Indoor Horse Riding Adventure | Hunter Jumper Lessons

Indoor Horse Riding Adventure | Hunter Jumper Lessons

Ha ha ha, Ruby says, “Alright, I’m going over!” Come on, Sully, Get with the program buddy! Nice! Paisley’s not pokey! Ha ha ha – Paisley’s showing you
how to do it, Sully. No Monsters, Not too bad…. a little sideways.

34 thoughts on “Indoor Horse Riding Adventure | Hunter Jumper Lessons

  1. So much fun! Horse riding isn't as easy as one would assume it is. I tried it once and while the kids got a hang of it right away, I was totally struggling staying on :p Great video guys 😀 Monthly xo

  2. Hey fam you have a beautiful family and we're New subscriber's here fam! Love your channel so far ! Please check us out as well we're a family vlogging channel as well ! ♡♡♡

  3. Thanks for sharing, I love riding but I haven't gone for quite some time. I need to get back to doing that again👍

  4. Thanks for sharing! Deanna loves riding horses. 🙂 A bit of an expensive hobby but she tries to get out when she can. Have a good one! – Shane

  5. sorry were watching so late. when you mentioned it was up after your crashing ordeal I came over to watch and support as soon as I could. looks like a ton of fun! when I was young I spent many years caring for horses on my uncles farm in imlay city Michigan. I also did hay bailing for money for him. I rode a horse once and it didn't go great….quite a rush though. thanks for sharing em! cheers!

  6. Cool vlog Em and it is awesome that y’all from NC cuz I am from the tareheel state too subricbe to the Em and the gang

  7. I am not showing this to Issy!! She wants to go riding again. I took her for her first ever ride on a horse along the beach and she LOVED it!! ❤❤❤

  8. Great video guys. I miss our horses we used to have! Look forward to your other videos and getting to know you all.

  9. YouTube unsubbed us. We're back! Horseback riding is a lot of fun but I've never done anything like that. That's really cool!

  10. I have always been fascinated by horses!! I once was on a ride that scared me so much!! SO beautiful!! We live in a big horse community!!

  11. just sub to help you get to your goal of 200. I always return the love to everybody shows my channel so let's start a comment train 🙂

  12. So awesome… i miss riding, I Grow up riding at my grandpas farm… haven been on a horse in years. this made me really miss it.

  13. This looks so fun! I've only ridden horses a few times but my niece loves it and goes to horse camp every year. She'd love something like this!

  14. That looks like fun… I've only ridden on a horse a couple of times and just getting the horse to walk was a challenge 😂

  15. So great, Em! They look like Pros! We know nothing about horses, but this looks like a lot of work! Thanks for sharing with us!

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