24 thoughts on “Inline speed skating in incredible india (pascal briand vlog 142)

  1. sir that was good one .! now i got an idea how to improve my side pushes thank you sir .! and i hope u had nice time in india .! 👍🏻😁🙏🏻❤️

  2. pas con de leur faire relever la roue avant en fin de poussée ! t'as des idées quand même ; ils sont studieux les petits indiens en tout cas

  3. Awesome exercises to practice! Thanks for inspiring the next generation, and filming it for everyone else around the world.

  4. Merci de partager, Pascal! C'est vraiment intéressant. Une petite question: l'exercice de lever la pointe du patin à la fin de la poussée c'est juste pour s'assurer que la pression reste sur l'arrière?

  5. Geat video once again Pascal.
    I'm goint to use it to see what can i do with my bad straight technique 😉

  6. Thank you Pascal. I have been following your tutorial vlogs for a little time now and I have to say your "fundamental videos" have made quite an impact to the way I'm learning. This particular video has really made me focus on keeping the push on the back of my foot. Tomorrow I will focus on this. I just wish my teacher would focus on the basics? Love your channel and always looking forward to the next one. Thank you.

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