Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Jump

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Jump

Here comes the easy exercise, but we do it
for experience. The raised arms, the swing arms, how can I gain with; look at this, skate,
and sit and jump, but you can do this with the raised arms, swinged arm. Let’s try this,
arrive on two feet, arrive on two feet, and bended knees; swing and arrive, swing and
arrive and one more please, bend your body forward and raise your arms, and jump. Raise
your arms and jump. Okay that’s all, it’s a short exercise but important. You can gain
more speed up with this. You need that for advanced level.

15 thoughts on “Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Jump

  1. Beginners should try to jump keeping their arms forward. They don't have enough balance yet to swing their arms to jump. Swinging the arms makes it to dangerous for them 'cuz there will be an increased risk they fall over once they land.

    Check out our videos for some insane ice skating!

  2. idd :-p he is not explaining it correctly! To bad you had to feel pain which could be avoided. We are thinking about making some tutorials for beginners … until they you can check out our videos for a style of ice skating which you prob haven't seen yet! Take care!

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