ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold

The winters here are usually very long, cold and dark. And I have to admit it’s a challenge for me to keep the energy during these six months of the year Especially last winter was really tough. I was constantly sick and constantly freezing. And I’ve never felt so weak in my whole life. Now it’s October and the winter is here again. But this time I want it to be different I don’t want to let another winter drain me of energy and happiness Because of these cold and dark months. And the only way to really do so is to face it and change the way I feel and think about it To not see it as my enemy, but my friend It’s like if you’re jealous of someone… the feeling can eat you up from within. And the only way to really heal it Is to walk straight up to that person you’re jealous of And be honest. And tell them how much you actually admire them and what they do And how great you think they are. In the same second as you do that You become free. Because you let go of what drains you. Cause you don’t let it control you anymore. That’s how I feel with this winter. I don’t want the cold to control me. I don’t want a winter to drain me of energy. Instead, I want the cold to be a source of power. I want the winter to awaken my soul and make me feel alive. And to do so, I need to face it. I need to accept it with my whole being. And I don’t want to fight it. I want to surrender. To see that I’m stronger than I think And to prove to myself That life truly begins outside our comfort zone Because when I think about it. When do I feel most alive? Is it when I warm and comfy lying in my bed scrolling on Instagram? No I feel thousand times more alive when walking into ice-cold water And I can feel the blood rushing through my body doing all it can to keep me alive And in that moment I’m totally present There’s no tomorrow. There’s no past Just now And I think that’s one of the best feeling one can ever feel. I’m ready for winter

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