Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Basic Ice Skating and Stability

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Basic Ice Skating and Stability

My name is Akos Kertesz and we are in Budapest.
And I’ll teach you the intermediate level of skating. This is the second training. Its
about stable and continuous movement and stability on the ice, shoe techniques, shoe skating
technique. Let’s start, step and skate, step and skate, step and skate, step, skate. Okay,
pay attention for the bended knees, shifting of the belly weight, and lean your body forward
enough. And always watch out for this. Always close, close, close, always close your foot.
Close, always close. If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to learn the correct technique.
You stabilize your balance with side stretched arms. If you feel so, you don’t feel this,
you can swing your arms. Yes, swing. Just a little swing. Pay attention for the next
thing. Don’t skate on the inside edge. This is the inside edge. This is the sole. This
is the outside edge. Don’t skate just so, don’t so. This is not a good technique. A
good technique is all sole or on the outside edge. A little bit of the outside edge, a
little bit. Just a little bit outside, outside. And after that it comes inside, but outside,

100 thoughts on “Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Basic Ice Skating and Stability

  1. I wish I watch this video earlier! He's a very good teacher and I made the mistake he told. I fell down like 3 times lol and I hate people who were just there to show off pffft

  2. xDD I wish I had him as a teacher! I failed so much in skating. I feel on my bed and then hit my head, good thing I was wearing a helmet :> Skating is not my thing but it's fun to try! It's much more fun when you have a partner with you.

  3. what the heck…. susbcribing to the expertvillage… u couldn't find anything better than a guy from russia? jeeez … come on… this is communication… how am i supposed to follow a dude who cannot even speak… -.-'

  4. @Jusarius83 a typical american? please don't group all americans together. where would we be if americans met one rude hungarian or any other group and automatically had a bad opinion about all people in that group.

  5. @ewdmei Typical doesn't mean ALL. I've come across enough Americans to conclude that ON AVERAGE they tend to be quite ignorant about everything outside the US.

  6. @ewdmei Compared to other developed countries I'd say they (you) are. But that's quite understandable as the US is the only true superpower of our time. 🙂

  7. Holy crap I think this guy pretty much just nailed on the head what my biggest mistake was (which was skating on the inside edge) next time I'm going to the ice rink I'll definitely do my best to start using proper technique.

  8. @Renegade3540 Yea but my instructor said that it's better for us beginners to skate on the inside edges. *confused*

  9. 3rd day of Ice skating, I can go very very fast, turn and everything, but I can't stop xD (I roller skate a lot so I got the jist of moving on the ice but man stopping is a whole different thing)

  10. @TheStickofWar lol my way of stopping is either falling or turning my skates horizontally (like in snowboarding) and grabbing on to the wall

  11. @MissAppleMac Wow. And you're not embarrassed saying that? Let's hear YOUR Hungarian accent… >;-) (OK – I'll give you a pass – for now – you're only 14…)

  12. when u fall, it shows you have progressed in ice skating. i keep falling when i am coming out of my sit spins, i have progressed greatly since march thanks to falling

  13. Not very much. If it werent for falling, I wouldnt have never been able to do a Waltz Jump. It pushed me until I could get it right. 🙂 Now I can do it.

  14. i see, congratz 🙂 i have yet to have the chance to skate so….i guess i will see if i ever get a chance to 🙂

  15. Truth be told I already know how to skate since I played hockey for 12 years, I'm just watching this to figure out how to teach my friends. I have been telling them to keep their weight into their legs and keep low with their legs since that will help with balance. Most beginners get nervous and straighten their legs and put their arms out wide in order to balance and straighten their back upright which isn't a good idea; keep your weight in your legs and you'll be fine.

  16. Why are you laughing? It is obvious English is not his first language, which means he knows at least two languages. How many languages do you know? Are you the typical American that only knows their native language (English) and laughs at others when they try to speak English. Most people in Europe know at least two languages. The fact that you can understand him means he put a lot of effort into learning English just so YOU could understand him and laugh at him. Classy.

  17. Oh really Jake. How is your Hungarian then, you jumped-up snot-nose moron? It would also help if you could write in English, which, as you can see from my comment, should begin with a capital letter.

  18. to the instructor: thank you – trying to teach my 5-1/2yr old and noticed last week that her skating confidence jumped sky-high and she seemed to be doing so well but her ankles started "collapsing" inward. she has very powerful legs so strength is not the issue – i think it has to be an inside edge issue (today, i noticed her inside edge is dull, dull, dull but outside edge is still razor sharp).

  19. @Jake Latham – strange – i have no problem at all understanding what he's saying. if your ear is really that poor, i suggest ESL or perhaps you could try learning to read.

  20. Actually only 27% of the world can speak English about 10% of them it is a second language like the man in the video. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken. Educate yourself before you make yourself look stupid on the internet.

  21. English is the second most popular language in the world. Pretty sure that's more than 27 percent of our population. I didn't say everyone spoke it, & neither did i say it was a first language. A lot of people learn english in their classes not Mandarin Chinese even though it's the most spoken. Only because China's fucking huge.

  22. To All Respected Commentators: just f..g watch the frea…g video! It is about how to learn to skate, not about how to speak English or learn it. The guy could just post it in his language and dont bother to speak English. Hate those not tolerant snobs.

  23. I agree with you 100%. I am a new yorker and i really hate stupid ignorant ppl. The video is about Ice skating tips.

  24. As of 2013 Mandarin is # 1. Spanish #2. English # 3. If you do a fine web research you can see it for your self. English is very popular for business and tourism and it's very popular as a second language and lets not forget the influence of the USA world wide.

  25. For ppl who not use English as mother language, I think he speaks easy listening 🙂 
    Thanks for the video

  26. Of course, if you are such an idiot who speaks such broken English, never become a teacher. This moron confuses people with his horrendous sentences. Learn some English, idiot, and come back with real lessons in 2 years.

  27. Yes it is true that his English is not perfect, but he is here to teach SKATING, not ENGLISH. His English is totally understandable and he really gives quite a few great tips. So we should simply say: thank you Sir!

  28. this guy is just wonderful. i don't understand people bashing him for his english. he can speak it decently so that you can understand what he says – he is not an author, he just uses the language to exchange ideas and establish communication, which he properly does. what is the problem?

  29. I don't get why people are making such a big deal of his English. He is teaching skating, you can understand what he is telling you to do.

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