Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating with Steps

Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating with Steps

’s try to skate the little steps the little
steps bend your knees. And bend your body for a while and skate. This is a little experience
but if you don’t afraid. You can gain more speed yes more speed. It’s alright and one
more steps, steps bend your knees, bend your body a while gain more speed. Yes and skate
lift the knees little steps and let it skate shift your center of gravity. Shift and skate
that’s a very easy exercise. But you need to the correctly skating. Putting the hands
to the side. To too stabilize the balance yes.
The balance to stabilize the balance. Don’t, don’t bend back, and don’t bend back. Always
bend your body for a while. This is very very important always for a while. Pay attention
you shouldn’t open you shouldn’t open the, the foot. You don’t need to separate the,
the leg so far you close that. And steps and steps and steps and close and skate. Steps!
steps! steps! close. This is the correct technique.

20 thoughts on “Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating with Steps

  1. lol i live in florida, no ice over here, last saturday was my first time in ice, and i was sckating like that, with little staps, i fall 2 times, lol

  2. 0:46 – When I see this girl skating better than I do, it makes me wanna just pack up and leave… :/ BUT I WILL NOT! My goal is to be better than this 5year old girl when I'm at the age of 27… talk about big dreams… ;P

  3. Good videos. Thanks!
    Now I won't make an idiot out of myself or break my neck when I skate for the first time next week…

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