I’m NOT Freelee the Banana Girl! [And That’s Okay!]

I’m NOT Freelee the Banana Girl! [And That’s Okay!]

Hi nugget bats- nugget bats? …Hey nugget gnats! Nuggats? Hey nugget gnats, it’s Emily the bite size girl. Hey bite size bats it’s Emily the nugget girl. Hey bite size bats, it’s Emily the nugget girl and welcome to….another episode! Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. If you’re vegan and on YouTube frequently- hell even if you’re
not vegan and on YouTube once a month, you probably know of Freelee the Banana Girl.
And if you don’t…well then…this intro didn’t really make much sense. Freelee has
a massive channel that’s growing more massive by the day. She focuses on the health side
of being vegan using her impressive physicality as proof. Now when I decided I was going to take to
the internet for my activism and try to reach people through videos on YouTube, I had no
idea where to start. I just wanted to make some difference- any difference for the animals
and, inspired by the effectiveness of Gary Yourofsky’s speech, I decided that utilizing
the internet, the means by which the majority of us stay connected today, would be my best
bet. You can hear the full story of my journey
into activism in this video, but suffice to say, I was clueless and intimidated and…well,
lost. I’d been vegan and fiercely passionate for the animals for as long as I could remember,
but I’d always felt powerless to speak for them. And now I was going to embark on the
seemingly insane journey of creating videos when I had zero experience, a rather crippling
tech phobia, and no interaction with YouTube outside of the odd… …cat video. I’d known of Freelee through her site 30bananasaday,
which I become a member of back when it was rather small. I saw her YouTube career skyrocket
and I thought- maybe that’s how I should do it. Make videos more frequently. Not spend
so much time researching and editing and creating all the visuals that fly around the screen.
Maybe show some more skin? No?…Alright. Maybe talk about diets and weight loss? I bet that would
get me some clicks. But here’s the thing. I’m not Freelee.
And I came to realize that that’s a very good thing. Because there’s already a Freelee
out there who can be Freelee better than anyone else. Now believe it or not, this video’s not about Freelee,
it’s about you finding your voice and getting active. You see, the more varied our voices the
more people we can reach. Freelee can reach people that I can’t and I can reach people that she
can’t and Gary can reach people that neither one of us can. And guess what. So can you. People
connect with different people. And the more of us who are out there speaking out, the
more opportunities there are for people to make the connection. Now, I know it’s scary taking a stand and speaking
up. Trust me on that. But you have the power to make a difference- to change lives
and to literally save the lives of non-human animals. And you don’t have to be Freelee,
or Gary, or even me for that matter- you need to find your own voice. And granted, it may be a bit
rough at first. Just go way back on my channel and watch some of my early videos- I had no
hair, number one, cause I just finished being shaved and branded, and I was recording on
my computer’s camera and sitting way to close to the camera- so basically all of my early videos are
a giant bald head. But I started. And that’s the key. So this
video has been rather atypical and a bit out of my comfort zone. I’m not in front of
my educating screen and not throwing out statistics from peer-reviewed journal articles. And I’m
not wearing pants. But it’s something that I felt the need to say- that your voice is
needed. Just as you are. Don’t wait until you feel ready, because honestly, you’ll probably
never feel that. And don’t wait until you think you’re good enough or smart enough-
use Google. Seriously though, the animals can use every
single voice that’s willing to speak up. Do you think a veal calf trapped in his cell,
unable to move and scheduled for slaughter in a number of hours cares whether you say
the perfect words? Or if your hair looks good? Or if you know how to confidently field any question
you receive? Or if you feel that you’re not thin enough or smart enough or confident enough
to speak out about veganism? No. He just knows he is suffering and terrified. And he needs freedom.
And I’m pretty damn sure he’d take it by any means. So get out there and find your voice, your
version of activism. It may look completely different from anything that I or anyone else has ever
done. And that’s awesome. And hey, if you do feel that you need some help getting
started, I do offer one-on-one coaching to help guide you through the process of finding
your individual form of effective activism. And if you want to go the YouTube route, which
I think has great potential, I also offer YouTube coaching for building an effective
channel from the ground up. You can get more info about those at the Work With Me page
on BiteSizeVegan.com, and I’ll also link to it in the video description below. But whether it’s video, lecturing, painting,
interpretive dance- whatever- start educating, start speaking up. Take advantage of the little
opportunities in every day life to speak up for the animals. We need you- they need
you. And you can make a difference. So, if you liked this video, please give it
a big thumbs up and share it around to show everyone they too can make a difference. If
you’re new here, I don’t normally deliver my videos in spandex- not sure if that’s
a disappointment or relief, but either way, do hit that big red subscribe button down
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Army icon over there or the link down below for more information. Now go live vegan, get
active, and I’ll see you soon. [In very poor accent] I could try an Australian
accent. No…No. These aren’t even spandex. These are actually
long johns. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on “I’m NOT Freelee the Banana Girl! [And That’s Okay!]

  1. Wow! This is so inspiring! We are going to be making a video of giving water and baring witness of trucks going into slaughter houses on July 6th near Montreal Quebec. Hopefully the videos keep pouring in from all kinds of activists world wide! We need to all speak out to make vegan the norm.

  2. Both my sisters are all over social media Facebook Etc and have been for years and they're both in the same demographic early to mid thirties health and fitness interested but not purely vegan. And none of them have ever heard freelee the banana girl.
    I think she and other vegan YouTubers who have been around awhile seem bigger 2 us because we see their names and hear them all the damn time. we have to keep in mind the fact that we are a teeny tiny minority. No Emily freelee the banana girl is not famous

  3. Hola Emy Gracias por tus vídeos son importantes para mi después de Gary Y. mi actitud hacia la comida a cambiado . hace 2 meses soy %100 vegan . espero seguir asi con mi bebe de 1 year 3 meses . mi pequeño vegan.

