Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Balance Exercises

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Balance Exercises

Let’s try pushing with one foot, the other
and you can swing your free leg, swing your free leg. Change the direction and the foot.
Push the one with the other and swing your free leg, swing your free leg, swing your
free leg. Change your leg and swing and push, swing and push and stop, change the feet and
push and swing, push and swing, pay attention for the upper body it makes the opposite and
stop and change. Push and swing, push and swing. Pay attention for the upper body, lean
your body forward. You can do this with more speed and yes you can do this with more speed.
That was the first exercise. Let’s try the next again you gain speed and open close and
go and sit, open close and skate in sitting, that’s open, close and skate in sitting, open
close, skate in sitting. You can do this continuously, continuously.

46 thoughts on “Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Balance Exercises

  1. he is doing these as it gives you help with balance and technique. try doing a few of these and then skate normally, especially when on one skate, i tried a few, did have a little diddiculty but kept trying and my skating is getting a lot better and faster

  2. @HVPShortz Get Bauer Supremes. They are usually under $100 and are like the ones he is wearing. They are not too stiff, have great stability and support for your ankles and are durable. It's usually better to just buy if you are interested in skating for more than a few times because rentals are broken in for other people's feet and won't fit very well. Also the cost of rentals can add up over time.

  3. Are you thick or something? That isn't how you balance on skates! And I would know cause I used to do figure!

  4. People should stop making fun of his accent! 🙂 His accent is cute. haha
    He put in effort and teach us how to skate. and honestly, this helps.
    I LIKE THIS (Y) 😀 <3

  5. Thank you for your kind teaching, you do understand well beginners's fear & mind, your teaching is very helpful. Thank you!

  6. Of course, if you are such an idiot who speaks such broken English, never become a teacher. This moron confuses people with his horrendous sentences. Learn some English, idiot, and come back with real lessons in 2 years.

  7. Sweetie…. thank you for uploading this, you make it seeem sooooooo easy!!!! Obviously you have no clue of how bad it is when you are a full grown grown-up wanting to learn! but, kudos on your smooth skating! <3

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Akos is an excellent teacher; such simple, clear instruction. I tried introducing ice skating to my husband, but could barely get him to move forward on the ice. After showing him this video, he asked me, "how come you didn't say that – 'just push and swing, push and swing!'" LOL

  9. tune in to the next episode of tutorials where the russian skating instructor is gonna show you how to assassinate somebody using the blade of your skate

  10. I am aiming for figure but I have a problem. Since I have prof skates I have a problem of leaning too far forward and I get stuck or loose balance because of the toe break. Any tips?

  11. And here i am trying to get in the olympics of figure skating. Will probably never happen but hey, figure skating is fun.

  12. swing and push, swing and push, swing and push… just finished my 5th practice and I want to skate with one foot. i will try this on the weekend. thanks for this video

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