I Tried Running On Ice In Heels Like Elsa In Frozen

I Tried Running On Ice In Heels Like Elsa In Frozen

(clicking) – Don’t fall! Don’t die! Oh my god! (screaming) Have you ever seen Frozen? – Mm-hmm. – Well, I’m still gonna recap it anyway. Sorry. Elsa is having this beautiful coronation. Her sister is all like, oh my
god, I met a really hot man! And he’s all like, let’s get married! I’ve known you for a day! And Elsa’s like, what
the hell, I’m leaving. And she’s like ice
shooting out of her hand. The fountain: ice! And all the people in the town
are like, you’re a monster! And then she’s like, ya know what? I can’t (bleep) take this anymore because someone just called me a monster and that is (bleep) rude. The only way out is a lake. She takes one little step and bam! The lake turns to ice! She full speed runs across a
lake in her little loafies– That’s loafers for those not in the know. Every step she takes, it’s like ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice and she just runs with her
cape flowing in the wind. And then Anna takes one step
and she’s like– (grunts) She can’t even take one
(bleep) step on the ice. – Pathetic.
– Pathetic. Later in the movie she takes it to the next level and puts on little heels. So what we need to test today is, whether or not you can run
on ice in loafers and heels. – I feel like I wanna do this. I’m a really big Frozen fan. – You wanna run on ice? – I do. – Why? – I mean, I just wanna be Elsa. – Yeah, I mean, she’s cool. Oh my god, it is so cold in here! – What? – It’s snowing. – [Selorm] I guess… – So, sir, who are you? – My name is Nick Uhas and
I’m a science YouTuber. – Ooh professional.
– Aah. – So how is ice formed exactly? – You need what is known
as a nucleation site. Like, a piece of dust
or a hair, or whatever, or somebody touches the water, ice crystals will actually begin to form around that nucleation site and it’ll proliferate outwards from that area. – So, when Elsa puts her foot on the water and then it turns to ice,
you’re saying that’s real? That could happen? – It could happen, but
under some crazy conditions! – We’re ready for the crazy conditions. – Okay, she shoots magic out of her hand. So let’s just say, for
example, in this universe, her feet can get to the
temperature of absolute zero. – So her foot is a frozen piece of ice? – So, kind… – [Chrissy] She has a dead foot? – [Selorm] Like freeze dried foot? – She has a freeze dried foot? – More like, her foot, by
stepping onto the water is actually sucking up the energy and force freezing the
water where her foot is, thus creating the nucleation site. Thus proliferating the ice. It’s possible. (laughs) – Basically, to sum it up,
she could probably do it. – I mean yeah, basically, that’s like… Yeah, that’s… That’s pretty much what it is, yeah. – I’m a visual person and I need to like, see some (bleep) evidence that
what you’re saying is real. So…
– Well, you’re in luck. Because we have an experiment that actually shows instant ice. – Whoa.
– Ooh, I like experiments. – And anybody can do this at home. You get purified or distilled water. Put it in your freezer for around two hours and 30 minutes or so. Strike it with your hand, and then that creates the nucleation site and proliferates the ice
right through the bottle. You can actually see the
ice being formed instantly. – Whoa. – Oh! (screams) Oh my god, look! – Whoa!
– What? – [Selorm] You’re Elsa! – Right? That’s just exactly what it looks like. – Try that one too before it goes. (thud) – [Chrissy] Ow. – [Nick] There it goes! (Selorm screaming) It’s going all the way down! You’re magic!
– I’m magic! – I’ve eaten (bleep) so many times on ice. Why is it so slippery? – [Nick] Ice is liquid on the outisde. – Mm-hmm.
– So the coefficient friction is less, so it’s slippery on that surface. It is exchanging back and forth between the solid phase and liquid phase. – Oh, the ice is confused. – [Nick] It is! – It can’t decide what it is.
– Yeah. – Why there is a thin layer of water on the outside of ice is still unknown. – We don’t know about water yet? What year is this? – You’re made of it.
– Ew. So Elsa’s a magic (bleep), okay? We’re just basic (bleep) people. So if there is a solid sheet of ice, how can you run on that
ice without falling? – To not ever run and then stop. So if you are to continue
to run and like, galavant. – [Chrissy] You do a full
running example for us please? – Yes, this antelope thing. – I would run something like this. – Aaw!
– Aaw! That’s sweet! – [Selorm] That’s adorable. – [Chrissy] Do it again! Look at that ice run! – Look at that! – That’s so cute! – What are some dangers that
