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my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict today’s video is going to be a
really fast video and the idea with this is to show you how to mold the liners
that come inside your skates I’ve said more than one and I figure everywhere on
the internet saying that liners are each moldable but how do you mold your liners
so today I’m going to take you with me while I’m on the liners from my skin’s I
did review about these liners which are the my secret cold liners and you can
see somewhere here first thing you need to do obviously is take the liner out of
this case this is the power slide v it has a removable liner and I’m going to
take it out these liner doesn’t have any type of I call those things
jealous how they call those metal things that the laces go through on this cake
okay so this liner doesn’t have any metal loop holes where the laces go
through so on these ones there won’t be any problem but some of them or even in
some of the skates they get really really hot and you need to watch out for
that so that you don’t get burned first thing that you need to do is obviously
just loosen them the legs displayable if they don’t all good then if you read
anything about these liners must be tells you to put them in the oven for
five minutes at 100 degrees in my opinion we should start by doing it
progressively so I would do it first three minutes eighty degrees if it
doesn’t work what I’m going to do today you can then do like five minutes eighty
degrees and then if it doesn’t work you can go for them five minutes on other
degrees the only reason why I say this is every oven is different and I’m just
too scared that you have like a super strong Evan that will destroy the phone
the liners so might as well just play safe right once you take them out of the
oven you put them back in this case this should be a little bit quick hot an hour
very hot so the watch out the little for yourself then all you need to do is to
put on this gate and type as much as you can then you leave this case on your
feet to let them get like a little bit colder with your feet inside and the
songs you’ll know the good thing about these is once you do it the foam to keep
those forms unless you don’t do it right unless that you didn’t do it for enough
time or you did for too long there won’t be any problem and it can completely
change your experience with your skates so if you have any my thick liner which
is it moldable basically all of them I would strongly suggest you to do this I
hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video how to mold your liners
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  1. I did it once with my MyFit FatBoy liners but nothing had changed significantly. I think that skating in hot conditions had better effect on the liners' foam 🙂 although I'm still not fully satisfied with my liners' comfort.

  2. Thanks Lino! I was considering getting some intuition liners (cause they are readily available at my local inline skate shop) it's nice to know multiple methods to mould them. Intuition suggests using a heated up sock of rice kind of method. Mind you, I did put in some insoles just recently and my feet don't ache anymore and if they do, a little standing up straight for a minute or 2 totally gets me back in. So thus I've been wondering how much better a solid liner will do.

  3. Duuude I have The USD Sway Team 2 Skates too!! But the white liners is so painful. What do you think?? I want a fluffy soft liners 🙁 any tips??

  4. i recently changed from valo skates to usd aeons been having a few ankle problems would you recommend trying this for my myfit skinnyboy liners?

  5. yap play safe hahaha, got to do that to my Imperials, they hurt on my ankles :p really have to mold them, obrigado e tudo de bom! parabéns pelo canal 😉

  6. i bought the powerslide vanta 125 mm,but its killing my ankles!! a especially on the inside..nobody else have this??
    i did the liners in the oven,but the pain is to much.

  7. What do I do if my size is 305mm and my skate boot is 308mm? Will this liner be okay? Currently my liner is 305mm and it's a thick liner and it hurts my toes Because too tight so was thinking of getting a thin liner or maybe the one you showed. Any advice. I can't get any bigger skates because 308mm is the largest, size 47

  8. Hi Ricardo! One doubt: the yellow liner that comes with the Rollerblades Twister X is possible to be molded in the same way than that MyFeet liners?

  9. Hi mate. Just quick question.. I have bought recently USD SWAY PB2 blue like in other of your vids. They’re 3 rides old and hurts my both feet under ankles badly 😩. Are they thermo moulds? Would you think that might helps? Any other advise about sway’s? Just return to skating after nearly 20 years break 🤙🏻
    Any comments appreciate 😀

  10. hi recardo lino,

    i just recently bought the powerslide Phuzion krypton and they have a my fit inner sole but are not head moldeble they say … ore do you think you can do that with them ?…. i just dont think they wil juse difrent inner fome ….

  11. I hope you meant 100°c, I am about to do it now. Been skating on my Aeon 72 for about 10 months, the boot is digging into my inner ankle knob. Hopefully this fixes that problem. Thanks for the video, I like your stuff. Joe from Australia.

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