Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backwards

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backwards

Now we will learn the crossover backwards,
step by step. So we can start by, by skating backwards. Simple, like that. Take little
steps. If you can glide, already. You can try to wave at the same time. So now you can
try to transfer your weight from one leg to the other, backwards. And the same with lifting your leg, off the
ice. Like that. Now try to do the same with lifting your leg, off the ice. Now try to push yourself, backwards. Just
like that.
Now with the other leg. Now with alter, alternate leg. So now do it, alternately.

30 thoughts on “Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backwards

  1. Well done. Thanks. I wish we had some outdoor ice like that here (US). So nice.

    But why don't you teach them the "C" cut when pushing backwards? That is normally how it is done here, teach the push backward as a "C" cut.

  2. actually, coming from a seasoned defenseman, it's more effective to limit your crossovers because the oncoming forward won't have an indication of where your headed and be able to go around you. You will be able to establish better body position if you limit your crossovers after they get too close. otherwise, they will just look at your feet and go right around you. I've stopped a lot and I've been smoked a lot.

  3. This tutorial sucks. This was the first time I had ever voted something one star. I'm going to go take a nap now. I don't know if I should poop before or after my nap.

  4. @ppincredible00 Well duh.Americans have won many medals and titles in speed skating and figure skating thru the years too.

  5. @ppincredible00 True but many towns and cities have ice rinks now.I would have loved to have ice skated as a kid but I grew up in the south,where its not cold most of the year.

  6. @HattieLovesCattie i love ice skating too, But my town got only 2 ice skating rink and it was all way far from my place, so i didn't skate often, so that means i'm suck on ice skating.

  7. @ppincredible00 I have ice skated in the past and didn't fall down much.I know I would have done well if I had taken lessons.I did roller skate tho as a kid.

  8. @ppincredible00 Well,I didn't get a chance to really roller skate much.I lived on a road that was half gravel,half pavement.I lived in the country so I didn't get to skate often on sidewalks in town which was more fun.Mow many towns don't have a roller rink.There was one near me but it closed years ago.

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