro content from there as well. So stay tuned

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  1. Hey man, I'm pretty sure I saw you up at Crankworx on Friday but didn't want to be a pest by bugging you haha. What was the name of the trail that you rode in this vid because I'm so keen to check it out. Keep the awesome footage coming!

  2. And here I am with a half edited video covering all those settings on the RiderM… maybe I'll save it for the winter or something haha. I'm glad to see someone else nerds out on this stuff as much as I do! I even put the markings on the side of mine just like yours, although I used tape. I wonder if the EVO SS comes similar control through their own app (or a reskinned one). Great footage man — I'm looking forward to seeing more! Cheers

  3. Jordan do you have the Hero 5's stabilization mode turned on also while using the gimble? If so have you tried with that mode off as well? Im thinking if the gimble takes away the need for it then the footage might be even clearer, because that mode kinda distorts things sometimes, especially in superview.

  4. Awesome riding! I think the gimbal makes it more clear on how great you ride. As far as how hard the terrain is, I can see it on the movement/shaking of your arms hands and handlebar. Keep it up. Will definitely follow your videos now..(now that it doesn't make me dizzy..hehe)

  5. Funny about the app, i had the app a long time ago and it offered none of those adjustments! I deleted and never considered downloading it again.

  6. hey, i got the same gimbal and it broke literally one day after the warranty expired, 1 month. i would not recommend this gimbal. return it and get something better. dont cheap out on gimbals.

  7. Maybe the next version of the gimbal can have those markings made at the factory. It seems like such an obvious usability feature.

  8. Omg ive had this gimbal for a little while now and had no idea about the settings! You are amazing dude! Can you explain a little more about what settings are ideal to get the gimbal to capture the best footage while riding?

  9. It's impressive how different the sensation of speed is just by getting the camera that much lower to the ground! Nice.

  10. Go the NZ coin! Your videos were the smoothest gimbaless footage I'd seen anyway, but the gimbal certainly makes you seem faster. Looking forward to the new vids!

  11. Gimbals' performance in turns is one of the biggest reasons I did not get one either. I also think it looks a little too smooth sometimes. That's why I went with the Sony FDR-X3000. That said, I really like how your's works in the turns. There's almost no lag! And it works great on the jumps too. Thank you for taking the time to show us the available settings for the gimbal.

  12. I always found it amazing how stable your helmet cam was, but this is just just awesome. With both angles to choose from, I can tell things are going to get interesting here. More is better. By the way, I bought an aluminum mount for mine on Amazon and it feels a lot sturdier than the crappy one it comes with.

  13. Really nice review. I also fall in love with this gimbal. I mostly use liniar view for the GoPro because this give me a more cinematic look with Mountain biking. But I also drive not that fast as you 😉 Keep up the nice video's

  14. The view with the new gimbol looks sweet, i ride alot of enduro type trails, does this setup add a heap of weight to the chesty and does it clash with the stem/bars on jumps etc? Keep up the good work and keep the clips coming 😎

  15. Just a personal preference, but to me, there wasn't a second of video from the helmet cam that was anywhere near the experience of the gimbal footage. I was VERY disappointed in the last few Claudio DH previews when he stopped using a gimbal for some reason. As a person who is very susceptible to motion sickness, the gimbals are about the only thing that makes watching the videos feasible…even my own!

    One question: It was unclear about the mic situation. Were you saying that you are now using the Sennheiser mic with the Hero 5, or still running it on the Hero 4 that's on your helmet? I'm using the Session 4 with a Feiyu tech gimbal, and it's time to step up in quality. I'm trying to line up what's working, and I'm wondering what advantages you see with the Hero 5, and if the sound is bad…why not use the 4?

  16. The angle is perfect! great video! also this was really informative and i love that. Ill watch this video again and show it to my buddy. we're thinking about doing some videos.

  17. Thanks mate! Hands down the best review. I didn't remember to use phone app to make better settings. I did now and so much better operation. I adjusted all the sliders to max speed and I also made coins tweak. Thanks a lot! I need to do testing though. I agree about the very bad sound quality! I found a way to go around the problem. I use band notch filters in the video edit for the sound. I usually add two filters: one is about 500Hz and the other one is about 1.5KHz. You can use Audacity or similar program to analyze the Spectrum of the sound. See this tutorial.. https://youtu.be/bvlq_0jd5dc and what you have to do is just search spike frequencies in your video sound and "clean" it 🙂 You can't clean the bad whining or motor noise totally but it will be less annoying.

  18. Just got that gimbal thanks to your vid!!. Would 2 u.s. quarters work for weight? Is it more or less than 12 grams?? Also, what settings do you use for speed of tracking I'm taking this to a downhill park and don't have time to play with it first! Can the gimbal be used on that helmet GoPole??
    You're awesome

  19. I recently got my hands on the Evo SS gimbal, which is the same one as the Rider-M. I was having similar issues with the balancing and audio on the Hero 5 but managed to fix them mostly if not completely. Check out my recent upload at Mammoth Bike Park. Good video dude, cheers.

