Ice Skating Special! Blue Mountain Newbie Chronicles

Hi guys, welcome to a special episode of
Newbie Chronicles. In this episode is the grand opening of the Woodview
mountaintop skating where I learned to ice skate for the first time Okay, this is easy Yeah, you got it (struggling) It’s okay Just trust yourself Okay, this is good, thank you so much (more struggle) Can you stop, or no? NOPE (Laughter) So push like this, so you wanna keep a centre of balance And just push out So pretend … (Almost falls) Have you been on skis yet? Yeah Okay, so you know when you push and you’re not moving on skis same kinda thing for skates You can stop like skiing too. In a triangle Oh, in a like snow plow! You know the other thing to do? Just step like you’re walking. Just start by stepping. Did you see that? That was pretty good That was good! There you go. Look how Canadian you are
now. AMAZING! Slow down Stephen, stop! Okay! (Worried screams) (Laughter) Good save! I just levelled up on the ice skating front I just got rid of the.. I don’t know what you’d call it, like the assisted thing? I just got rid of that And now I’m killin’ it look at me standing up and stuff (Worried) Oh, oh, oh god, oh god Look at that turn though?! Wooooow! When you first get on the skates it doesn’t
feel like you have much control but I’m on my second loop, killin’ it only fallen over like 5 times my leg muscles hurt
I feel good though I would suggest the first time you go around definitely take the little assisted skate thing and then the second
time you go around you’ll be fine Hey! Me and Sean taking the skating loop This is my third loop, Sean is this your second? It’s Seans second loop. just gotta make sure you have some good balance Some strong ankles and some patience as well Killin’ it Killin’ it! (Big sigh of relief) You ready? Yep! Okay, so … Third loop, practiced some turning 100% fell hard on my bum Painful! But, yeah this was a bonus episode of newbie
Chronicles learning to skate with Stephen back to the office see you later

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