I’m going to show you how you can make
all of your skates comfortable wait 12euros Olá Youtube, my name is Ricardo lino
and I’m a wheel addict today I’m going to show you how you can make all of your
skates comfortable wait 12 euros 13 dollars something like that
well these is what you need these are the my feet nail foodies and from what I
know there’s four different ones these are the low-cut two millimeters other
than the low-cut two millimeters you also have a higher version of this which
is the high cut and both of these come in two and three millimeters I think
that’s it and depending on the thickness if it’s the two millimeters it’s around
12 euros or 13 euros and the other ones are 4 euros more why is this so amazing
well if you if you like skating for like long periods of time or if you want to
make like a marathon and if you haven’t been skating like long distances these
will prevent blisters does that make sense to you a lot of people say yeah
but if the skate is comfortable you want to have blisters well it’s not really
like that because when you skate for long periods of time what happens is
that you start losing the position that you wish if it was and then sometimes
started leaning too much on the on the inner edge or something like that
because if you’re not used that’s going to happen basically or sometimes the
socks on the inside they just they get old like the socks get like wavy can you
say that and then because of that you get blisters well if you have these
should prevent those blisters other than that why is this that good also I know
that a new you also does one and a new one has a little protection on the side
and that might be better for you if you’re looking for protection like for
like your ankle the other one has a little thing on the side kinda like a
plastic shield here and then it’s covered with neoprene it’s also amazing
and I used to use those these ones they’re like the stitching is all flat
it’s like I know if you can see it here but
it’s flat stitching so on the inside it won’t leave any marks it feels just like
a big piece of sick skin because it’s now praying your feet is going to be
warmer and if you’re going to to do a different type of skating that you need
your feet to handle impact sometimes I think cold feet is the main reason why I
get injured so these can help you for that and if you’re not one of those
people that do like a proper warmup I don’t do it a lot of times either
which is I’m being a bad example but yeah these things can help you with that
why would you want to take one or a slim one a lot of people ask me hey my liner
is not supportive enough what do you think I should do like or my foot is not
thick enough well if these extremely meters three millimeters on each side
means that your foot would be six millimeters wider inside the liner and
that makes already a little bit of a difference also when you have these on
is they’re tight you’re gonna fit a lot more support in your ankle of course if
you’re trying to put your foot in a speed skate you might want to get
something like slimmer so you don’t lose that much power transfer which of course
also happens because this is soft and if you have like a super thick one you can
also lose a little bit of power transfer it’s I think it’s going to be a really
really tiny bit and if you like a real professional skater that really need the
full power transfer you want need these because most of the times they skate
sockless basically they skate the skates without any socks so that’s that and
other than that I wish I was using that today because today I’m doing a 24-hour
skate challenge basically I’m using my roller skate for 24 hours and these
would help me a lot but I could use them because I’m making this video for you so
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video and most important than anything else let’s just not forget why we all
started skating because it’s fun cheers guys see you tomorrow with my 24 hours


  1. I use skate booties like those in both my inlines and my quads, because I have narrow heels. They really help to keep the heel from slipping around. I have to use gel ankle pads in my Sebas, and the booties help to keep them in place. Great invention!

  2. Hi, shortly ago I bought a swell powerslide, but the boot caused me a bad bladder on the inner right malleol. I think for several reasons: I'm not an expert, bad sock (though on other skates it did not bother), and it's also a traumatic ankle 5 years ago (external peroneal malleol broken). I bought this anklet last week and I'm waiting for it to come and and I expect the ankle to heal. It does come into contact with the skin, under the stocking or above?
    I hope the ankle will heal soon to try it. Thanks for the precious tips😁👍

  3. I am going to buy the ennui ones with the ankle protection as my Kaze hurt them. I'm currently using silicone nipple protectors! They work a treat! 😂👌

  4. You know, I was always wondering what those were. They offer both kinds, the capped one and not-capped, at one of my specialty inline store but I had no clue what they were aside from (at the time) what I guessed was "protection". I don't think I need those but they may interest my soon-to-be speed freak inline skater co-worker. Thanks as always Lino!

  5. Inestimável!

    Neoprene – 1
    Algodão e fita-cola – 0
    Obrigado, Lino.
    P.S. – Como «ex-bodyboarder» que sou…how the f*cK i never…

  6. Man I'm almost a month behind on your videos already. After my skates broke for the second time in 2 month I just took a brake from it all. I have new beautiful K2 (vo2 pro m) skates now. So I'll do my best to catch up and stay up to date for every vid again! Keep making those videos 🙂

  7. My fellow Xsjado skaters probably felt a little puzzled just now. For me, I just have the troubles of breaking in new shoes. I have to put large bandages on my ankles for a couple weeks when wearing new shoes until they stop cutting into my ankles (unless they're hightops, which I don't wear). New shoes in Xsjados can be the most painful experience if I don't prep my ankles/feet properly.

  8. Thanks for the vid! I'm looking at a pair of skates which everyone says kill your heels due to no shock absorption. Anyone know if there's a way to help this without reducing comfort, or should I just avoid them? (Metroblade GM/C)

  9. The tongue of my right inline skate were pressing onto my lower front calf. This resulted in a nasty-ass blister. Wrapping thick bandages on that area reduced the pain though the blister did not vanish. Eventually the frequent sessions and a month's break caused the blister to permanently harden. Is it anything to worry about? I mean, i've got my own natural 'Footie' there.

  10. Hi Lino thank you very much for this great video!
    I'm very interested in buy these footies for my k2 midtown… what size do you recommend for my 27cm feet? (M or L?)

    What's the best position to avoid internal ankle blisters? inside socks or outside?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answers!

    Pasquale. (I think we have the same name :p)

  11. So you're supposed to put these on under your socks, right? I am asking because the front seams of the footies have cut into the front of my foot. Super annoying and now I have a scab.

  12. The insides of my ankles always end up sore and rubbed raw by the solid frame of the boot. Would this be thick enough to help with that?

  13. Hi I'm looking for this kind of product ! I saw some silicone for ice skating also have weared it for bare feet or above sock ?

  14. Hey Ricardo, what’s the name of the other brand you mentioned that has some hard protection built in? I could not figure out the spelling.

  15. Hi YouTubers, I have a dumb question–are the footies supposed to replace your sock? (i.e.: You don't wear a sock over or under the footie?) I just want to make sure I'm understanding how these are used. Thanks for humoring me!

  16. I used to skate sockless with roller skates, but they were custom leather and I was younger and didn't have arch support/ankle issues yet. This is useful for a number of reasons, especially as I consider fitting, thanks.

  17. my ankle bone is sensitive to touch after skating for the first time in a while… not blisters, i feel the bone sort of… its sharp. por favor, ajuda, meu amigo…

  18. I've got the ones you show in the video but a long version. They make miracles: no more blisters be it speed skates or FSK.

  19. This has helped me skating for over 25km without any issues afterwards! In the first weeks of skating with my new Powerslide Imperial boots, my ankles were chafed every time. They work best when I use them under my socks.

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