ice speed skating training in Minsk Arena (pascal briand vlog 109)

ice speed skating training in Minsk Arena (pascal briand vlog 109)

so Flavien did you liked it , it was good? not enought speed make a simple move for now look for Something more simple so Flavien did you like it, it was cool? yes that was really cool at the start i suck a bit , but at the end i start to get more feeling now i will have to work hard it still in the wrong position? NOOOOO i’m not that stupid, it was in the right position so how is your 1st feeling? what was easy , what was hard? the start was pain in the ass but in the corner that was ok but the edge to edge in the straight line was complicated 1st time on the ice too that was not so easy its harder than short track which i already tried may be with inline skating we get use faster in the turn here i struggle to find grip in the straght line

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  1. SUUUPPEEEEEEERRR ; mais ça doit coûter une blinde entre l'avion , l'hébergement et le stage non ? trop fun en tout cas

  2. How exciting for your students! How often do you come to different countries to teach? Any plans to visit the U.S.A.? This video was very nostalgic for me because I saw Russian signs on the wall everywhere there and these tiny hotel rooms that were built I believe in the time of Soviet Union brought some bittersweet memories about my school years. I hope you enjoyed your stay there!

  3. Thank you for the view of your training. For future reference, Just the sound of skates on ice; it's such a nice sound. No need for music throughout.

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