  20. hey Jordan, have you ever thought of putting a lens hood on your gopro?
    Because I noticed that at 4:15 in the video, the sunlight flashes thru the trees and blinds the camera. I think putting some sort of lens hood on your gopro would maybe stop this from happening! Happy Riding!

  21. What are the settings you use? My gimbal just wont follow through the turns and I've turned all the follow rates as high as they will go.

  22. Awesome work and thanks for addressing that there is options to such a gimbal to adjust various functions and i totally agree with you that it is awesome to have such options available and that it does help individuals more so be able to want to try such a gimbal if being able to have such options available to use. Seriously thanks and i haven't tried a gimbal yet and i may in the future try one and because of you it may be this gimbal that you mentioned as it seems like i may enjoy trying that one since there is such options. I may try another one,but you certainly help with wanting to try one which you mentioning such features that i mean is a huge part of why. Again awesome work and keep aiming for success and i hope you have a amazing life ahead. Sincerely,Michael

  23. here's an idea !

    cut out a little black piece of plastic and stick it on top of the len as a sun visor/hood
    … gets rid of those sun flares!

  24. Hey Jordan, really found this helpful. I like that you highlighted the gimbals settings via the app – first review I have seen to do so. I have a Feiyu WG and it’s slow to follow so will replace soon with one of these.How have you found it’s robustness?
    Also, if anyone needs $2 New Zealand coins I can supply these for $5 😛

  25. Yesterday I received my Rider-M. To my surprise, I noticed that it vibrates like a vibrator when I start it. Will they do that, or is there anything wrong with my gimbal? I have not received my action camera yet, so I have not been able to test it with a little weight. My smooth-q does not vibrate, and I realize that it's going to be very boring movies if gimbalen is going to vibrate? Correct me if I am wrong.

  26. What setting do you use for smoothness? Too low and it oscillates. I have it at 200 since that is the max and seems best to max that out too with the speed at 120deg/sec. However maybe 150 like I saw in this video looks better?

  27. Love the vid! How are you getting the gimbal to stay so steady on your chest? I've got the EVO SS (same exact gimbal) and the weight of the gimbal and go pro on the chesty's elastic straps really cause the gimbal to bounce during chunk and hits; it doesn't look good at all. Thanks, and keep it coming!

  28. Awesome as always. I am using it with the Hero 5 Session and as I am currently in NZ the 2 Dollars tip came pretty handy as also the 5 session seemscto be heavy. Hiw did you solve the audio Problem? As I have the same with my 5 session

  29. I bought this gimbal because of your video and im more than happy with it. Now i finally can make some professional cinematic gopro films.

  30. Gimbals are just magic for POV Footage. I love your counterweight Hack. I created a hack so you never have to swap batteries again. Ride all day long, power the gimbal and the gopro with ONE battery. Check it out #BatteryPackSuperHack

  31. I only just came across this video – super helpful as I contemplate setting up a chest mounted camera system. Cheers and thumbs up 🙂

  32. Quick question, can you put the gimbal on a bike helmet strap?? Because on the bottom of the gimbal, it only has a hole for the screw, but how would it mount?

  33. Well dude I came for the gimbal but figured out how mountain biking is so much fun. I really like to try if I ever find any chance to do. Thnx for the great run 👍

  34. Hey Jordan – so what are your go-to chest mounted gimbal settings when riding? I've been incredibly frustrated with my Rider M before I read tonight that I needed to roll back to firmware 1.50 to get rid of the epileptic behavior. I'm now keen to get this thing working optimally and would appreciate any tips on the settings.

  35. A couple of questions and I hope I am not asking what someone else has,
    a) With your Hero4, when you said no stabilization, was that with or without the amera's own stabilization on?
    b) Have you tried using the Hero5 with GoPro's wind sock with the gimbal – the foam WindScreamer I think it's called?

  36. Thanks so much for this video Jordan, I've had the gimbal for a while now and this helped me set it up for our MTB trip to Northern Italy!! Finally got it working after watching this! Keep rockin it man!! 👊

  37. Got one at a great price and I'm headed out this weekend with it. Love the trick with the marks. I'll do baseline footage before I start to mess with the app and the settings.

  38. Hey dude,
    I got myself one of these gimbals based on your review, but would love to know what you've found to be the best settings, i.e., roll, pitch, etc. A comprehensive list for all would be great.
    Love you're videos and sending you much love from Australia <3

  39. Cool! Great angle setting hack! I will certainly be using it, thank you! The weights also! By the way, you are an amazing mountain biker. Glad you've got such a great trail near your house.

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