Iceland – Viking Horse Riding

Iceland – Viking Horse Riding

(upbeat music) – Horses hold a special
place in Icelandic culture, and today, I’m gonna get to
meet this unique viking horse. Iceland began as a settlement
of viking explorers and they brought this unique
breed of horse with them to the island. – [Man] He’ll take good care of you. – Okay! What’s great about this farm is that depending on
your riding experience, they actually choose
the right horse for you. And saddled up and ready to go. This is the best way to see
Iceland, at three miles an hour. There’s such a contrast
of scenery out here. There’s these purple flowers
and all this greenery, and in the distance,
there’s these mountains capped with snow. And now, it’s time for a
lunch break for the horses. (chewing on grass) This special breed is unique to Iceland. The horses are stockier,
shaggier, more even-tempered, and perfectly adapted for the challenging climate and terrain. (horse cantering) – [Girl] It was amazing! We got to trot and gallop at points, and it was really, really good, yeah. I definitely recommend it to anybody. – [Voiceover] These horses are so gentle that even if you’re an
inexperienced rider, they’re super easy to ride. (horses trotting) (horse blowing out air from nose) What an incredible experience riding these Icelandic horses through the beautiful countryside!

2 thoughts on “Iceland – Viking Horse Riding

  1. Hey, at 1:07 your CC is incorrect. That horse isn't cantering– that's a tölt which is one of the things that makes icelandic horses interesting, great for longer distances, and so incredibly special [Also, not unique to iceland — there are more in germany than icelandic, by a fairly wide margin– but they are the only breed of horses in iceland]. Nice video though, they're amazing little creatures.

  2. 0:35 You have to tell me what the fur west is called? Please! I need it in my life, it looks so super on you! pls tell me

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