ola YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino
and I usually call myself a wheel addict but why? it all started when I was 2
years old my older sister’s about five years older than me she wanted to start
doing figure skating so my parents took me to the roller rink where she was
doing her classes and I don’t have started skating and you know what that
never really stopped when I was about five years old I kept on telling my mom
that I wanted to start playing roller hockey I want to play roller hockey
because in my hometown scene is Portugal roller hockey was a big thing but you
know what my mom took me to the Speed Skating Club I started racing a few
years later I guess what I was Portuguese champion speed skating
champion more or less 50 times I did represent my country my first traveling
was then through speed skating but after a while it wasn’t as fun anymore and
didn’t why well because when I was about 14 that’s when I did the conversion from
quad skates to inline skates at about the same time I also started skating
Street so a few years later about four years later I couldn’t take it anymore I
couldn’t speed skate and skate the streets anymore I decided to quit speed
skate fully commit to aggressive skating when I was about 22 years old well
that’s when I got my first pro skate proposal a company called USD sent me a
proposal to skate for them with the salary and all that and I did it I did
it for four years during those four years I’ve never really stopped studying
and I did skating as a side job or as a part-time job but the reason why
designer was that’s when I finished my graduation and I wanted to focus on what
I’ve studied and I did focus because I said of sports science I started working
in James and I started teaching in primary schools but that didn’t really
work and I wasn’t really skating that much anymore I always had the excuse
that my body couldn’t take it and I remember that my feet would swallow a
lot every time I would try to do some trick skating so when I was about thirty
I find that I could have lots of fun riding
bike so I started riding bikes without adding my feet swollen the whole time
and I did it I did it for a few years I even had like a pro model frame I
competed in the USA for some redbull events of fixed gear bikes four years
later I made the move I ended up moving to South Africa where I’m recording
these right now at the moment I live in Cape Town South Africa and it took me to
move here to end up realizing about one year ago then I’m a real addict a mobile
addict I need two wheels in my life either roller skates inline skates
bicycles I just need them and that’s why I started this channel in this channel I
want to share with you my passion for my addiction which is now something that I
know how to deal with but you know what after all these years stating in this
channel because I want to share my experiences I want to do tutorials I
want to talk about topics and experience that I leave on the daily basis and then
I’ll leave back in the day when I first started and I guess that’s it I want to
share with you my traveling I want to share with you my daughter which is now
one year old for skating experience and you know what I just love skating and
that just Opio guys enjoy this channel as much as I love doing this video so if
you do enjoy this channel if you did enjoy this video do not forget to
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upload one of these and more important than anything else just don’t forget why
we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and see you
on the next video his coat lino and get 10% discount on
all the products that you want related to skating you can go on Blakefield calm
or attend skate calm Cheers


  1. SOLE reason for 19k subscriber >> U are a wheel addict and we are discovering that we are a bit too !!! Thanks alot LINO !!! Love your work <3

  2. Wow, great inspiration for everyone) We shouldn't stop, just evolve more and more! Thank you for your activity 😉 I hope, that there will be new tutorials for aggressive skating, because they are really useful. Keep going Ricardo )))

  3. I also started quad skating at age 2 and online street skating at 14! Haha. Love your videos, man. Thanks for sharing your story. You’re very inspiring.

  4. Waiting for your Powerslide Next review is killing me Ricardo! I hope it will include some comments about how they compare to the HC Evo trinity!

  5. Dude! "i wanna make tutorials" then make an ultimate tutorial on how to do parallel turns!! there isn't any tutorial on how to learn that and all the other teaching tutorials assume that the viewer already mastered it. my brain just can't figure out on wich foot to apply force, where to distribute weight, how to use the edges of the wheel without losing balance to the outside part of the foot, how to make both feet turn to the same side at the same time… everytime i put one foot in front of of the other i tend to turn to the side of the back foot instead of the front foot, it's so frustrating! cause parallel turns are a must to learn even to skate in parks and i already skate on the streets with big groups! menaged to build some decent balance and can go down bridges with T stop but can't figure the parrallel turns! I think it's a big barier for me because also when u master it it gives you confidence to start practicing crossovers, powerslide, bill stoppard stop technique and on and on. Please do that!!!!

  6. Cool to have some background on you. I've got the same problem… I NEED WHEELS! Also helps explain why you seem to pick up speed so easily.

  7. I really love and enjoy your videos Ricardo but im kinda afraid that in some places inline skating its dying and that doesnt seems like something good for me in general :/

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