you’re inspiring me with these Olá youtube my
name is ricardinho and I’m a wheel addict Friday’s I should be in my shop
I checked it oh I need to little bit windy outside but at the same time it’s
funny so me and drag about to drag the kuru to
town and try to get some sleep for you to say that filming hooded one ended Old MacDonald had a farm eieio
nvidia natrium DIY paper don’t hate me but i think i just learned how to do
royale with three times 125 on rail checked it so trans kids are not for this type of
trick no that’s not the main advantage of having Christ kids but it’s
challenging not just having a lot of fun challenging myself trying to do stuff
that it’s a lot easier with other skates but anyway don’t try this it’s just me
having fun and that’s how you eat shit with the
tri-state I’m happy anyway me escape I know TP knows what was like I didn’t
even tear Imperial scripts the top right please to tell you so I got a few songs
where’s your kids now must like ah those are just ready to go yeah I don’t listen
to our money to maintain a good pair of skates this lifestyle today no you need
to can afford your be you know your little Kenya and unfortunately I you
know but I would love to policy you know is like yeah Lana in come to think of it
you inspiring me with these are you stayin bruh hahaha inspiration to get me
very much like yes hahahaha Jesus so we’re at the Broadway this place the
Portuguese bakery you got supersize not the right thank
you are you doing good good got to huh yes that’s the Portuguese
ones in here a bit more Club there so at home long have you got some Portuguese
stuff here too even guys do you know what that did to come on Holly :
I’m not sure I mean and then there’s this small thing I’m going to have a
sumo I go further with me
just like always stopping it shit so let’s try this one less oh my god uncle
George’s video I really got to get back to the shop and our lunch break is done
over hope you enjoy my lunch break and if you did don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel and it’s like the video of course to
give me thumbs up if you didn’t give me thumbs down but let me know why I don’t
like it also really important before we ended video let’s not forget why we are
forgetting it’s fun


  1. Great video (as usual!)! Love your helmet, it looks so lightweight! Would it be ok to wear this when aggressive skating? (classic 'skate' helmets never seem to quite fit me properly).

  2. Really nice skating man !

    Super smooth riding – I enjoyed following it

    What is the name of the music?

  3. My name is Jo and I'm a big bigwheel addict. And YES! this is what I wanted to see. Royal with 3×125? I ride exclusively 3×125, so I know 2 things:
    1. It's impossible
    2. Lino will do it 🙂

    I sent you a tip on paypal and I encourage everyone to do the same! 🙂

  4. Hey Ricardo are those the Kaze you are skating in? I'm trying to decide between the Kaze three wheel skate and the Seba FR1 310, I like the idea of the Trinity frame, but I know the Seba fits me perfect coz I have the same boot with 4x80m wheels.. Not sure yet..

  5. You are crazy doing Royals in triskates Lino – however we just saw Blake Bird do a fishbrain on a quarter pipe coping – so try and beat that 😉

  6. Hey Ricardo, in your opinion, are these wheels good?

    Thanks for your time, and hey, maybe it could be a cool video idea talking about wheels and how to preserve them well!

  7. Royals with 3×125 WTF. How sick is that. I would kill myself trying this with my imperial megacruiser. So much respect to you Ricardo. Please dont hurt yourself while being innovative, bro. Thats the type of trick where you know, it can go wrong every single time lol.

  8. My dear Lino, we should do like you do! Well… not a royal on 3x125s but the "fun" part. Go skate! Skate in the way you have the most fun. Like you Lino, mine is challenging myself as well. Although no where near your dizzying heights of skill trying to do something more always is fun and gives me a sense of accomplishment and measurable growth. Why just yesterday I kept up with a biker for a lap on the local track with my aggressive skates. Sure I died after but it was fun and showed me that I'm getting better, on top of that, the biker even said he should learn how to skate which I whole heartedly agreed with. Still fighting with myself for jumping off the floor while at speed though. Gotta get that fear out of my head.

  9. Hola Ricardo! Nice video, I'm a wheel addict as well. I need a bit of help from you since I just received my pair of Kaze 110 size 44 (285mm) but I don't know if it's my right size 🙁 they're comfy but don't provide a lot of ankle support. My feet is 271mm long, do you thing I got a bit oversized? Thanks for the help!

  10. I don’t like the thumbs up and thumbs down system it’s too one sided Youtube needs a star system I’d give you at least 10 outa 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but here’s 22

  11. you inspired me to get back my skates…
    yeah man, "me too".
    I bought a new one. I had a rollerblade with my ex girlfriend but we are not together.. so I bought a new one to me.
    Its awesome. I'm more like a speeder than a street but I apreciate everything.

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