Inline Skating in Bangkok, Thailand

these are my welcome to father will be
International Airport where the local time is 20 minutes past Saturday 11:00
in the evening ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a
wheel addict just arrived to Bangkok Thailand
and I’m supposed to be here for 16 hours the plan was one night in Bangkok but
there’s already three things that don’t seem to be on my side
number one it’s raining number two well I’ll end it after 12:00 under train
that goes to the city it stopped number three most of the skaters from
Bangkok are in Japan in this competition which didn’t also happen because of the
bad weather so let’s see what I can make out of these stay in Bangkok today at
passport control life I’m in Thailand no I don’t even know what I’m gonna do I
think I’m gonna try to find a place to drop my bags and I don’t know I just
want to keep one small bag and then I probably I’m probably going to sleep a
little bit at the airport and I know that the train that goes to the city is
at six so if I firstly to five somewhere in the
airport I might be good riddance she’s on my bed for tonight I might sleep like four hours anyway in the city like it’s raining hopefully
now raining outside Dustin silhouette there’s a lot of
smells of haha with my skates on that’s not the first ladyboy we want to find the place where I can
seat on the chair here
check waiting for me to put my skates on here we are getting in Bangkok and from
the places I’ve been over the last few days this seems like the hardest one
skate the road seems to be almost impossible
it is like full of cars it’s also really early so probably a lot of people are
supposed to work but the road seemed really really dangerous escape so I’m
just trying to go on the sidewalk which is also not the best the old friend okay so when you travel sometimes your
stomach tells you that we need to find a good hotel and smart and use the toilet actually have the best college turrets I get my kicks above the waistline takes up you’d like it to think you can subtract
carbons but you audience I I don’t even know maybe I just this is the exact same transmission
where I thought it’s so basically that was and that that brings me to the end of
this video in Thailand very few hours that’s right so they’re two guys
Howdy’s to skate like it if you like about before finishing the way that I they are scared to do it you never know
when someone’s going to see you one will in first
remind someone skating is always the best way for
whenever you can location you can try to guess

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