India tour on Indian Scout | Short Film | EP 1 | RWR

India tour on Indian Scout | Short Film | EP 1 | RWR

Let me tell you a story, the story of the
busiest two weeks of my life! Riding through India covering four
states and 3,000 kilometers but this isn’t a story of statistics and it’s not
a story of highways and hotel rooms this is a story of an enlightening experience.
Seeing a side of life I never knew existed, I hate long intros so let’s just
get started. I have practically zero experience with big cruisers so when I
got an email asking me to be a part of ride going across India riding a big
Cruiser motorcycle I obviously said yes! because that is how I experience new
things and improve my riding. Of course I asked for their smallest and
lightest motorcycle with saddlebags. Enter rocket ship aka the Scout at 250
kilograms it isn’t exactly small and light but compared to the rest of the
lineup this thing is tiny and it would prove eventually that it’s the most
nimble and fast bike that is able to keep up with the rest of the big boys.
Mine came fully modded with a large windshield, footboard and leather
finished hard saddlebags that looked amazing with this motorcycle I already
had it for a couple of days to get acquainted with it.
Riding around in Gurgaon before we hit the big highways. Our hotel in Delhi was
luxurious… After a quiet in-room dinner we settled
in early in the anticipation of the big ride next day I guess this is the
perfect time for me to explain you the plan the Golden Quadrilateral is a dream
project of our late Prime Minister Shree Atal Bihari Vajpeyi which
connects four major cities of India Gurgaon to back to Gurgaon..
Muskan: Back to Gurgaon? Me: Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata.. Muskan: Salute, (laughts) doing events for charity to provide
funding for the NGOs who have done a great job for girl child education.
Riding and doing something good for the society seemed like a win-win situation.
It’s 6:00 a.m. we’re late we’re supposed to start maybe one hour back and we did
all the bikes are here though still don’t have fuel so people will go up to fuel and other bikers are riding as well, that’s a zx14r you can hear behind us, so we’ll get some fuel and it’s ready to roll… early morning was a huge, huge issue but
everything sorted now and we should just focus on the ride, the bike’s handling
better today because the handlebar has been adjusted and we’re fully fueled up so I think that makes the front heavier. First stop for breakfast
the first day’s ride was to Jodhpur. Roughly a distance of 700 kilometers and it was
going to be a long day, the riders prepared for it with a long
breakfast after all it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast scenes going on everybody’s busy eating I’m already done I’ve done some B-roll, so
just eager to ride in I just don’t like wasting too much time in the stopovers
I’m just waiting for them to finish back to the writing the second stop of
the day was Jaypur, apart from Indian motorcycle riders a lot of others were
supposed to join us to support the cause. 80 kilometers away from the breakfast
area I came up to this crossroad the decision was either to go Via the Jaipur bypass or by the Jaipur city itself. coming to Rajasthan and not visit the
city of Jaipur, it didn’t make much sense to me. So we decided to go through the
city and right on our way we found an antique shop! After checking out all of the goods that were on display and a few chilled drinks, we decided to step back into the highway Jaypur looks like quiet old historic town in the
periphery but as you move closer to the core of the city its utter chaos. I’ve always
wanted to see the pink city and why is it called the Pink City?
I do see a lot of pink buildings not horribly pink
but see the pink pillar, the pink walls light pink, another pink building
because they do have a point of calling this a pink city I’m I got the red light
looking at so much pink. I live in a big city so I’m no stranger to this but
smaller towns in my experience have far more chaotic traffic conditions. By the time we finally made it to the
rider’s connect it was almost over and it was time to leave. kind of stuck in
the Sun the Ducati guys the BMW guys, the Triumph Daytona and we were back on the
highway with more motorcyclists all surrounding us. the Sun was getting harsh
by the hour and we were starting to feel the meaning of the word desert and yet
we were still hundreds of kilometers away from the destination. My idea was to
ride straight through and make it by evening just at the sunset we were doing
fine at 120 kilometers on a beautiful open road but then people got hungry. that dhaba took hours to prepare the food
and we lost a lot of daylight the highways were calling and there was
still 350 kilometres to go and there I was sitting inside a dhaba eating rotis
finally the bikers left at almost sunset and traditionally that looks like a
perfect end scene for a day in a film but this isn’t a fictional film it’s reality
and up ahead we found the most beautiful highway of the entire trip the Pali
Jodhpur highway. Honestly, I never thought I would find such beauty here it
reminded me of the Leh-Manali highway and with such scenic backgrounds, we just had
to stop for photos Final stretch today, 80 kms to go to Pail and maybe another 50 after that… it had been more than 12 hours since we had started. I had adjusted well with the motorcycle
and I was tired and since we were riding solo the GPS on Sumits’ phone was our
only hope of reaching the hotel… fun and games are over, it’s too dark, no more content to shoot got enough shots but it got
us terribly late this is when the experience kicks in. This you know how to keep your calm and just hold that throttle… Interesting situation
we’ve got 4% charge left on the phone and we’ve got seven minutes to go before we reach the hotel I was like oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah we got
it! we got it! we got it! we got it! we got it! so it 4% charge managed to arrive. but anyway the reservation a lake in
room number pathani Caruana Kiowa event and a team Iowa Indian motorcycle
Polaris Kai a tato and this hotel
it’s so luxurious when we finally made it to the hotel it was kind of dark and
creepy also none of the other bikers had arrived who were ours ahead of us Rahul
modular we checked into our hotel room and realized that the luggage with our
