I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)

I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)

So I feel like I did not really introduce What this whole video was about and why I was going skating with Adam Rippon? Rippon? I asked him on the ice and I still don’t know but basically his team reached out because he is doing a new YouTube series on his new YouTube channel welcome to the YouTube fam called Break the Ice so that’s what this is for we went skating together it was a lot of fun I hadn’t been skating in years I grew up doing figure skating but I hadn’t gone in like a long time so here’s how I did *intro music* I’m going to go meet Olympian Dancing with the Stars champion Adam Rippon to go figure skating so I was wearing a high pony today but it’s really cold and I want to be able to wear my cute bow hat so the hair and makeup girl is doing two little cute French braids in my hair hey guys I think it’s cold out there and I’m like I forgot what it feels like to be in an ice rink also they all smell the same to me like as a Canadian growing up going to my brothers hockey games I walk into arenas and I’m like hockey that’s so Canadian of me I think ice rinks smell like hockey so blind girl vlogging now who knows what’s in the camera but I bought these Steve Madden boots for my mom recently which are so stinking cute they came in white and tan in case you were wondering but I got black and I just realized they’re like lacing up skates cause they have like the hooks instead of eyes Mom: Skate see they match so I just meet Adam and I was joking that I’m gonna just pretend that I’ve like never before and then get on the ice and be like shew shew *skating noise* skating away by the way I used to figure skate and I have a really funny ice skating story from my childhood I made a video about it years ago if it’s still on my channel I’ll link it below it’s really funny it was such a blind girl figure skating moment so Gallop’s trying to tell us that he wants to get on this couch but it’s cluttered in stuff so he can’t get up that’s why he keeps standing here and staring at us like excuse me he also keeps walking over the skates I’m like that’s dangerous this is actually umm.. he wasn’t blinking at all before see like that that’s gallop’s stare he hates when other people are guiding me and it’s not him so I think he was like just happy to be guiding me again because he doesn’t trust other people he’s like frankly their not doing a good job what’s happening Molls? I don’t know *laughter* I don’t know either Look it’s him It’s me It’s the one and only Gallop is excited Gallop’s like where’s my skates I wish we had skates for Gallop awwww are your skates white mine are black okay as long as they’re not nude I have like a weird thing against the nude figure skates Really? Yeah I just don’t like them do you know all of my friends that are dancers like on the floor they love the nude why I don’t know but all the skaters like I love the white on a girl I think white is so crisp and clean and classy and beautiful yeah it’s very classic it’s very feminine and clean looking and it like matches the ice it’s the best part yeah I feel like your really into matching in general yes I mean what gave it away my purple hair purple full on ensemble I need it like as close to the lens as you can get it I really need to remind people a head of time this happens every time I film with crews that aren’t mine *laughter* and every time I’m like I should really let people know that ahead of time so they can get a ring light I don’t know why can you see this here yep so is the lens above to the side the lens is below below okay got it move your booty That’s good, right there is good. Molly: Seems like a weird gap Adam: You’re like in another city Molly: Make room for our ghost Molly: Molly and her non-existent boyfriend in between us Adam: Oh your necklace is super cute Molly: Thank you Adam: It’s beautiful Molly: It’s called all the feels Adam: It truly is Molly: All the emotions Adam: Love that Adam: Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of ‘break the ice’ Adam: I’m here with the beautiful Molly Burke Adam: And I’m gonna teach her everything I know about skating and hopefully she’s gonna teach me something too Molly: Something, we’ll figure it out as we go Adam: As we go, we’re gonna figure it out Molly: I’m excited, lets do it Adam: Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of ‘break the ice’ Adam: I’m here with the incredible Molly Burke Molly: Hey Adam: And her guide dog, Gallop Molly: Yeah, the important one Molly: Oh, thank you Molly: It’s totally up to you Adam: I’ll come over, I feel like it’s rude not to Molly: I feel like it’d be sweet to be like Adam: Yeah, mh hm Molly: It’d be gentlemanly Adam: oh my god come here *upbeat music* Molly: Holding your hand and then like holding my skate Molly: Heads up, Gallop is about to get on the ice and guide me around the rink Which was super cute and super fun And he didn’t have anything on his paws, like he didn’t have any booties on But he was born and raised in Montreal, which any Canadian will tell you is like icy, snowstorm central So he’s never had a problem, like he walked on many ice patches and icy roads and sidewalks through his seven years on this Earth, seven years of living So like he’s fine, it’s no big deal, his paws are fine And he was only on there for a little bit so he’s all good, no paw problems Gallop loves the ice, look at his tail wagging He’s not a tail wagger you guys, he is loving this moment Oh, is he slipping a little. Are you slipping? You should have seen him in the video we did on Adam’s channel, it was hilarious Go find Grandma Effortless, Effortless Look at him He’s so good, he’s a natural guide dog figure skater You’re a figure skating guide dog That’s a Paralympic moment If I was ever in the Paralympics for figure skating I’d be like out there with my guide dog like sailing away He killed it, he’s the real skating star here. Adam who? Gallop Molly’s mom: Over here. Molly: Where? Molly’s mom: It’s your mother. I’m very close. Molly: Okay, hi 1, 2, 3, hi, how’s it going? Molly: Good, we just stepped on the ice to get some thumbnail images and he was impressed with my standing abilities Balance is always going to be the struggle when you’re blind ice skating Poor Mesa is like walking background, backround— is walking backwards in shoes, on the ice, you’re doing a pro job there, love it Okay so we just finished filming for his series, ‘break the ice,’ right? Adam: We did and you were excellent Molly: I love the name ‘break the ice.’ Molly: I feel like it’s like an ice skating dating show Adam: Well you know what you um shocked me to death because I was not expecting you One, I had no idea what to expect. Two, you blew it out of the water. Probably one of the best episodes I’ve ever shot, you’re one of the best skaters we’ve ever had Molly: Oh my god I’m so honored, you guys, that’s coming from an Olympian That means I’m actually good Adam: I wouldn’t lie, I wouldn’t lie, especially not on a vlog Molly: I think that’s going to be my new Tinder bio. And I’m gonna have like a big photo of me like skating. And then it’ll be like ‘She’s a great skater’–Olympian medalist Adam- How do you say your last name cause Rippin, Rippon, or Rippen? Adam: Well which do you like? Molly: I feel like Rippin flows easier Adam: Then lets do that Molly: Okay Adam: Adam Rippin, here we go Molly: I’ve changed the brand, it’s now Adam Rippin Adam: It’s a modification Molly: You’re welcome. Okay, should we just like take off. Adam: Let’s take off Molly: Okay. Bye Mesa You should see the skills he taught me, we had a whole routine going on here you guys, we were professional Adam: Should we show one of the tricks Molly: Okay, what do you wanna show them Adam: I wanna show them…–… Molly: Oh yes Adam: Okay ready? Molly: Okay That’s right people, wait I like this one too. I like the other way better, is that normal cause I’m left handed? Adam: Yes, yeah yeah yeah Molly: These thick thighs are good for something. The muscle strength, the thigh power. Oh my gosh and you guys, Gallop guided me on the ice like a freaking pro. It is the cutest moment of my life, frankly that should just be the video. Adam: That should just be my whole channel Molly: He kind of stole the show frankly Adam: Yeah he was pretty awesome Molly: We just like faded into the background as Gallop was like “chu chu, chu chu” all over the ice And literally guided me like he was like and we’re gonna turn here and we’re gonna turn and I was just gliding Adam: And he knew exactly where we had gone and just followed that path, it was pretty awesome. Molly: He was like this is where she’s been skating and keep going and I just didn’t even move my feet, he just pulled me, he started to pick up speed that man Adam: That man Molly: So you have to check it out, linked below. This has been so much fun getting back on the ice has been like everything Adam: Well and she’s a natural Molly: I didn’t realize how much I missed ice skating until now Adam: You’re so good Molly: Okay, so you won’t let me like Adam: No, I won’t like oh she’s doing great , oh bye Molly: Baam, just epic crashed, that could be a good ending. Adam: It could. Should I? No, I would never. Molly: Look at her Who is she? Molly: What medal did she win? Adam: What medal did she win? Mesa: How many medals have you. Let’s compare how many, how many medals has Adam got? Adam: Hm, it’s not a competition. Molly: That means less than me Molly: Look at me now figure skating coach from when I was eight Adam: Look how far I’ve come Molly: Skating with the Olympian himself. The Olympian, the one Adam: The only, there’s only one Adam: Now that you have skates in L.A. Molly: I know, I could go skating tomorrow. Adam: No excuse Molly: I’m gonna call you up and be like so what you doing, where are we skating. But see the thing is it’s so freeing when I have an empty rink. When there’s like a free skate day and there’s like a thousand people on one and were all just going Adam: And this is your first time probably in a really long time that you’ve ever had like open space. Molly: Which is so freeing for me because Adam: This is a very blind friendly session Molly: It is because I don’t get to drive a car, I don’t get to ride a bike on my own, I don’t get to go for a run on my own So I always say like one of the biggest things that I do miss about sight is freedom. Freedom to just move in space and it’s different than independence. I’m independent, I can do a lot of things on my own but I don’t get to be free and move within space Because I’m always attached to an arm or a dog, you know. And I feel like for a lot of sighted people, freedom is like getting behind the wheel And going down the highway, the 101, you know. And I don’t get those moments so for me this is like FREEDOM. How professional is he over there, look at him skating away. He’s almost as good as me. Look you guys, it’s a magnum bottle of Moet, it’s very big. And look, in glittery tactile letters ‘Molly Break the Ice.’ Is that what it says? It is, yes Molly: Okay that’s what I thought Yeah, yeah that was good It’s beautiful Molly: It’s so pretty, it’s so me so love that. Thank you Adam and thank you for having me on your new YouTube series. He’s new to YouTube, go send him YouTube love. Make him see how amazing our community is here on this section of the internet. Um also, he did like an article, I think it was People Magazine, I’ll pop it up right here. He did an article and he was asked like what skater he worked with on ‘Break the Ice’ that surprised him the most and he said me and he said that I was probably one of the best skaters they had on the series. So, flattered. Thank you for that shout out Adam. Um yeah, so go show him your love. Thank you Adam for having me and hopefully we get to go skating again sometime soon because it definitely reignited my love of the ice. Alright, see you guys next time. Oh, don’t forget to hit the bell, okay thanks.

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