now the question is is a hard bood skate
better than a soft bood skate Olá YouTube, my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel
addict today we’re going to be talking about soft boot skates and hard boot
skates which ones do you think are better while trying to prepare this video I end
up realizing that a lot of people still think that soft bood skate is usually a
more comfortable and less supportive skate and this would obviously be the
opposite which is everyone think that a hard boot skate it’s supposed to be a
lot stiffer a lot more supportive and less comfortable is this the truth I don’t
think so and why do I say it’s not really like a hard boot like stiffer and
more supportive and then the soft boot less supportive and usually more
comfortable well there’s a lot of different types of skate as an example
if you get this skate is the soft boot skate I made a review about these skates
the fusion Raptor woman and these skates are a lot less supportive then these
ones why well the main reason is the shell boot and yes every soft boot skate
also have like the structures skeleton shell if you want to call it and on
these one on the Raptor woman skates on the fusion Raptor there’s a lot less
plastic then on the swell these well as like a strong solid construction in the
back the top of the skate yes both of them have these soft helpers and they’re
supposed to be super comfortable on top but then the heel is not the same this
is supposed to be the the most advanced technology fitness skate on the market
this is a really good fitness skate but not as stiff as the swell so both of
these are soft boot skates but they’re not the same they are a completely
different feeling when scaling and this is just an example other than
these you know like there’s escapes even steeper than these like I don’t have any
power slide towel here but the power slide cow it’s also soft boots Kate but
then the upper materials are not as soft as these these materials are like
somehow they look like running shoes and these will make this skate a little bit
softer but if you have like super strong leathers you don’t even need to go that
far check this if instead of showing you these if I show you these this is the
powers like cut it’s also a softwood skate I would say too soft with ok
because the top is like softly but the materials are a lot stiffer then the
swells and these will already make this skate a little bit more supportive than
these but then there’s other thing that can be different on a softwood if the
construction instead of being a carbon fiber or a plastic composite if it’s
like a carbon skate if the the structure of the softwood skate is carbon then
this skate will be a lot different and usually more supportive of course the
cuff which is this helper part this upper part here can also make a huge
difference if you have like a taller cuff you can have like a soft boot skate
but with the taller cuff and this will make your skin a lot more supportive and
probably still comfortable in this front area but you should know that the foam
that you have inside the skate are usually what makes the skate more
comfortable it’s not really about what’s coming what’s coming on the top now
something cool you want to see what was the first brand making soft boot skate
well there was k2 and I got these pair of key twos these are the k2 fetish and
this was given to me by all South Africans skate legend is a really known
tattoo artist and he gave me these ones to try to film something so maybe if
you’re not so trying to the channel do it now and then sooner or later you’re
going to see me filming something with this case I use the skate with this case
a lot in the late 90s these ones and then the fairy prose and
a few more cages but I haven’t scared em you know what I do know that some tricks
like a backslide which is when you grind on the back foot only using this part
this case were perfect but then there’s not a tricks which are harder with this
so maybe stay tuned you’ll see video of me with these soon outside soon now I
explained you a little bit about soft boots case now let’s talk about hardwood
scape are this case these ones usually the art boot skates are plastic or like
a carbon fiber composite when you look at them most of them they look like
super retro or super old because it’s usually a lot rounder on
top of then you have different models that don’t look as old as these and they
look like they come from 2050 check these ones with all these cuts these
ones are the power slide can and with all beasts cut they really look like to
me they don’t look as old as these but does that matter well I think that’s
just the look of the skate if you’re looking for a specific look then you can
look around for different curves and all these things but most of the times these
cuts they are here for a reason most of the times discuss our ventilation a
hardwood skate it’s usually less ventilated than a soft good skate so
that’s why in Fitness skates or increase Kate
some of the brands they make this cut also these cuts will improve the Flex of
the boot these boot will allow you to make different type of movements with
your food that’s probably with a boot like this super solid you wouldn’t but
this is an aggressive skate on this skate on this boot you want it to be
solid not really stiff not everyone likes a stiff aggressive skates but you
want to trust your aggressive boot so that’s why most of the aggressive skates
they have this solid look even when it’s a soft boot skate usually they were a
solid construction cups are really really important you see that the blue
one as a taller curve these taller cuff will make d skate a lot more steep a lot
more supportive than this see I just gave you two completely different
example like if we go to this power slide fusion Raptor
this case should be super soft not as supportive as these this is
almost the opposite it’s a super supportive sketch still comfortable but
then of course depends on the liner the good thing about this the Hardwick
escapes is that you can change the liner what’s the liner
I made a cheesy tease about liners but if you don’t know where the liner is
liner is that inner boot that you can take on the scale you can take off on
the odd boot scale most of the soft boot case wouldn’t allow it to release so you
can still do the technique their teacher last week you can just get the hard boot
skate put it in a plastic bag put it in a freezer and take the smell away but on
these ones you can just take the liner put it in the washing machine or wash it
by hand if you want and get the skates fresh again now the question is what is
better is the hardwood skate better than a soft put skate is it what’s better in
my opinion depending on what you’re going to do these can be better or these
can be better it all has to do with the use that you’re gonna give to your skate
of course it’s you’re going to be doing distances and if you’re not planning on
hitting your toe area or the upper of your food and if you want your feet to
be able to breathe while you’re skating maybe soft wood would be a cool skate
for you then if you’re going to be doing tricks and if you’re scared of eating
rails and then I think you you’re looking for a heart boot something which
you which will usually last longer with like compression and when you fall and
just grinding all these varying the floor and stuff do you last longer and
sometimes more supportive because these piece cuff is taller but then again it’s
all up to to the youth that you’re going to give to this case something that I
found interesting is in almost every segment of inline skating there’s soft
and art boot skates and there’s really good soft boot skates when it comes to
fitness that’s really good hard boot skates the same with aggressive the same
with other types of KD but did you ever saw a good art boot speed skate I didn’t
if you ever did if you ever saw one let me know like why do you think there was
never a good hard boot speed skate I know that they’re lower but why if you
have the the answer just let me know in the comments I would like to know why
because I couldn’t find a reason for it I mean I think it’s usually because when
you have hardwood skates you have a liner and that liner will take a little
bit of the responsiveness can I say that that liner will take a little bit of the
power transfer that you need to put from your foot to the floor on a speed skate
and they want this cake to be really stiff really but is that it do you think
I’m right I don’t know let me know so if you did enjoy this video to learn
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