Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Turning with Ice Skates

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Turning with Ice Skates

Now we are going to do the turning. This is
a very important exercise. Put your leg forward and the other leg stands under you. Put the
other forward and let’s kick and hold the position and lean your body to the center
of the circle and a little bit forward. Skate and hold the position. Change direction. Change
direction. If you don’t do self propelling or if you can’t do self propelling correctly
then there will be a typical error,
you can avoid it if you practice so much then you can do this correctly or you won’t be
able to do the next exercise.

45 thoughts on “Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Turning with Ice Skates

  1. woow ive been in iceskating today first time in my life. it looks so hard i dont think i can eva do.icant keep the balance.but i will try again

  2. A natural!?
    I started taking lessons but jeez, it's been a couple weeks and I'm having so much trouble.
    You're lucky! 😀

  3. @Romina50024 talking about da dude.. but look at you! YOU FAIL! but i still love you.. so i guess.. ugh fuck.. i know his english suckz but he has more expirience at skating 😀 so stfu
    i love you

  4. And I think these basic videos are the best basic ice skating instruction on the web. Sometimes simplicity exceeds complexity squared.

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