I should take into account? – The most dangerous part will be slipping and hitting your head. Especially because, like, when you do the whiplash thing back, the speed and velocity that your head actually hits the ground is a lot faster than you even falling. Don’t want that, so I would wear a helmet. You could sprain your wrist. You could maybe take some skin off. Like, you, yeah.
– Oh! – I like my skin. I’m scared. Okay, here we are at the ice rink. – Woo! – It’s cold. There is a Zam-boo-ney. – It’s a Zamboni. (laughs)
– Zamboni. – Hah, Zam-boo-ney. Yes! Right now the ice is really cut up as they say in the ice biz. – When Elsa did this, she
was walking on fresh ice because she made it with her feet. That’s why we’ve got the Zamboni making things really slippery
and really dangerous. – He’s getting really close. (chuckles) – I’m really nervous. This is really dangerous. Don’t try this at home. – Luckily, we have a ice
skater somewhere around here. Okay? Oh! – Oh my goodness!
– There she is! – Hi!
– Hey! – So Selorm, if you can’t run on ice, we’re gonna take it to
the next (bleep) level and have Amber try it. – Toe pick on three! – Toe pick?
– Yeah. – [All] One, two, three, toe pick! – What’s a toe pick? (clicking) – Oh my god, you look so beautiful. Selorm, are you ready? – I, yeah, I think I’m ready. – I’m freezing so can you do this quickly? – I’m in a dress so I’m
definitely freezing. (laughs) – Three, two, one, sprint! – Okay! (drowned out by music)
– Sprint! Run faster! That is a slight jog! (Selorm screaming) That is– (laughing) You didn’t– – Was that sprinting? – No! You can clearly speed walk
on ice but Elsa (bleep) runs! – Okay, run like I run from my problems. – [Chrissy] You ready? – I’m ready!
– You can do this! Three, two, one, run! Run! Get rid of those problems! Run from your problems! You’re doing it! Yes! (laughing) – [Selorm] No… – I’m so sorry I’m laughing. Are you okay? – I guess. – [Chrissy] I’m so sorry! This is gonna take so
long for me to get there. Great job!
– Ow… – Are you ready to do it in heels now? – (bleep) no! – Well you have to. Three, two… One, run baby run! Yes, yes, you’re doing
it! (Selorm screaming) You’re doing… (laughing and cheering) You can stop! You can stop! You did it! (Selorm whimpers) – You’re gonna pick me– Okay… – We have a little
extra challenge for you, since you killed it. We’re gonna have you
race Amber in high heels! – Okay… (laughing) – Let’s do it! – [Selorm] She’s a figure
skater, this doesn’t count! – [Amber] I know, but this is new. – [Chrissy] Three, two, one, run! Go! Go, come on! You can do this! Oh my god, Selorm is winning! What the– Selorm won! You did it! – Yay! – Yay. – No one died! Take it off man. Yeah! – That’s way too small for me. Well that was fun. Elsa’s a bad (bleep). – Elsa is a bad (bleep).
– Yay! – You guys are bad (bleep).
– Yay! – Oh my god!
– Yay! – How does it feel to be a star? – Uh, you know, it feels good. – Sorry I ruined it! (laughs) – The difference between me and Elsa, is that Elsa looked so
graceful when she was running. I didn’t look graceful. I looked like a deer.
– Yes you did. You can run real fast, not fall, but like, we’re not gonna guarantee
that you won’t fall at the end to try to stop
yourself, which is like– – [Selorm] What I did, I fell. – [Chrissy] Yeah, she fell a little. – I fell. – And I laughed a little bit. – Yeah, everybody laughed, I heard it. – So it’s basically, not bogus. – Yeah, we did it. Well, I did it. (both laugh) – Meow meow meow, meow meow
meow, (Chrissy mouthing along) meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow. (both laugh) – [Woman] Alright, cool. – I think that’s fine, yeah. (upbeat orchestral music)

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  1. EVERY TIME I WANT TO RELAX AND NOT THINK ABOUT MY SCIENCE HOMEWORK , I watch something that is not for me

  2. I think it's well established that it's part of her powers.

    Rewatch the movie and take notice of how easily Elsa walk on ice and snow vs how badly Ana is. It's obvious the movie is telling you it's somehow related to her ice magic.

  3. Disney: Gives moral lessons and creative imaginations to all ages. Totally safe and family friendly.

    Also Disney: *used crappy logics such as Elsa running on ice while wearing heels*

  4. My question is what did Elsa eat when she was in her ice castle

    Snow? Hope she didn't eat the yellow snow

  5. All you people complaining about the weather in the rink but I’m a Canadian that’s in a t-shirt while skating cuz you dont know cold until Canadian winter

  6. Oh, well, my Girl Scout troop went to an ice skating center where they had ice frozen all over some floor in the building, and we basically went into an ice palace xD but it was only for that season.

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