Ice Skating in Bryant Park | Holiday Attractions in NYC | Midtown Manhattan

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Robbie here, along
with my girlfriend Kathee. Kathee: Hi guys! The last few weeks I had been talking
about all the things that you can do around Midtown in terms of like a lot of holiday stuff but today I figured it’s enough talking
about it it’s time to do it so Kathee and I we headed over to Bryant Park and we did some ice skating. It was a lot of fun, we got to to go around For a Kathee it was free because she
has her own ice skates Yep! You have to tote it around though haha. For me it was 20 bucks to rent the skates which honestly isn’t too bad considering like This is New York City and like
everything costs a lot more. Yeah. This is probably the best value ice skating outside like holiday themes ice skating you’re
gonna get between here Rockefeller and Central Park Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree The only thing I would say is where they get you is with
the bag check. The bag check is like 50 bucks so… If you have a lock though, they have lockers for free so if you’re just visiting New York
and you have a lock on like your luggage take that with you and come over
here and you just have to pay $20 for the skates and if you have a Bank of America
card, which I do, you got a 10% discount which is not a bad deal. I need to get myself one of those haha I think it’s nice. It’s less crowded definitely than
the Rockefeller ice skating rink And I think it’s all quite a bit bigger. Kathee had a good time she’s she’s actually a really good ice skater No, I’m not. I just know how to ice skate from like when I was in the fourth grade. She like took lessons so she knows some tricks and stuff. Yeah. I would say I’m a very like middle-of-the-road ice skater. I can
stay on my feet but that’s about it. Robbie didn’t fall once! That’s true.
I don’tknow why I always had this issue with ice skates like I feel like I said to
never fit me well they always like hurt my feet after like 10 minutes Maybe when we get home, I’ll demonstrate how to properly tie for figure
skates but I think it’s just like when you rent ice skates like half the time The ice skates just suck But it is actually freezing out here guys. I think it’s about 31 or 32 degrees right now Yeah, and it’s slightly drizzling which is not ideal
but there wasn’t a line… Yeah, exactly In that in that sense we kind
of lucked out a little bit but we’re about to get some hot chocolate it
should be good we’re gonna warm up a little bit My hands feel like they’re
getting frostbite You can go to Rockefeller. You can do that and I’m sure
that’s amazing, but it’s gonna cost at least double what it’s gonna cost to come here and the ice skating rink from what I’ve seen looks a bit smaller. Yeah, small and crowded, and also you have a
time limit of an hour and a half. This you just go and if you don’t come out,
you can skate all day long. Kathee was kind of telling me she’s just gonna like start bringing her skates down now and just
start going ice skating It’s free for me haha. I’m going to have to buy pair of skates Yeah, it’s super worth it! Well that’s it for this video I hope you all enjoyed doing some ice skating here
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BELL to stay up to date new content Safe travels, I’m Robbie Frank and today I was joined with my awesome girlfriend Kathee Zenn and we will catch you next time

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