Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Push Off

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Push Off

It’s time to practice the pushing. This is
very very important and here now we don’t practice so much pushing. Try to skate with
one push, by one push as long as you can. Bend both knees and do so and put your body
weight on the right foot and now with the left foot skate. One more and skate. Now changing,
bend your knees, put your body weight on the left foot and push and hold it and hold it
and hold it. Now stop, yes and retreat please, bend your knees, lean your body forward and
stop and changing the foot. Bend your knees and push. You should observe how I push the
blade is used as the movement. Hold your body weight and stop. Observe one more please
, observe one more.

100 thoughts on “Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Push Off

  1. You have to be close minded not to understand him. Learn extra language it will help you in a lot of thing in life. True.

  2. i came here for tips for my next date>_< hope i do well. i really like her and willing to try new things for her(:

  3. The first point to note while skating is tie your skating shows really tight so that you would feel the balance and also the size of the show matters!!

  4. instead of having fun of his pronounciation just consider that he speaks at least 2 languages since english is not his mother tongue
    so how many languages DO you speak?

  5. @DOSTUHH1Kemio lol omg bro same here, trying to take my girl skating only cause she wants to! and of course…cherish each moment 🙂

  6. u knw i went for ice skating yesterday nd it was horrible catching the edges nd walking!!! huh!!! why did'nt i watch dis before :((

  7. AHHH I am so scared I have to go to an ice skating party today and everyone knows how to skate what should I do help I need answers by 12:00 pm thanks

  8. Cool building in background. Humboldt Park, here in Chicago has a cool castle-like building, but no ice rink, I don't think.
    I have no clue why this guy tells you to balance on one foot. I guess he knows what he's doing. He seems to. Thumbs up.

  9. @gta6592 Haha, I got a date in a few days. Never skated before in my life!! Hope I don't make an ass outta myself. How'd it go man?

  10. @dmui28 1st what does it do even if he's French? 2nd, he obviously is not French, he's like Russian or another European country.

  11. lol I did my first ice skating yesterday and I was performing immediately. The tap dance and the frantic waltz was my frequent dance moves 🙂

  12. Just went ice skating for the first time, here's some things I've learned.
    – Make sure you tie your skates REALLY WELL, or else your ankles are going to be all over the place
    -When you fall, and you will fall, make sure you don't fold your legs under you. That's a great way to tear your leg out of it's socket.
    -Bending your knees is really helpful for balance
    -Don't try to "walk" on the ice, you wont get anywhere
    -Falling DOES hurt. Expect some butt bruises
    -Don't be discouraged. Keep trying

  13. the only reason im here is too impress my friends…im just worried its gonna turn out to be a complete faliar and i break my leg

  14. This guy helped me learn how to skate. If you follow his advice and you are determined to learn then you can learn to skate proficiently in a week.

  15. The first time I went ice skating I fell sooooo many times both of my knees were huge bruses for a while… I should have watched this first..

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