If horses were people – Picture taking edition, Part 2

If horses were people – Picture taking edition, Part 2

SARAH: Yeah, it’s so nice out. Playing with
my buddy. SARA: Oh, look at you guys. This is so cute!
Alright let’s just get a picture. SARAH: We’re not cute. No. We don’t do cute
stuff. We’re very serious. SARA: No. Nope. Just stand still. SARAH: Yes! SARA: Just stand. SARAH: What’s in there? SARA: Why do you always do this? It’s just… SARAH: What is it? SARA: Really? C’mon. C’mon get excited. Get excited. Just stand still for your picture, please. SARAH: Okay, are you going to feed me some
of those? Cause, I really want some. SARA: As soon as we’re done. Nope, as soon
as we’re done. Hey, hey, hey! SARAH: Yes? SARA: Just stand there, please. SARAH: Okay. SARA: Alright. Nope. Ah, ah, ah, ah. C’mon. Really? Alright. Let’s bring out the big guns for you. SARAH: Whoa! What is that? SARA: Oh, she’s sleeping. Oh, I always wanted
a picture of her sleeping. Oh my gosh! SARAH: I don’t sleep. I was awake. SARA: You looked so cute sleeping! SARAH: I am not cute. SARA: Tell me about it.

27 thoughts on “If horses were people – Picture taking edition, Part 2

  1. lol! Horses totally do that! When I was trying to pick a horses hoof he picked up the hoof on the oposite side, so i went to the side he had lifted his hoof and tried, but when i signaled for him to lift his foot he lifted the hoof i origanaly had tried to pick! Like if this has happened to you

  2. Ugh I can not tell you how true this is!!! I swear my horse purposely never puts her ears up for pictures and when she does, her eyes are closed!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‘

  3. The nose!!! Yes! My baby is so attached to my phone i can never get a good picture of her, its always half headed or full nose shots lol

  4. if I'm not paying attention to my mare or getting a different brush she will either grab my belt and jerk me around or grab my phone out of my pocket and throw it across the corral (I ride western by the way)

  5. I've watched almost all of these. I don't have a horse but if you put "cat" in there they fit pretty well too ๐Ÿ˜‚

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