Iceland: Golden Circle, Gullfoss + Geysir VLOG

Iceland: Golden Circle, Gullfoss + Geysir VLOG

hey guys welcome back is week 5 which means it’s the second month of being in Iceland and the first month I decided call moving to Iceland and I am transitioning into living in Iceland this week we had our first visitors Chris and Ann over from Scotland was brilliant having some people come visit and we did a few architectural things with them good few foodie things and also a bit of tourist stuff it’s also being designed march in Reykjavik which is a kind of design event and I think it’s kind of a whole bunch of designers showing in different galleries there’s also designed talks lectures different kinds of events so it’s kind of big Design Festival and Mrs T being a pretty stormy week the weather has been quite crazy it’s been really difficult to kind of settle and get a good night’s sleep and there was a pretty bad storm that kind of went on for about three nights or something so had quite an exhausting week and lots of different activities lots of sightseeing and stuff outside but the weather has been pretty bad and it is amazing when you go to these kind of tourist sites and you still meet people who are maybe not dressed appropriately for a country called Iceland and it kind of says what it does on the tin and but you will see some of the crazy weather that has been happening here and on the theme of ice and so on we finished the week going ice skating which I haven’t done for years but it all came back to me and it was really good fun so here we go week 5 okay so I’m heading into town and I’m going to get the bus from near our apartment I think that I’ve looked up the right bus and the right time going in the right direction but I may be on the wrong table and toned me up with to my kind of family friends a more friends of mine anyway one of them is lark Tate and he’s the first architect that implied me and as a young summer intern so it’s really cool that they are in Reykjavik for a couple of days and we’re going to be taking them on a little tour of the Golden Circle on friday so I’m sure it will take you along for that and get some good footage hopefully the weather i’ll stay okay so that bus only went to its bus station which means that and then just turned around again so i had to get off for em which means that i’m like 10 15 minute walk away from harper and luckily I’ve got about 15 minutes so I’m no speed walking back down and stowed I’m just getting ready to go out to the opening of a kind of gallery event tonight it can be quite interesting as part of the design March Reykjavik kind of design event that’s all at the moment I haven’t been to many events or lectures at ox or anything in it but I think this might be quite a good way of getting started on it just like to add host sick i am wearing hiking boots pretty much every day yeah crazy being slow talking well this their part of the day there are many thermal layers two pairs of leggings on the hiking boots and the camera and then a mountain of extra courts extra layers and some snow boots down there too are we ready so today we brought Chris and Ann up to and with the Golden Circle to see the geezers and we’re going to go to the waterfall as well you you this ice but be prepared don’t be the Icelandic jumper I’ll show you the view that we’ve got Cheers you so we are going to the ice skate rink for a work kind of social event family thing and I’m something either of us are up for this refrain that correct it looks like good weather night but is being crazy storms for last two days we offer star me at nights or not slide but yeah let’s see that’s everything for this week I’m trying to think up other ideas of content for this channel and it would be good to kind of offer some more advice so if you have any ideas or suggestions of videos then please put them in the comments below I’m currently working on a what pack for a visit in Iceland and that kind of thing would be great as always thanks very much for watching please subscribe and hit the thumbs up if you liked the video see you next week bye

12 thoughts on “Iceland: Golden Circle, Gullfoss + Geysir VLOG

  1. Thank you for the virtual trip to those beautiful landscapes. 🙂
    I would love to know, how to get your stuff to Iceland (since you had like 5 boxes of inventory), like a moving abroad tutorial, with some tips and tricks. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to next weeks vlog! 🙂

  2. Iceland is so beautiful! The horses are really adorable and furry, though. <3 Is it still hard to get used to being somewhere so different?

  3. I've enjoyed watching your videos made in Iceland. 🙂
    As a matter of interest, is it true that there are no dogs allowed in Reykjavik?
    If you could mention the meaning of the places' names that you visit that would be of interest. For example I know that Reykjavik means 'smoky bay'.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Regarding what to pack. Could you share what not to pack. Wow airlines charges a lot for bags so it would be good to know what we could buy locally for cheap. Also if someone is there for 10 days should they bring clothes for 10 days or is it easy to find places wash clothes?

  5. Please help I have an American passport and citizenship, and Brazilian citizenship, what do I need to move there ?

  6. I have a bad lower back would it be advisable to do the golden circle tour ? or could it be challenging any help I would appreciate we are going in October 2017

  7. Just got back from a week visit in Iceland. The weather was not as cold as Philadelphia. Great people, great hot dogs, thermal pools were awesome. Highly recommend!

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