  4. im vegan but ive always been so afraid to make videos because of her. now im so motivated to start making just like you.

  5. this is why your my fav vegan youtuber you always respond to hate in a funny way your amazing😘😘😘😂

  6. You are me favorite vegan! This is just what I needed to hear. I am a Christian and I feel a lot of the vegan propaganda needs to be translated to make Christians pay attention.

  7. YOU are my hero, mentor 🐦
    I tried your website to find the short you are wearing, but couldn't find it.
    I looooove your channel; it's where I go for the truth regarding veganism. Bless you, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  8. Thank God you're not Freelee. That's why I like you! That's also why I roasted her in my newest video. I would never do that to you. I appreciate your ACTIVISM, realness, and intelligence. Thank you.

  9. i have gone pretty much vegan for the last 5 months and I'm enjoying the crap out of it . but I'm still eating bee vomit. sorry, but come on buzz, I want that for my oats!!!

  10. You are beautiful & fabulous, & I love your videos! If only my husband were vegan with me, but when we met, I wasn't vegan unfortunately.

  11. Thank you for the encouragement, Emily! I came to youtube today to watch one video before uploading a bunch of videos I've been meaning to upload, and I couldn't have picked a better video to watch!

  12. OK girl, u r not Freelee (only Freelee is Freelee) but DAMN u have a great bod. What I would do for those abs!!!! (I have had 2 failing back surgeries and can't even do a sit up. But to be honest, even during my oc workout days in my 20s I never had abs like that.)

  13. I am JUSSSSST discovering you as I begin my journey as a vegan! 😀 And I friggin LOVVVVVE you!!! Andddd my sweet nugget, you have a rocking body so, yes…. keep on showing dat off! Hee hee. And now to BINGE watch your videos for the rest of this night as I sit inside under 678984.98 blankets b/c it is -28 (degrees celcius) outside. Damn east coast Canadian winters. Sending you MUCH love!!! Keep the videos a comin' my little pickle! Love! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

  14. i just don't like activism by showing sexy body and only exposing a healthy diet. The never discuss about animal liberation like freelee or whatever her name is.. I find another way to spread veganism, I created some computer animation and meme to post for animal liberation activism. Coz I am not a good speech like Emily 🙂

  15. Of course you're not Freelee. You're college educated and you don't bully people in a futile effort to get them to go vegan.

  16. Love you, Emily!
    You said it all.. I've recently started my own podcast and your words and advice really resonate, thank you so much. ; )

  17. You're so smart! I love you! I love your humor and positivity!! Been Vegan for about two months. Never going back. Thank you!

  18. I just realized that there arent a lot of latin vegan youtubers, ( or not that i know) most of the vids are in english, so you Just made my decision, im starting! thanks Emily !!!

  19. Love you and your amazing videos. Freelee's got nothing on you! You look amazing and your sense of humor has me laughing out loud in nearly every video. 🙂

  20. Just found your channel and i'm digging your vibe! Very informative and kind in your approach. Plus, your abs are amazing!

  21. actually tho this is a huge deal, cause freelee was the first vegan youtuber i ever encountered and while learning about how much better plant foods are for your body is awesome that may not be enough to convince some people on the edge of becoming vegan, learning about the environmental effects and the terrible things that are done to animals could be the push to help that person make the change (i know it was for me 😜)

  22. OMG Why am I seeing this video just now and not years ago xD Anyway Im not a Freele's fan. I prefer veganism being spoken about animals and not about health or personal advantages. Thank you for all the information you always provide us! Im on the ssame journey aswelll.

  23. I do actually love that you are encouraging everyone to be themselves. I've went veggie in the last week or so and I'm not a fan of Freelee at all because there's a lot about the diet that she promotes that is dangerous. Yeah I'm not entirely vegan but I am on my way to cutting out dairy as well as meat.

  24. True, different people resonate with different things. I watch way more of your videos than Freelee's, simply because I can relate to you more. The way you meticulously research and present an informative and entertaining video is way more appealing to me. Your videos have both educated and inspired me on my vegan journey!

  25. Emily, I think your body looks healthiest here, with a little bit more body fat than you have now. You're still amazing; please don't be offended. I'm just offering my opinion, which is that you should feel free to eat some vegan junk food once in awhile because you look good with a little more body fat.

  26. Exactly everyone has their own style or eat to reach others and that's ok cuz some people will click for girls who show skin,or cartoon or visuals or some just with people just literally talking to the camera

  27. I stopped watching Freelee when I realized that she and her boyfriend were conceded jerks! If you did not look and eat like them you were a failure. They couldn't give a shit about animals because they are too into themselves. I would not hold them up as vegan ambassadors.

  28. la banana girl es insoportable, pero a yuroski lo detesto…que tipo que no lo puedo ni ver… es basura . no se puede ser vegano y odiar a los humanos.
    Tu me agradas,,… solo te quitaria esos tatuajes,,,, lo demas esta muy bien

  29. I think she would b good at stand-up, but i appreciate her serious knowledge on diet, thank u for your information
    Keep up the good work
    Peace one Love

  30. Her channel first showed up when I looked up veganism and it was such a turn off. I immediately thought her technique was a bjt wack. Thankfully I found other vegan youtubers who are very different from her and not judgmental or extremist.

  31. fuck freelee, it looks like one big compassion distraction making people eat healthy to be selfish cunts while forgetting about the animals feeling, you girl are way better "off the charts" if i may say so girl 🙂

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