Ice Skating Fails!!!

1:48 today. We’re going ice-skating. Did I check out the beast? Check out the beach Oh First time ever doing this. Yeah I think I might hurt myself and I’m scared if I fall somebody runs over my head. All right, what? Are you talking about You guys gonna move Oh It Oh Oh That’s a third time you fall I’m good. Okay. Yeah, I’m gonna go again Yeah Who’s coming Bro I’m sweaty So first off I kind of posted Lee I know that like Yes. Well, that was a long Okay. I’ve got a little bit better, but he kind of stopped recording after a while. But like I got a little bit better I’m telling you. I’m nice and tough tough So like I got a couple pictures again have to show loose But like You won’t tell you this if we go again I’m gonna have to make another wall part to like bone. So nice me ends up music. Alia. We’re means a lolly We’re really planning to try and go again cuz I Cabo bro. We’re both getting nice video the sink. Oh I’m too tough at this but to talk yeah So like that’s a vlog low 48 see you again on Sunday sorry, I had a brain fart first. Okay. See you again on Sunday. That’s the old Yeah Subscribe not to post on a vacation bow do what you got to do. Make sure the video stays bother me like I’m for real like

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