fresh clothes also hadn’t arrived yet finally the rest of the squad arrived an
hour later and they had taken a wrong turn in faith some fishes or
perturbations how was the experience experiences –
good experience it was time for the group dinner and for some well-deserved
rest for the next day this view is so nice it’s amazing the birds are all
chiming all around it’s a beautiful morning nice to be up I’ve been up since
5:00 and now it’s six o’clock had a nice soak in the tub for an hour and now
we’re heading over to the breakfast area food in this hotel is pretty nice and
our 6:30 7:00 a.m. right now running a bit late when I’m not and that white
with the stool is only 400 kilometers we administer breakfast get all the cards
which are popping the footage into the laptop and then we’re off to jail maybe
it was time to leave like the previous morning there was some drama with the
luggage the car drivers were refusing to take it our manager mr. Rajesh
personally managed it well but by the time all the other bikers had left and
it was only me and Zoey who were left back we decided to ride together and
catch up with the gang as they usually do long stops and it wouldn’t be so
tough to catch up to them Google being not nice hello mr. cow miss
cow mrs. cow she is not interested is that a cow or is that a bull looks like
a cow well when Google fails locals deliver all right so apparently they said go the
Google way so we’re doing the same thing again I think these are fun queries because a
lot of stone that we’ve used in our buildings comes from Rajasthan and yes
that’s it this is a stone wearing those guys are loading up the stones so
there’s a query mine right beneath it is he I think you can see some of it so
this is where they mined the stones and not exactly mine it would be collected
but it’s at the ground level they take these large blocks of stone crash crash crash crash crash Nanami we are Kelsey by Katherine you
call call call him call him there’s nothing I mean that couches
I’m fine man ain’t like any 1989 si si – Laney forgets Jara didn’t I get a giver Megan a lot away
tora tora tora tora detonator compare cocking hey Veronica gigantic heater ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the way locals
helped after the crash was immense my leg was crushed under the bike but
thanks to my dainese eboot I never felt a thing
my crash bar protector had bent and was making the footboard angle upwards so
there was no room for me to shift gears they pulled the thick metal bar and made
it possible for me to ride again just fifty kilometers from here
incidentally we’re on a : quadrilateral right
a dream project by the late Prime Minister
avy Vajpayee and Pokhran was also one of his dream projects both of which he
executed actually it was India’s nuclear test site did two tests here
when they gathered enough data they canceled the third test because even
they knew it’s only that we have some hostile
neighboring countries so India needed that power
for free peace and prosperity not for actual usage story of coke run
careless at current market prices scientists
arrived so I wanted to pull ahead and catch up
with the other riders but I wanted to take it a bit easy after the crash so we
let him go get the cruising solo the joke put two jaisalmer hi we keep
see the feeling that it truly belongs to you there is hardly any traffic and the
road conditions are perfect and visibility is clear for miles and miles
ahead 500 kilometers on this road feels more like a 300 we had lost enough time
and I wasn’t in the mood to stop but my cinematographer was feel saddle-sore so
we decided to stop at a table it’s just a little gross
it’s my just burning a little bit ivy has been read we’re doing 120 km/h
that’s the speed that I maintain example I’m dropping down so average speed spin
for 700 stopped over here because Schumann was feeling
kind of you know saddle-sore that happens with the smaller pillion seats
but still have 150 kilometers to go the heats rising this is Rajasthan lots of
cameras lots of capital I don’t want to hit that anymore so we’re here in one of
the traditional powers you have all the cooking going on and nice place to hang
out even got pets if anybody’s feeling like sleeping so
I’ll get a quick nap and then we’ll write it turned out to be an hour long
break because once you’re inside you really don’t want to go back into the
scorching Sun outside by the time we were back on the highway I was already
very impatient and wanted to ride non-stop to reach the hotel in the midst of all places I never
expected the Rajasthan a way to have so many animals I mean it’s a desert what
food to date there are no lawns a few trees it’ll
look very tasty to me but seems like there is a lot of cows oh and my GoPro fell off I guess it had
come loose during the morning crash but without further incident
we reached the hotel quite in time in just five minutes after the rest of the
group – a grand welcome the hotel was extremely nice and all but
I just wanted to find a nice clean bed we were so tired after the ride we were
sleeping and there was this knock on the door and there was this beautiful girl
and she had some packages for me so I just don’t know what’s inside the box so
let’s check it out it seems like we received some t-shirts these are the
beautiful Indian motorcycle t-shirts we start off in the right but he’s the girl
who gave me that t-shirt I was like half asleep actually having a short sale but so imagine at this point two questions
should come to your mind if we are writing the Golden Quadrilateral then
what are we doing in jaisalmer which is basically hundreds of kilometers off
course and what about the parties at a charity right the simple explanation to
that is our right took a small detour to join Indian motorcycle owners group get
together party rjq riders along with Indian motorcycles India wanted to
promote the cause to other riders as well and they successfully did that and
raised a lot of money from this party itself which was then donated to the
schools all along all right so they practically converted an entertainment
party into a charity fundraiser and even got celebrity endorsement from Rohit Roy
and other local social influencers so while the crowd bodied late into the
night they also made considerable
contributions to our cause and we settled in for the next day’s charity
event and the big surprise the jaisalmer Army Museum

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