so I just came back from my last photoshoot
and I’ve been invited to go to the ice skate rink with some friends and I’m not
really ice skater let’s get it on ice like three times I guess I don’t have
any ice skates but I’ll take the rental ones and I hope I hope it will be good I
hope it’s been a very long time I didn’t go to the ice wish me luck
will I fall on the ice I don’t know if I do I think I’ll fall like three
times three times but before I scaring I think I’ll go inline skating
how’d Sigrid bat sound okay okay chicken Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva member member
okay guys I’m running out of times I’ll have to go to the ice rink soon so yeah
I’ll pack everything up before I go drove off there
stop it remember this place this is where I start with very first video
one year ago it’s been a long time one year me whoa one year religion
the community look evert a crystal State Fair horrible
there’s no car transfer your food sleeps inside the brain
infections it’s just alright back from the ice rink it was a
good experience even if I skated with rental skates which are way different
than my inline skates like even if it was a hockey skates ice skate
I had no cuff I have no ankle support at all the blade was was not sharp enough I
was drifting like total Griffon up but yeah I could do some tricks the results
we don’t stop the same way as on inline skates and yes I fell I fell twice first
time testing some ways to stop and second time I might put just slipped
when I was doing I was doing a trick but yeah I think next time next time I’ll
come back I’ll have some proper ice skates or it is isolates for my
landscapes so juggle in line and I scare maybe maybe there’s a YouTube channel
you have to check out which is called how to in nightscape and he is going
back to ice skating and he’s giving some advices because I as I understood he
first started skating on ice and then he moved to to inline skating now that it’s
winter he went back to ice skating and he said if you see the two things that
change between inline skating and ice skating and it’s a very interesting
content you have to check it out ok back seat for today’s vlog it’s just
the second vlog but we’ll say today’s vlog if you like this kind of videos
please tell me in the comment section but if you prefer my over type of videos
like better produce videos tell me in the comment section – but if you like if
you if you want both types of videos in the channel
tell me as well I’m very curious about this all right thank you for watching
and see you next episode

42 thoughts on “I went ICE SKATING ( VLOG )

  1. Nice hat! At first I thought it had the Street Fighter 2 logo like mine, turned out to be another classic 🙂

  2. Next time I'm in France we should try to meet-up and go ice skating together! 😀

  3. The t-stop does work on ice. You just have to stop with the outside edge instead of the inside edge.

  4. isn't rental skates more expensive than a decent pair of second hand skates you can buy yourself and own?

  5. You can do a T stop on ice but it's different. You need to angle the rear skate so that you brake with the outside edge. You were using the inside edge, which will make you fall over. It helps to bend your knees lots when doing it. You should learn it pretty quickly.

  6. I know you probably won't see this, but I REALLY love rollerblading and ice skating! You're right about the rental Ice skates ! they are just as bad as rental roller skates ! not as bad tho. rental ice skates aren't as stiff as rental roller skates !

  7. Just checked this video again, and honestly if you've really not ice skated before you were amazing. I bit of tuition to learn about edges and you'd be better than 99% of public skaters. And were you really using death wellies? Wow, they are scheisse, they do not support your ankle, they rarely fit properly, and they are usually blunt. Mmmm, maybe being blunt helped you avoid catching an edge!

  8. Oof on ice skates to do a T stop you put your foot directly behind your front foot in a T and put most of your weight on your back foot lifting up your front foot slightly, from what I gather (trying to get into inline from hockey) it’s the opposite on inlines although I haven’t tried yet ;-;

  9. I agree with you. I play hockey and Rental skates are BAD. There is no padding and they just are bad. Lastly, the T-Stop does work on ice it is just harder i guess, I have barely ever inline skated.

  10. Wtf are u dancing there you just dont skate like that on the ice!!!!!!!!! You look like a clown there!!!!!!! U suck

  11. So Tiago…

    The T stop totally works on ice. You just have to do it differently. You literally put all the weight you have on the back edge of the T blade and you literally hockey stop, just like normal, just with your back foot. Most pee-wee and up B and A players are taught to do this. Just like they're taught crossovers and skating backwards. 🙂

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