Do you want to see something crazy? What? You’re crazy! What is it for? -woa
– 3 x 55mm ? You’ll send us a message in the hospital okay? -Do you want to see something crazy?
-yes! So, it’s a new concept A new category of inline skates x) … You can take them in my bag wow! I’m seeing the wheels! -woa!
– 3 x 55 mm ? – 3 x 58 mm ! -What do you think is gonna happen?
-It’s gonna be a good leg workout! yeah, probably! x) -What are you going to do with the footage?
-YouTube! 🙂 Come here! lemme show you something! 🙂 What do you think? You’re crazy! You’re really crazy! What is it for? -I don’t know, I just wanted to test x) ! You won’t be able to do anything with that! I’ll be trying this in a triskate configuration, and a banana rocker! -And these wheels are brand new?!
-yeah! …spent 40 bucks for that You’re crazy dude! -it’s cool! You’ll send us a text message from the Hospital! I’m a misunderstood artist! … :’) – A little bit yeah! Do you like your new skates? -yes! still dealing with fresh new wheels! ( too much grip) -WHO WANTS KINDER CHOCOLATE? -Who brang chocolate?
-Me! 🙂 -You rock dude! I don’t know your name, but you rock dude! My name’s Tiago 🙂


  1. You hanging out with your friends in a parking lot (which is such a great idea to skate!) seems like so much fun! 😁 so nice

  2. I loved the “misunderstood artist”. As a Canadian, it sounds very Parisian to try and be breaking norms and try what most would think as “crazy”. But on a more technical side, aside from powerslide and rollerblade (from what I’ve seen), larger wheels don’t get as much love or development. Or maybe this is simply marketing or my own choices of what to watch as an aggressive blader.

  3. Have you ever got a rock stuck between your wheels? Seems like with all that space between the wheels you wouldn't have to worry at all about it. Or may be I'm just paranoid.

    And when you said you're not fast enough. In your defence you are holding a camera.

  4. Это все хня… вот поставили бы на агрессивы колеса от беговых роликов – было бы круто…

  5. It looks so nice that you have a community of skaters there. I should move to a big city myself ._.
    I feel like inline skating is such a niche sport.

  6. Hello! I'm an American whojust fell in love again with skating! Thank you tiago!!! I found an old pair of aggressives and have been doing everything in them (except the aggressive part how funny right?) Like going around town and playing hockey on 56mm's. I think the differences between wheels is a bigger deal in our head than in reality! Like how you didn't notice the flat profile much! Wheels are wheels!

  7. Please help! I need help finding where to buy good skates in america! So i can test them out in person and not do the online switcharoo forever! I live in Denver, Co. HELP ME PLEASE! "I'm melting, oh what a world…"

  8. J'avais découvert ta chaîne ya un petit moment, c'est cool de t'avoir croisé ce soir la 🙂 si jamais tu sais pas quoi en faire de tes roues street maintenant je suis preneur :p sympas le concept CRAZY RIDER ^^

  9. I just started inline skating a few weeks ago and I watch all your videos for advice! thanks, Tiago! I wish I had a crew like yours. No one inline skates on this side of the world anymore!!

  10. It is funny! I think it is not gonna work outdoor rough roads. Try to skate on pebble stone paved roads.🤣🤣🤣
    Can you share the skating locations in Paris?

  11. Poor man's triskate, i like it.

    On the super smooth garage-surface it semmed to not really make a big difference, but's that's just what i expect from a small wheel setup! The advantage of bigger wheels becomes bigger the worse the road is! Same principal as in the mtb 26, 27,5, 29 discussion, but on a smaller scale!

    I like your effort to try something ridiculous, it was good fun! Not a misunderstood artist for me <3

  12. Hi Tiago. It would be interesting to see if you tried that 3x58mm setup outside on the streets. I suspect that it would be very trip prone on tiniest obstacles, unskateable. What do you thing? I tried 3x84mm on 3×100 trinity frame and I was tripping a lot. But I suspect now that 3×100 frame might have been too short for my height .

  13. Haha, that guy's first thought was the same as mine, "WTF are they brand new?? Like, you spent real money on the experiment?😅"No, seriously, cool and very interesting to watch. You never fail on making entertaining vids for us 😊

  14. I'm jealouuuuus! This garage is so huge! 😀 We only have 1-car garages so this wouldn't be the best place to train XD
    Also very very nice work on this video! Thank you for putting in the subtitles, I know this takes quite a while 😀

  15. The parking garage is a brilliant location. I am currently waiting for the snow to melt so the new season can start for me, but I could use that right now, thanks <3

  16. I've just begun may scating a days ago february 18 2018, i bougth one of mine and it was a plastic rollers. Its maybe good for a leg workout. Soon i got myself a good one. Because i have to save money first before i buy huhuhu.
    Maybe you have a extra scates please send me one heres my number. 0542739285
    Or my email [email protected] thank you.

  17. je viens voir ta vidéo, dis moi comment vous faites pour avoir un parking et faire ce genre de session? je trouve ça grave cool

  18. J y avais pensé de metre des plus petites roues sur mes k2 sodo hier puis j ai vue ta video et la tu m as donner encore plus envie xD le plus épatant c ezt la connaisidence de voir ton vid a l instant😂

  19. Je suis curieux de savoir où trouver un partir aussi tranquille pour s"amuser. Surtout par temps de pluie par exemple.

  20. Salut ce serait possible de savoir c'est quel parking ? Que je passe vous voir ?!!!
    A bientôt j'espère !

  21. Reactions made no sense, they aren't going to be much different than putting on a pair of aggressive inlines. It looks strange but that is about it.

  22. Looks like a pretty ideal skating surface for aggressive wheels, actually. What's a crazier idea is what I tried to do the other day… Skating a forest path with a bunch of debris on the ground with aggressive skates… Now that was dumb.

  23. Ahh it is fantastic!! I want the same friendly comunity there! Iam maybe gona to visit France just cos of that and also that perfect parking space!!

  24. Thank you for getting me back into skating man! I have always loved it and its been about 15 years since I last rode seriously, now I am getting back into it and I LOVE IT!

  25. Salut Tiago! this is a really interesting video, I have been inline skating for five years now but here in Colombia (latin america) are but a few groups of skaters like that, i wish there were more. I love your videos they are very instructive, I have learned a lot. And you gotta thank that resistant frames you got that your experiment went so well. Keep up the good work!!! touché!

  26. But do you feel more control? I am currently learning inline skate with a triskate 110mm wheels, been watching youtube videos for beginner skaters, and hearing that for beginner it's recommended to use smaller wheels, because it is closer to the ground it is easier to control.
    My progress is now in the first week and I managed to take few steps forward, lol, maybe getting smaller wheels will help me learn faster?
    I think the biggest problem with learning inline skate is finding a wide flat no traffic hardened floor.

  27. That would be the most ideal surface to test them on too, it's just like a new skatepark! You may of even had an advantage? 😜

  28. Tiago hi i really like your videos . I have a problem i just bought inline skates and i think the pvc wheels don't help ne much is there anything i can do to kepp balance and learn cause i really want to join inline skating this year

  29. I'm really surprised the wheels behaved that well on that frame. It would be really interesting to see what a big wheel with the same durometer did. Sadly we may never know unless someone at a wheel company gets really bored.

  30. So I've had this brilliant idea that I would love to put together. Some low ankle cut speed skate boots but with short in height and length aggressive skate frames. Are there UFS speed skate boots?

  31. If this was in a parking lot in my city, we would get yelled at by a fat security guard in a golf cart. Chocolate and skating bring the people together!!

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