Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating Push-off

Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating Push-off

Push the other, push with the other, yes.
You can push the body on the knees. Push the body-weight on the knees, yes. Bend your body
forward pushing on the knees with your body-weight, yes. And let’s push, just push. You can change,
and always close, always close. Come back, it comes back. The free leg comes back. The
free leg comes back, always comes back. Pay attention for the bended knees. It must be
totally bended. Push your body-weight on both knees. Onto both knees, and so you can try
to skate. Lift your knees, step, step, a little bit steps, little steps, small steps. You
do small steps on ice, small steps on ice, and then you skate, small steps on ice, and
skate, always bend your knees, and bend your body forward and so it goes. The purpose is
to experience the stability and the forward-leaned body, that’s all.

13 thoughts on “Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating Push-off

  1. of course its easy to do these moves when u already know how to skate, but try them when u put the skates on for the first time… u will fall anf fuck urself up.
    Ja es beszelj magyarul te paraszt mert angolul meg jobban is fingok mint amit itt produkalsz. Buzi.

  2. YOU ARE A LEGEND!!….i salute u fr ur teaching abilities….many can skate but not evryone can teach….especially the basic mechanics..thanks..

  3. I just got back from the skating rink, it was my first time in 21 years on the ice. I followed this tutorial and had a very productive time.

    At first I stayed close to the boards and practiced pushing off with each foot. Once I was able to do that I put my hands on my knees, made a V stance with my feet and slowly began to skate.

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